A Concise Review of Google Forms vs Microsoft Online Forms

Google forms and Microsoft online forms have many features in common. Because of this, most people find it difficult to choose the one that best suits their need. Both are use for creating surveys, polls and online quizzes. Although Google forms have been available before Microsoft launched their online forms, both are recommended for some specific instances. We reviewed the 2 online forms, based on ease of usage and data manipulation, so as to help you know the one that best suits your business need.

google forms vs microsoft forms for online business

A knowledge of how to create an Google or Microsoft online form is now one of the online business skills that can fetch you enough money. So that is why you need to know the right one to use for a particular project.

Comparing Google Forms and Microsoft Forms for Business Needs



When talking of template, Google form always comes with a very unique template of which you can still modify anytime you want modify it, But Microsoft Online Forms don’t possess this capabilities as it only stick with the templates it comes with and nothing like modifying the template.

Questions and Answers

Google Forms really beat Microsoft forms hands down here as it has a range of question types and several offerings from multiple choice answers with linear scale to check-boxes but Microsoft forms has limited answers as you will get only six options for it.



Microsoft possess enough graphics and attractive shades as the theme is integrated to the form to make it look better but Google Forms did not really get it right here as there theme is highly outdated, the only color you will see there is just primary color.

Sharing and Collaboration

To create a survey on Microsoft form, you need a Microsoft ID or you can hare the link with the users directly or via email but the problem here is that it comes with limitations. The sharing method on Microsoft Form still apply to Google form but you can add as much as any collaboration you want. It in Google Forms that you can collaborate with anybody provided the person has an active email address.


Built-In Spreadsheet Support

Coming to spreadsheet matters, both services has their own spreadsheet, Google Forms features google sheet while Microsoft form features Microsoft excel the only thing here is how both of them execute their jobs when call upon and another good thing here is that both of them features cloud storage.

Embedding Media

This is mainly meant for Surveyors but as a normal person, you still need this because something of this kind might come up to you one day. After running some field work, surveyors do like to attach videos or photos to their survey work you need Google form to achieve that. It does not mean that Microsoft Forms don’t have, but making use of it is not and never easy because of how complicating it is.

Files Upload

Uploading of files is very easy in Google form when talking of how it will make tracking of your assignment look easy. When making use of Microsoft Form to upload files it’s always complicating as it did not have a good feature to make uploading go that easy.

Responds Validation

Responds validation help s in checking answers before submission and Google released their own responds validation in the year 2018. Microsoft still has options for validation responds but it’s limited to numbers now.

QR Code

Microsoft is more than okay when it comes to this QR Code as it features a simple and intuitive interface that comes with a QR sharing option. What I just said about Microsoft QR code implies that you are free to share QR Code with respondents and that’s why it’s a great tool for tablet and mobile phones users.



Now you have a good knowledge of both Google forms and Microsoft forms for online surveys, polls and quiz. Based on your need, choose the one that best solves your problem. Always consider your customers when making any decision. Don’t forget to design the form so that it can be very easy for them to fill and submit. An article at MakeUseOf website explained how to create surveys with Microsoft Foms. Zapier website also gave a beginner guide on how to use google forms. Do you have a blog? Optimize your blog posts with these SEO tips.

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