15 Best Nigerian Online Clothing Stores to Buy Quality Wears

Here are some of the recommended online fashion stores to buy quality fashion accessories from Nigeria, for men, ladies, teens and kids. These online boutiques sell both African fabric attires and other foreign designer clothes (for western fashion styles). Your fashion products will be delivered to your doorstep, sometimes for free or for a little shipping fee. Every shopper will always want to get the best possible deal for his/her money. We based our review based on quality and affordability of the fashion products. Most of these online stores also offer periodic discount promo. So check them out now.

best nigerian online stores for quality and affordable clothing and fashion wears

Currently, more than 80% of commerce or shopping happen online, and the percentage increases day by day. So you need to discover best and trusted online stores to do your shopping from the comfort of your home, and your order will be delivered to your doorstep. Some of these online stores offer your discount when you shop and pay online. So what are you waiting for? Check out these recommended online clothing stores for Nigerians.

Best Nigerian Online Fashion Stores/Boutiques to Buy Quality Fashion Wears at Affordable Prices

Jumia NG – Trusted Online Fashion Retail Store in Nigeria and Beyond

jumia - best online fashion store in nigeria and africa

Jumia was launched in Nigeria in 2012, but now operates in several African countries, which include: Algeria, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya Ivory Coast, Senegal, Morocco, etc. The company is one of the trusted online stores in Nigeria and beyond. They sell quality products of different categories, including clothing and fashion accessories for men, women and kids, all at affordable prices. Jumia also offer amazing delivery services, mostly at a discount rate.

PayPorte – Online Store for the Latest Ladies Fashion Wears and Accessories

payporte - trusted nigerian online store for latest fashion wear for ladies

PayPorte is a trusted Nigerian online fashion store for young ladies. They sell quality trending and fitting ladies clothing and fashion accessories, all at affordable prices. Some of their top categories include: dresses, tops, African-inspired dresses, bikinis, denims, etc.

They also offer clearance sales, where you can get up to 80% discount on some fashion items.

Sojoee – Nigerian Online Store for Affordable Ladies Clothing and Fashion Accessories

sojoee - best nigerian online store for affordable ladies clothing and fashion accessories

Sojoee is a Nigerian online store that sells quality and affordable clothing and fashion accessories for ladies. Some of their top categories include: dresses, foot care, backpack, shoes, press-on nails, watches, sunglasses, bags, etc. They offer free delivery nationwide on order from N50,000 and above. You can also shop by type, by style, or by size.


BeSazBoutique – Online Store for Trending Ladies Fashion Brands in Nigeria

besazboutique - best nigerian online boutique for trending ladies fashion brands

BeSazBoutique is an online boutique that sells quality ladies clothing and other trending fashion brands and accessories in Nigeria. Some of their top categories include: dresses, blazers, skirts, trousers, shoes and bags. Some of their top brands include: Almari, Closet London, Simmi London, Style London, Angeleye London and Besaz Collection.

DexStitches – Top Nigerian Online Store for Quality African Native Wears for Young Men and Ladies

dexstitches - best nigerian online store for african native wear for young man and ladies

DexStitches got you covered when it comes to any type of quality clothing and fashion accessories for young man and ladies. They also sell quality African native wears and fabrics, such as agbada, kaftan/senator fashion and accessories, fashion fabrics, etc. DexStitches have many amazing deals, which include: bundle deals, plus size, under 3K, under 5K, etc.

AjeboMarket – Nigerian Online Store for Young Men’s Fashion Wears and Fashion Accessories

ajebomarket - best nigerian online fashion store for young guys

AjeboMarket is a sure “go-to” Nigerian online store when it comes to men’s fashion. They sell quality and trending clothing, shoes, watches, sportswear and other fashion accessories for young men. All their products are of high quality and affordable. If you need luxury fashion wear for men, Ajebomarket got you covered.

BabyBliss – Nigerian Online Store for any Type of Baby Wears and Accessories

babybliss - best nigerian online store for baby wares

BabyBliss is a reliable Nigerian online store for kids clothing and accessories. Whatever type of babies items you need BabyBliss got you covered. They sell quality products at affordable price. Some of their top categories include: diapering, baby gear, car seats, clothing and shoes, feeding, bathing, health and safety, toys, and back 2 school.

Obeezi – Trusted Nigerian Online Fashion Store for Guys

obeezi - nigerian online fashion store for guys that love affordable designer wears

Obeezi got you covered when it comes to quality and affordable men’s wears and fashion accessories. Some of their top categories include: shirts, trousers, sport wears, casual shoes, formal shoes, slippers and sandals. They also sell women fashion wears. The category that thrills me most their Casual shoes category, especially their Sneakers. They are superb, and also very affordable.

Obeezi also gives you the option to either pay on delivery or you pay online before delivery. When you pay online, you enjoy 10% discount.

Other Trusted Nigerian Online Clothing Stores for Quality and Affordable Fashion Wears (For Men, Ladies & Kids)

MobosFashion – Nigerian Online Ladies Fashion Store that Meets International Standard

mobosfashion - best nigerian online store for ladies with high fashion fashion standard

MobosFashion has amazing collections of ladies clothing and fashion accessories that meet international standard. Some of their top categories include: dresses, tops, trousers, skirts, suits, jackets, shoes, bags, denims, lingerie and sleepwear. All their fashion products are of high quality, and are affordable.

MobosFashion has its own brand called VR (Victoria Robert). The fashion products under this brand are designed in Nigeria, but produced abroad. If you are a lady that loves high standard fashion styles, MobosFashion got you covered.

David Wej – Men’s Online Fashion Store in Nigeria and UK

david wej - best online clothing store for men in nigeria and uk

David Wej is another amazing online fashion boutique for men. They sell men’s clothing, shoes, and other fashion accessories for men (cuff-links, bags, belt, wallets, caps, etc.), all at affordable price. They also have online UK store, where you can shop any UK-designer wears and pay in GBP (£), and your products will be shipped to any UK address.

PBH Baby and Child (TheShopVille) – Home of Quality and Affordable Babies and Children Wares

pbh baby and child - nigerian online store for kids and new moms

Another “have it all” online store for babies clothing and other kids’ wares is PBH Baby and Child. Some of their top product categories include: baby activities and gears, bath and baby care, skin care, clothing and accessories, diapering, feeding and nursing, nursery, etc. They sell high quality products at affordable prices.

PBH Baby and Child also offer free tips and advice for new nursing mothers in the blog section of their website.

Bobos Clothing – Top Online Fashion Store for Men’s Suit

bobos clothing - reliable online fashions store for men suit

Bobo’s Clothing is a reliable Nigerian online fashion store for men, especially when it comes to suits and blazers. They sell high quality and affordable male clothing and fashion accessories. Some of their top product categories include: blazer, chinos, suits, casuals, pant trousers, shirts, jeans and ties. They also offer discount sales for some selected products. You can enjoy as much as 30% discount.

Justkidsngr – Online Store Dedicated to Children’s Clothing and Wares

justkidsngr - best nigerian online store for children clothing

If you are looking for an online store that is fully dedicated to children’s clothing and fashion wares, then go to JustKidsngr. They sell high quality and affordable boys and girls clothing and accessories. Some of the top product categories include: toys and learning tools, girls’ clothing, boys’ clothing, children shoes, backpacks and lunchboxes, boys and girls accessories. They also offer clearance sales once in a while, where you can get up to 50% discount.



You have seen some of the best and trusted online fashion stores and boutiques owned by Nigerians that sell quality and affordable fashion wears of various kinds, for men, women, young adults and kids (boys and girls). These online clothing stores deliver to any location in Nigeria either for free (depending on your order amount) or for a discount shipping cost. So feel free to check them out. Also, some of these online Nigerian clothing stores have offline boutiques in some countries abroad, especially in US and UK. So they also ship to those locations when you place your order online.

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