best womens handbags and purses to buy

13 Best Trending Handbags & Purses Every Lady Should Have

Handbags and purses are inevitable when talking about women’s fashion. They adorn their shoulders and hands. There are tons of trending bags for ladies. But there are some few handbag and purse brands that stand out among others. They also serve various occasions, be it travelling,... Read more »

Wedding ankara fashion styles for bridesmaids

21 Trending Ankara Wedding Fashion Styles for Bridesmaids

Ankara style which was once a common African fashion style has now gained popularity in recent time. Different ankara materials are now used by event planners for wedding and decoration. Bridesmaids are now spotted posing in different ankara styles for wedding pictures and outings. Even celebrities... Read more »

men and ladies dreadlock styles

21 Crazy, Cool & Trending Dreadlock Hairstyles for Men & Ladies

Dreadlock styles can be crazy and cool at the same time. I know you might be wondering why I said so. Some Celebrities like Bob Marley got many fans with some credit going to his locs. One confusing thing about Dreadlocks is the beliefs which can... Read more »

top fashion and beauty android simulation girls games

5 Best Fashion and Beauty Apk Games – Actualize your Celebrity Dreams

If you love fashion, am also sure you would like fashion and beauty games. Your dreams of becoming a renowned fashion model can be actualized very easily with the help of these fashion apk games. While you go in search of beauty pageant video to watch,... Read more »

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5 Best Dress Up Games to Download and Play in your Android Phone

When trying to Pick when to wear to a party or special event and you just can’t figure it out and you think you are just not good in dressing up. Don’t you know practice make for perfection? The best way to learn is to play... Read more »
top android makeup and salon apk games for ladies

5 Best Android Make Up and Salon Games App for Ladies

Do you need a game to practice your makeup skills? Every lady will like to learn new make up styles. These days, with Android technology in vogue, you don’t need to go buy makeup catalogs or going to search how to make new hairstyles or wear... Read more »
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Top 12 Best Plus Size Ladies Cocktail Dresses for Different Occasions

Body size is never a disadvantage in the world of fashion. What you need is a suiting dress for any occasion. Also know the best color for your complexion. Cocktail dresses adorn plus size ladies, especially the fitting types. There are various cute cocktail dresses for... Read more »

Trending eyeliner styles for celebrities

7 Sexy Eyeliner Makeup Styles and How to Apply them

Knowing a suiting eyeliner style that suits your eye size is a very cool step to perfect makeup style as a lady. There are special eyeliner styles for some special occasions like wedding, party, night club, first date, etc. Also, there are some eyeliner color mix... Read more »

top fashion design sites

Top 6 Best Fashion Designer Companies in the World & their Key Brands

Fashion Designing is one of those businesses whose products are ever needed in the world. There are many fashion designer companies in the world, both online and offline, offering varieties of fashion wears ranging from clothes, shoes, bags, jewelries, watches, etc. for men and women. But... Read more »

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Top 20 Trending Braids Hairstyles for Cute Ladies -Various Styles & Length

Braids can be easily used to give every lady unique hairstyles of different colors, styles and length. Also, nicely styled braids hairstyles complement cloth fashion styles, especially for special occasions like traditional wedding, casual outings, official meetings and even first dates. These days, most worldwide celebrities... Read more »