How to Make Money from Play-to-Earn (P2E) Games

Gone are the days when online gamers only play games to win. With the help of blockchain, GameFi and NFT technologies, you can now play games online, earn money and other incentives, as a compensation for the time you spent playing these games. You can earn free in-game cryptocurrencies or collectibles, which can be converted to cryptocurrencies and then swapped for fiats or other cryptocurrencies on online exchanges. As these P2E games become popular, the value of the native cryptocurrencies powering these games and their in-game collectibles increase. This means that the native cryptocurrencies of these game projects and the in-game collectible can be good investments, which might yield massive returns, if you collect and hold them in your personal crypto wallets that support web 3 applications (DApps) like Trust wallet, Enjin mobile wallet, Metamask wallet, etc. You can also use these in-game rewards you have earned to purchase some game items like weapons and characters which are sold in the marketplace.

So why will you waste your time and data playing games online just to win, without any reward, when you can play interesting and engaging blockchain games, win and earn passive income? Also, most of these blockchain gaming projects reward their early adopters with airdrops. So try and get in as early as possible to enjoy all the benefits that might come later from any of these projects. You will learn how to play these P2E games and make money in this tutorial article.

Decentralized Blockchain Games vs. Hybrid Blockchain Games

It is very important you know that there are some crypto games that are fully decentralized (popular called “DApp games”), while some are hybrid crypto games. In a decentralized game, all the actions and transactions are stored in a blockchain. This means that these actions and transactions are irreversible and also require are transaction fee before they are executed. Recently, sidechains are introduced to decentralized games in order to improve game play experience, as most actions are executed faster because the sidechain validates the actions and then periodically update the mainchain or root chain. You can learn more about sidechains from this article.

In a hybrid blockchain game, the game itself is powered by a centralized server, while the game items (like game cards) are stored and controlled by a blockchain. In summary a hybrid blockchain game is a blockchain game whose blockchain combine the best of both public and private blockchain. Most private gaming firms use hybrid blockchains which they customize to their taste, though it does not allow for full blockchain data transparency, especially for their users.

The image below summarizes how a hybrid blockchain works.

summary of hybrid blockchain, latest play to earn nft games

You can learn more about hybrid blockchains here.


How to Play any Play-to-Earn (P2E) Game & Make Money for Beginners

In the blockchain gaming industry, there are different types of games, such as:

  • Pay-to-Play Games: For this type of game, you need to first purchase at least a gaming item, such as a character or a weapon.
  • Mining Games: For this type of blockchain game, you are rewarded with coins when you complete certain tasks.
  • Free-to-Play or Play-to-Earn Games: For this type, you don’t need to make any purchase or initial payment before you start playing the game. Also, you are rewarded with in-game coins or collectibles as you play the game.

Note that you will need a personal crypto wallet on your phone or PC, like Trust wallet, Guildchat wallet and Metamask wallet to play these games. You will also need an internet connection. Check out how to download and setup Trust Wallet, Enjin mobile wallet and Metamask Wallet. Note that Trust wallet does not have PC version but you can install virtual machine (VM) apps such as Bluestacks and then use the apk version on it. Also, on PC, Metamask wallet can only be used as a web browser extension.

You can use your metamask wallet to play blockchain games on Ethereum and then use Trust wallet to play blockchain games on Binance Smart Chain. But Enjin wallet gives you more flexibility, as you can store not only ERC20 tokens and items, but can also store ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens and items in it. This means that you can use your Enjin mobile wallet to play blockchain games of various networks and also manage tokens and collectibles from these networks. Also, Enjin mobile wallet is very secured and recommended for online gamers, especially for playing multiverse games, where you can use a single gaming item in different games.

In general, to play a blockchain game from your web3 enabled wallet:

You need to first setup the web3 supported wallet and make sure you have some amount of the native token of the blockchain network powering the game, for example, ETH for games on the Ethereum and BNB for games on the BSC network for paying gas fees. You can buy these native tokens from any exchange like Binance, Gate, KuCoin, etc. and then transfer to your web 3 supported wallet.

Next you launch the blockchain game by typing the URL of the game you wish to play via DApp browser section of the web 3 enabled wallet.

You will be prompted to connect your wallet. Now, connect your wallet to the game website and start playing game.

While playing the game, before any transaction will be processed (either to buy or sell in-game items), you will be notified by your wallet to sign the transaction. Each transaction requires a processing fee, which will be deducted from your balance in the wallet. So make sure you have enough for paying gas fees.

The NFTs and collectibles you earned will be stored in the NFT and Collectible sections of the wallet.

Here is a guide on how to setup your wallet in Sandbox.


How to Buy/Sell your NFTs and Collectibles

Any tradable item you have acquired from any blockchain game can be sold on any digital asset marketplace. You can also buy new items from these marketplaces.

Some of the popular NFT marketplaces include:


You can use the DApp browser of your wallet to access these marketplaces. Once you access any of these marketplaces, you will be required to connect your wallet to the marketplace so that your inventory could be accessed. You can now buy or sell any item, provided you have enough fund to cover the gas fee.

You can learn more about crypto games from this guide.

Some Free Popular P2E Blockchain (Crypto) Games

There are tons of P2E blockchain games available for online gamers. Some have interesting features that make them popular and trending in the gaming world. Below are some of these P2E NFT games of different categories like shooting, fighting, adventure, metaverse, multiverse, RPG, android, PC, etc.

  • Lightnite –
  • Sandbox –
  • Star Atlas –
  • Illuvium –
  • Guide of Guardians –
  • Planet Sandbox –
  • Altered State Machine –
  • Fomo Chronicles –
  • MetaWars –
  • Alice my Neighbor –
  • Aavegotchi –
  • Faraland –
  • The Three Kingdoms –
  • DeFi Warriors –
  • Revolve Games –
  • Splinterlands –
  • Exceedme –
  • LOC Game –
  • War Riders –
  • Mega Crypto Polis –
  • War of Crypta –
  • Forest Knight –
  • AlterVerse –
  • Soccer Manager Elite –
  • Upland –
  • NBA Top Shot
  • Crypto Space Commander –
  • Blockchain Cuties –
  • Prospectors –
  • Alien Worlds –
  • Mythic Creeps –
  • Battle Pets –
  • NFTBox –
  • Pocket Arena –, etc.


You can learn more about these free play to earn blockchain games in this guide.

Some Popular Blockchain, NFT and Gaming Protocols

Below are some of the popular gaming platforms and protocols that power these NFT and P2E games.

  • Yield Guide Games (YGG) –
  • Chain Guardians Games (CGG) –
  • Seascape Crowns (CWS) –
  • Phantasma Chain (SOUL and KCAL) –
  • Nakamoto Games (NAKA) –
  • Chain Games (CHAIN) –
  • Gala Games (GALA) –
  • Good Games Guild (GGG) –
  • Decentral Games (DG) –
  • Rain Maker Games (RAIN) –
  • Mobox (MBOX) –
  • Revolve Games (RPG) –
  • 2Crazy (2CRZ) –
  • vEmpire –

Video on How to Connect your Mobile Wallet to Play Blockchain Games



You have learnt how to earn passive income from play-to-earn blockchain games. Also you have seen some of the trending P2E games, gaming protocols and how to play them, how to buy and sell items on NFT and collectibles marketplaces, etc. Feel free to play any of these games and start making money.

There are other ways to earn free cryptocurrencies, such as: watch to earn blockchain projects, move to earn blockchain projects, etc.

Which of these blockchain, play-to-earn, GameFi games have you played? I will like to hear from you in the comment section below. Please share this article with your social media by clicking a share button. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog via to stay up to date with upcoming game tutorials. Enjoy!

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