25 Best Lucrative Online and Offline Business Ideas for Students

Entrepreneurship has always been a key strategy to tackling unemployment and poverty in many countries. Most students, most especially those in universities and other higher institutions always ask: “Is there any profitable business one can start with little or no capital in campus?”. The answer is YES. In fact there are tons of business that can fetch you cool money both online and offline without affecting your academic performance. The main secret is planning. Also, there are some talents that students have that can earn them money. I will reveal some of the lucrative businesses you can do as a student in the campus.

students profitable business ideas

I started searching for lucrative businesses that can fetch me money right in my pre-degree year in the university. Though it wasn’t very easy to cope with both academics and business, but with proper time planning, I succeeded. Today, I make money online from blogging and writing books. I also make money from drawing house plans using Auto Cad. Upon all these, I never joked with my studies. You also can be independent as a student.

The first step is to spot a lucrative skill, where to learn it and how to advertize, promote and monetize it. For the first step, you start with what you can easily learn or manage that will not disturb your academics. For online businesses, your market must not necessarily be students. But for offline business, a greater percentage of your market should be students. For the second step, you can learn the skill online or offline, depending on the nature of the work. Youtube is a free online learning avenue where you can learn virtually anything for free. There are other free online learning avenues. For the advert and promotion, you can promote it first within the campus. Then for online businesses, you can utilize the social media for promotion. Once you do good business promotion and advert, the money starts flowing in. Trust me!


8 Best Business ideas for Students

Blogging and Web Design

You can blog on Google blogger for free (you might need a custom domain) or under wordpress where you have to pay both for hosting plan and domain name. Both are good. But wordpress blogging has a grater advantage when it comes to blog popularity and fast ranking. You should also carefully select a niche for your blog. It must not be what you can write on, you should go for what people want to information people want to know more about. Lastly,make sure the niche is not too saturated. Blog monetization is mainly through Google Adsense, affiliate marketing and direct advert on blog.

Web design and development requires that you learn one or more programming languages like php, java, javascript, python, etc.


Freelance Writing & Book Writing

If you are a good freelance writer, then utilize the opportunity and make money just for writing for people. You can write articles for webmasters or even companies and get paid either per article or as agreed by both parties involved.

Book writing is also another means to make money from a good writing skill. There are tons of online publishers and retailers who do Print On Demand (POD) on your behalf. Then they pay you a particular percentage per book sale. Some of the popular online book publishers are Amazon, Lulu, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, etc. Amazon pays you 60% for paperback after deducting printing cost and 70% for ebooks.

Graphic Design

Are you good in graphics as a student? Then utilize the skill and make cool money both online and offline. You can make money offline by designing flex, banners, book covers for students and people living around the university environment or even during special occasions.

Online, you can make money by registering with some online sites like Fiverr. They pay you after collecting a small percentage of your total earnings.


Hair Salon

Here, both male and female students can fit in. If you are a good barber, you can rent a shop or collaborate with your fellow barber who already has a shop.

The same thing applies to hair dressing. Currently, the most lucrative form or hair dressing is making of wigs using weavons.

Fashion and Design

This is for those who can sew or make nice indoor or outdoor decoration. You should also update your sewing skills by learning the trending fashion styles for both men and ladies, especially for ladies. If you have enough capital, buy a sewing machine and rent a shop, else collaborate with those who have shops already.

After Class Tutorial

If you are very good at academics, then you can make money from teaching your fellow student. It can be either your level mates or lower level. Schedule the time after official academic activities are over. You can also collaborate with other tutorial masters to get more students. You can charge per semester or per tutorial.


Campus Affiliate Marketing

You can make money by acting as a marketing agent on campus for some popular online retailers like Konga, Jumia, Amazon, eBay, etc. They pay you a certain percentage of the money they make per sale from a customer that purchased their products through you.

Catering Services

IF you are a caterer, you can make cool money while in school by baking birthday cakes. You need to advertize your services through school whatsapp groups, social media.

Video Blogging on YouTube

You can also make cool cash from video blogging. All you nee do to is to create a YouTube channel and videos, upload and optimize them to rank well on search engines. When your channel videos have got up to 10,000 view in total, you can apply for YouTube AdSense and earn money monthly.


Other Small Business Ideas for Beginners

  • Dropshipping
  • Cooking Classes
  • Ice Cream Stand
  • Pop Corn Stand
  • Home Food Delivery
  • Modern Book Keeping
  • Photography
  • Fast Food Joint
  • Yoga Studio
  • Pet Business
  • Landscaping
  • Dance Studio
  • Music Studio
  • Travel Planning
  • Clothing Boutique



Making money from small business as a student is easy. All you need is to define your target and work towards it, but don’t ever forget your main aim of coming to the higher institution, which is to read.

Do you have any other lucrative idea for students? Comment it below. Help your social media friends who are students to learn new skill and also know how to monetize their skills by clicking a share button below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog.

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