how to prevent hackers from hacking your phone

5 Simple Ways to Protect your Android Phone from Hackers

Most information you saved in your android device are mostly private. But since you connect to the internet always with your android phone, there is a greater probability that it might fall prey to these malicious hackers who always try to inject scripts to your device in order to... Read more »
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5 Best Latest 4G LTE Band Compatible Smartphones to Buy

If you want to experience an amazing browsing speed with android devices, then you need to have one of these 4G (4 Generation) LTE Band compatible devices. Every country has its major mobile network providers. For example in the US, the major network providers are: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and... Read more »
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5 Best Nokia Android Smartphones with Key Specs & Price

Nokia is a phone company that dominated the java phone industry in the past years. Their products are known to produce quality phones with quite amazing features. In the past few years, Nokia has stormed into the Android phone industry, producing quality smartphones with amazing specs at affordable price.... Read more »
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5 Best Android GPS Navigation Apps to Download for Free

Technology is one very fast growing trend. I remember when sign boards where the only way of telling directions to a particular destination. Though it seems like the best means then but look where we are now, things has really changed with the introduction of android GPS navigation trackers... Read more »
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5 Best Verizon Smartphones with Key Specs & Best Price

Verizon Communications Inc. is one of the largest global company based in US. When it comes to 4G, 5G wireless networks, broadband, video advertising and Internet of things, Verizon is leading. Based on the research of Buzzing Point team, we have compiled a list of the best Verizon smartphones... Read more »
android phone tacking apps and how to use them

5 Best Android Apps to Track and Recover Your Lost Phone

Have you ever lost or misplaced your Smartphone before? Your contacts, data subscription, files, accounts all Stolen. How did you feel – Depressed, Sorrowful or Joyful? What ever be the case, this phone article will reveal some amazing android apps to help you track and recover any lost smartphone... Read more »
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5 Best Infinix Phones Below 50k Naira ($150) with Key Specs

Need those large screen smartphone with good specs? Most Infinix Android smartphone would be a sure match. What if you want an Infinix smartphone but you have a very tight budget? I’m glad you found this article because today we will be giving you a list of the best... Read more »
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Trending Smartphones 2019 with Key Specs and Best Price

Do you wish to know which Android phones are currently rocking the smartphone market in 2019 with the best price? Today, I have a superb list to present to you. Samsung has released some hot Note and S-series mobile phones with amazing configurations. Some of these phones were released... Read more »
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10 Best Recommended Samsung SmartPhones To Buy – Specs & Prices

Samsung has many nice looking and attractive smartphones everybody will wish to buy. They have many galaxy series ranging from galaxy J, A, Note and the awesome S – series android phones and tablets. Their phone design are very unique just like apple products especially when it comes to... Read more »

7 Best Recommended iPhones For Everyone – Key Specs & Prices

Apple has produced tons of versions of iPhone devices and will still produce more. Before you conclude on the best Apple iPhone to buy, there are some key features and specs you need to check and compare. The best recommended iPhone must not necessarily be the latest or the... Read more »