35+ Best Blockchain Move-to-Earn Games & How to Play them

Move to earn is one of the latest trends in blockchain technology for making money. Move-to-Earn games are actually one of the categories of blockchain games. Here, you are rewarded for doing what you love doing. It could be sports; you are rewarded for moving your body, running, dancing, skipping, bike racing, driving, swimming, strolling, etc. The reward is usually in form of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets like NFTs. There are tons on move to earn (M2E) apps out there. You will learn some of the move to earn (move2earn) blockchain projects that have powerful potential in this section.

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What is Move to Earn and How Does it Work?

Similar to the Play to Earn trend, Move to Earn is a new blockchain technology trend that motivates and rewards users with cryptocurrencies and other digital assets like NFTs, for staying fit and for doing their usual daily physical activities. This web3 concept has helped to improve the health of many of those who take part in this trend, as they are motivated to carry out fitness exercise on daily basis, thereby reducing obesity and sedentary lifestyles.

These web3 apps track users’ activities with the GPS features of mobile devices and gadgets (like smart watches) connected to them. Most of these Move to Earn apps offer several activity modes such as: allowing users to participate in virtual races, compete with friends and loved ones, setting daily personal targets and goals. Through these apps, users can record their activities, view their stats, and even share them with the community via the social feed of these apps.

Sport to Earn vs Move to Earn Blockchain Projects

Sport to Earn is a general name for the different web3 projects that reward users for doing different types of sports regularly. Some of the sub-categories Sport-to-Earn include: move to earn, bike to earn, gym to earn, etc.

Below are some of the outstanding sport to earn and move to earn blockchain projects.

Sport to earn blockchain project
Sport to earn blockchain project

Move-to-Earn projects are launched in various layer one blockchains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Solana, Near, Avalanche, etc. Below is a landscape of move-to-earn projects categorized according to the various layer one blockchains where they were launched.

Landscape of move-to-earn projects according to their layer one blockchains
Landscape of move-to-earn projects according to their layer one blockchains

From the above image, you will discover that most of these web3 move-to-earn projects were launched in Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Also, some of the move to earn projects launched in more than one layer one blockchain. Such projects are called Multi-chain projects. Some of these multi-chain move-to-earn web3 projects include: Digital Fitness (Defit), Aircoins, etc.

Below is a landscape of outstanding move-to-earn web3 projects launched in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Landscape of move-to-earn web3 projects under BSC
Landscape of move-to-earn web3 projects under BSC


Now check out some of the outstanding sport-to-earn and move-to-earn web3 projects below.

StepN (GMT and GST) – stepn.com

how to earn money from stepn app move2earn project

STEPN is the first project to bring the Move2Earn concept into reality.  It is a web3 lifestyle (health and fitness) app that combines the SocialFi and GameFi features. Here, users who have their NFT sneakers walk, jog or run outdoors in order to earn the in-app token (GST) which they can use to mint new NFT sneakers or to level up the existing sneaker to make it more efficient.

Alternatively, players can choose to lease or sell their sneakers via the in-app marketplace. In-app wallet is also available where the GST tokens that users earn are store. The in-app wallet also has a built-in swap function for users who wish to swap their GST tokens to USDC.

Check out this guide on How to Download and Use StepN Move-to-Earn App.

Dotmoovs (MOOV) – dotmoovs.com

how to earn money from dotmoovs app move2earn project

Dotmoovs is a GameFi and SocialFi project where sports is gamified in an innovative Play2Earn and Move2Earn platform. With the help of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI), the project motivates sports lovers to challenge anyone in any type of sports, especially soccer and dancing, and then earn cryptocurrency (XMOOVS) and unique NFTs as rewards.

The project also has a robust NFT marketplace. As you engage in any type of sports, the AI-based video referee feature in Dotmoovs app accesses your performance and rewards you accordingly.

Check out this guide on How to Download and Use Dotmoovs Move-to-Earn App.

Digital Fitness (DEFIT) – defit.io

how to earn free cryptocurrency with defit move to earn app

Digital Fitness (DEFIT) is a pioneer move2earn or gym to earn project building a powerful web3 digital fitness marketplace. You can earn DEFIT token for free by participating in the in-app challenges and by recording your gym and fitness activities.

The development team is working hard to launch the DEFIT app v2.0 in Q2 2022 (probably by the end of May 2022). The app will be available in App store for iOS users and in Google play store for Android users. The DEFIT team is also working with a talented French Artist who has collaborated with top brands like Dior, Lindt, PSG, Valentino, L’Oréal, Coca-Cola, etc.

Check out this guide on How to Download and Use DeFit Move-to-Earn App.

Step App (FITFI and KCAL) – step.app

how to earn money from step app fitfi move2earn project

Step App is the development protocol for Fitness Finance (FitFi) launched in Avalanche blockchain. Fitness Finance is the market economy where participants earn a part of the revenue generated by the fitness industry. Web3 and blockchain made it possible for people to earn from the market they take part in, which became possible with the surge of GameFi and play2earn.

The project created a gamified metaverse for the fitness economy where people can walk, jog, and run to socialize, play and earn rewards in form of cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Check out this guide on How to Download and Use Step App (FITFI) Move-to-Earn Project.

Calo App (CALO) – calo.run

how to earn money from calo run app move2earn project

Calo fitness and move2earn project encourages you to exercise your body by moving, lose some calories and then earn rewards in form of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The project also features Shoebox and an NFT marketplace (Lolo NFT marketplace) where you can buy and sell NFT sneakers and NFT eggs respectively. It also features a staking platform where you can stake your CALO tokens to earn some trial shoebox.

Check out this guide on How to Download and Use Calo Move-to-Earn App.

Step (STEP) – walkwithstep.io

how to earn money from step app move2earn walkwithstep walk2earn project

Step is a move-to-earn project that gives users daily for walking (walk-to-earn). It was launched in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The app tracks your workouts and then rewards you in cryptocurrency. You can connect your BSC compatible private wallet. With the app you can challenge your friends and earn rewards in crypto tokens.

Check out this guide on How to Download and Use Step Move-to-Earn App.

Wirtual (WIRTUAL) – wirtual.co

how to earn money from wirtual app move2earn project

Wirtual is an exercise-to-earn platform where you are rewarded for walking, running, cycling, dancing, swimming or working out from anywhere, at any time. Once you submit your result, you get rewarded in WIRTUAL tokens. You can use the WIRTUAL tokens you earned to shop at ecommerce stores for a discount or cash back. The project was launched in Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Check out this guide on How to Download and Use Wirtual Move-to-Earn App.

Genopets (KI and GENE) – genopets.me

how to earn money from genopets web3 app move2earn project

Genopets project is a unique move-to-earn NFT, role-playing game (RPG), evolution game. It was launched in Solana blockchain. In the game, you are rewarded for exercising your body, mind and spirit by taking care of your digital familiar called a Genopet. A Genopet is a digital representation of you in form of NFT. It is your digital spirit animal that is encoded with your personality, which evolves through your daily activities.

As you traverse the Genoverse together with your Genopet, you need to stay active in order to properly the destiny of your Genopet, and unlock your true potentials. Your physical movement and cognitive exertion are transformed into in-game progression, so as to upgrade and evolve your Genopet NFT. You can also customize your Genopet, and make it as rare and valuable as you.

Check out this guide on How to Download and Use Genopets Move-to-Earn App.

Dustland Runner (DOSE) – thedustland.com

how to earn money from dustland runner app move2earn project

Dustland Runner is the first move-to-earn audio fitness game where users workout in their homes, in gym houses, or anywhere outdoor, and then get rewarded with cryptocurrency (DOSE token) and exclusive NFTs. You simply workout physically and earn rewards.

As you complete more missions, you earn more rewards because the reward is based on distance and not performance. Also, you can use the items and resources you collected to upgrade your character. For greater rewards, you need to improve your stats and embark on more dangerous missions.

Check out this guide on How to Download and Use Dustland Runner Move-to-Earn App.

SweatCoin (SWEAT) – sweatco.in

how to earn money from sweatcoin app move2earn project

Sweatcoin is a web3 move-to-earn project that rewards people for every movement they take: walking, jogging, running, etc. Sweatcoin app rewards you for all the “sweat” you lose while moving or just walking. The project was launched in NEAR blockchain. You mint the new cryptocurrency (Sweatcoin) with your steps.

The Sweat Economy shares the principles of Sweatcoin, but also leverages DeFi, NFTs and decentralized governance to unlock new value, which is returned to the user.

Check out this guide on How to Download and Use SweatCoin Move-to-Earn App.

AirCoins (AIRX) – aircoins.io

how to earn money from aircoins app move2earn metaverse project

Aircoins is the largest cryptocurrency based augmented reality platform in the world with over 40 blockchain digital assets and real time location-based rewards. You play to earn or move to earn in the metaverse. It allows to find, collect and trade cryptocurrency in Augmented Reality (AR). The project merges mobile gaming, augmented reality (AR) and 3D digital advertising in the metaverse.

Players are rewarded with digital assets and AR collectibles, as well as other retail incentives such as coupons, exclusive promotions, etc.

Check out this guide on How to Download and Use AirCoins Move-to-Earn App.

Run Together (RUN) – runtogether.net

how to earn money from run together app move2earn project

Run Together is another unique web3 app that applied the GameFi and SocialFi features, launched in the BinanceSmart Chain (BSC). Users who equip themselves with NFT items like shoes, sports wears, glasses, etc. and participate in fitness activities like walking, jogging and running outside earn valuable tokens. These earned tokens can also be traded for profit in the in-app marketplace.

Check out this guide on How to Download and Use Run Together Move-to-Earn App.

ActiFit (AFIT) – actifit.io

how to earn money from actifit app move2earn project

ActiFit is a web3, social, cross-chain, move2earn gamified project with multi-reward system. The ActiFit app rewards you for your everyday activities through its auto-tracking feature. The reward is mainly in AFIT token, which is the utility and reward token of the ActiFit ecosystem. Also, the rewards can be the following tokens through upvotes on partner communities and supported blockchains: STEEM, BLURT, SPORT and HIVE.

Check out this guide on How to Download and Use ActiFit Move-to-Earn App.

PUML Better Health (PUML) – puml.io

how to earn money from puml better health app move2earn project

PUML Better Health is a web3 move2earn app that gamifies health and fitness challenges, and motivates its users live a healthy lifestyle. You can compete with families, friends and the global community in daily or weekly or monthly challenges such as: steps, runs, workouts, heart rate, sleep, hydration, etc. For any of these physical or mental challenge you participate in, you will be rewarded with PUML token, NFTs, discount codes and merchandise. PUML Better Health uses EOSIO to protect its wearables and fitness data and pays its users for sharing their health and fitness data. You can also earn extra income via staking and completing some healthy behaviours over a given period of time.

Optionally, you can connect your Apple watch, Garmin, Fitbit, Samsung and other wearables with your PUML Better health app to participate in fun engaging challenges.

Simply download the PUML Better Health app at https://get.puml.io/ (available for both iOS and Android users), signup, participate in any of the physical or mental exercise and then earn rewards.

Defy Disrupt (DEFY and FCOIN) – defydisrupt.io

how to earn money from defy disrupt app move2earn and play2earn project

Defy Disrupt is a very unique location-based web3 play-to-earn and -move-to-earn game. With the aid of virtual private masks, you can obscure your identity as an operative and hack into the future systems network through an exploited mobile app.

You can learn more about the project at https://defydisrupt.io/.

iStep (ISTEP)- istep.io

how to earn money from istep app move2earn project

iStep is lifestyle web3 move2earn app that features SocialFi and GameFi, where users are rewarded with ISTEP token for walking, jogging or running outdoors. The ISTEP token you earned can be used to buy new NFT sneakers or to level up.

You can learn more about iStep from this YouTube tutorial video.

BikeRush (BST and BRT) – bikerush.io

how to earn money from bikerush app move2earn project

BikeRush is a ride-to-earn (move2earn) health and fitness decentralized app (dApp) with GameFi and SocialFi features, where users equipped with NFT bikes (bicycles) are rewarded with cryptocurrency (BST) for riding bike outdoors (cycling, racing and sprinting). This is to inspire millions of people worldwide to live a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise. The governance token of the project is BRT.

There are 4 types of NFT bicycles in BikeRush app, suiting different range of distance of coverage:

  1. City Bike: 3 to 8 KM
  2. Mountain Bike: 6 to 15 KM
  3. Road Bike: 8 to 40 KM
  4. Future Bike: 6 to 40 KM
BikeRush move2earn app: Types of NFT bicycles
BikeRush move2earn app: Types of NFT bicycles

Feel free to choose the NFT bike that suits you, ride and earn rewards.

MovingOn Finance (MOVON) – movingon.finance

how to earn money from movingon finance app move2earn project

MovingOn Finance is a web3 app that integrates drive-to-earn and move-to-earn mechanisms through walking, running, cycling and driving. For the drive-to-earn feature, users who own cars and vehicles can earn rewards in MOVON token by participating in drive activities in the app. Even taxi drivers who work with companies like Uber, Grab, Ola, Didi, Lyft, etc. can participate in the drive-to-earn activities and get rewarded accordingly.

Also, for the move2earn feature, anyone can earn rewards in MOVON token by participating in activities such as walking, running and cycling.

Other ways to earn a passive income in MovingOn Finance are via staking and NFTs.

Below is a screenshot of some of the features of MovingOn Finance.

MovingOn Finance features and screenshot
MovingOn Finance features and screenshot

MoveZ (MOVEZ and BURNZ) – movez.me

how to earn money from movez app move2earn project

MoveZ is a unique web3, move2earn blockchain fitness app that encourages users worldwide to embrace a healthier lifestyle. You are rewarded with BURNZ token for participating in a range of fitness activities such as: lifting, moving, cycling, surfing, etc. In order to reduce the participation, you don’t need to own any NFT asset to participate in the move2earn activities in its ecosystem.

MoveZ has two tokens: MOVEZ (governance token) and BURNZ (in-app token). The project is powering a unique fitness revolution. You can be part of it!

CycGo (GCT and GRT) – cycgo.io

how to earn money from cycgo app move2earn project

CycGo is a web3, health and fitness, move2earn app with SocialFi and GameFi features, where users who are equipped with NFT bicycles are rewarded with cryptocurrencies for cycling. So if you love cycling, then you will surely like this blockchain project. There is an in-app marketplace where users can lease or sell their NFT bicycles. Also, there is an in-app wallet with built-in swap function where the tokens you earn are stored.

The project has dual tokens: GCT (governance token) and GRT (utility and in-app token).

JustMove – justmove.app

justmove: first move to earn project to combine gamefi socialfi and fitfi

JustMove is a web3 app that combines the concept of GameFi, FitFi and SocialFi by rewarding people who perform outdoor exercises or activities with cryptocurrencies. Some of the exercises include:

JustMove users are motivated and rewarded with gamification concepts which include: progression levels, badges, NFT Heroes and two types of crypto tokens (the move to earn token and the NFT token which operates in the Polygon blockchain). Users who hold these tokens can use them to create new NFT heroes, train them, acquire in-game items, vote in governance decisions, unlock additional challenge levels and even get discounts on in-app products and services. In the nearest future, users of JustMove app will be able to set personal challenges and get cash rewards for every completed challenge.

You can download the JustMove app for free from App store for iOS or from Google play store for Android. The available language versions for the app are English and French. Move and start earning rewards!

VICMOVE (VIM) – vicmove.com

how to earn money from vicmove app move2earn project

VICMOVE is a web3 fitness and lifestyle mobile app where you are rewarded with VIM token for just moving, like walking, running and cycling.

Lympo (LYM and LMT) – lympo.io

how to earn money from lympo app move2earn project

Lympo is a move2earn blockchain project that brought real-world sports to the NFT gaming market. You can stake tokens and to get NFTs. To earn more rewards, you can then stake your NFTs.

GoRide (RIDE) – go-ride.live

how to earn money from goride app move2earn project

GoRide is a web3 fitness and lifestyle blockchain project that combines SocialFi, GameFi and Metaverse, where cyclists are rewarded for cycling daily.

Walken (WLKN) – walken.io

how to earn money from walken app move2earn project

Walken is a walk-to-earn (move2earn) blockchain project that connects healthy lifestyle, games and crypto.

Movey (MOVEY) – movey.io

how to earn money from movey app move2earn project

Movey is a move2earn blockchain project that combined with NFTs, GameFi and SocialFi elements, where you can earn rewards with MOVEY token or NFTs by walking, running, or working out.

GymMove (GYM and GMR) – gymmov.app

how to earn money from gymmove app move2earn project

Movey is a move2earn blockchain project that combined with NFTs, GameFi and SocialFi elements, where you can earn rewards with MOVEY token or NFTs by walking, running, or working out.

YetiCoin (YETI) – yeticoineth.com

how to earn money from yeticoin app move2earn project

YetiCoin is a community driven project built on the Ethereum blockchain to help young people to become more active and social. The web3 blockchain project also promotes physical activity and wellness worldwide. Holders of YetiCoin are rewarded periodically. The YetiCoin project team are working towards building a unique move-to-earn project for young people.

Below is a screenshot of the summary of how to buy YetiCoin.

how to buy yeticoin token
How to buy YetiCoin token

MetaBike (MBIKE) – metabike.live

how to earn money from metabike app move2earn project

MetaBike is one of the best move2earn and play2earn projects for biking and cycling fans. It features Bike Racing and Auto Bike games. The Bike racing game is a virtual blockchain skill game that has a decentralized rewards pool system for seamless racing. While in the Auto Bike racing game, you can either race alone, or you compete with other bikers with your NFT bike (metabike), the first top 3 people to finish the race will be rewarded accordingly.

Fitmint (FITT) – fitmint.io

how to earn money from fitmint app move2earn project

Fitmint is a web3 fitness app with in-built gaming features where you are rewarded with cryptocurrency and NFTs for just walking, running or working out.

Moon Step

how to earn money from moonstep app move2earn project

Moon Step is a web3 move2earn app, launched in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), that focuses on your movement. You are motivated to move, burn calories and earn rewards in cryptocurrencies.

Fitness Evolution – FitEvo

how to earn money from fitness evolution app move2earn project

Fitness Evolution revolutionized move2Earn, creating the first multi-player move network.


Other Move2Earn Projects worth Mentioning

  • The Snkrz (SKZ and FNF) – thesnkrz.com
  • Rbicycle (CYCLE) – rbicycle.io
  • Metz (METZ) – metzapp.com
  • Inu Base (INUB) – inubase.org/move-to-earn

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