5 Best High in Demand Programming Languages to Learn

Programming languages are easy to learn when using the correct guide and Operating Systems. But the big problem is picking the right language to learn. This has been the biggest issue for every programmer new to the game of programming though you could learn one or more languages simultaneously but it is not advisable for beginners.
As a beginner it is best you get an in-depth knowledge on one language and practice the language intensively. You should carry out some challenging problems and also solve some problems using that particular language. Then other languages to be practiced would be based on the knowledge of the previous language.

best high demand programing language to learn online

In this article, I will reveal the best programming language you should learn as a programmer. Irrespective of your level in programming; a beginner or pro, you need to learn these languages. Programming languages on our list where compiled based on average salary, popularity and ease of learning. I also ranked them according to their degree of demand.

Top 5 Highly Paying Programming Languages to Learn



This is one the oldest computer languages and also the easiest language to start with as a beginner, it is also used in so many other areas like web development, building of apps for both android and iOS, and many other applications.
It is very important to monitor your performance as you learn python programming language. Though there are lots of tools to use but you can use this Python network monitoring and error handling by AppOptics to monitor your performance.

Python is also used worldwide to build mathematical-oriented programs, data science, machine learning or artificial intelligence, scientific computation, image processing etc. A person skilled in Python programming can earn up to $100,000 per annum.


Java is also amongst the popular programming languages and it comes with this little philosophy that says write once, run anywhere. This means that you can write and run a java programme anywhere in the world. Java programming was built from ground up with object oriented programming in mind and it is also one of the easiest language to learn.

If you want to learn web development, then java is the best programming language in that field. It is also used in web development and also enterprises application. According to GlassDoor, the average base salary for a Java Developer is $93,570 per annum.



Javascript is the third language on our list, if you don’t know, javascript is also a very popular programming language. It is so popular that 7 in 10 programmers must have used or come across javascript once or twice in their programming career.

Facts to be told, going by StackOverFlow’s latest survey of over 100,000 programmers, it was shown that 69.8% of 78,334 respondents use Javascript in their (everyday) work. To blow your mind more, the average salary of a Javascript programmer hovers around $80,000 to $100,000 per annum. It is cool right?


This is very cool programming language to learn if you main interest is to work on applications for mobile, watches and any other device that works on iOS platform. This programming language was brought in place by apple in 2014 so as to serve as a, easy-to-debug. This is also a better improvement to the objective-c which was previously used to develop apps on iOS.

Since apple has taken the development on iOS very important then he swift language has come to stay. Though it is not as easy to learn as others but the $80,000 annual salary for swift developers would motivate you.


Finally we have PHP as the last language on our list. The programming language focuses on the back-end aspect of web development. PHP is also a popular programming language it popularity it links with that of wordpress. It is used in creation of cookies in website, collecting of data from website and also to produce dynamic images.

FullStack Academy has it that, 83% of website (and including names like Facebook and Wikipedia) makes use of PHP. And as long as there are more than 75 million websites up and running on WordPress, the need for PHP developers will keep on rising.


Other High Demand Programming Languages

  • C++
  • Ruby
  • C#
  • Scala
  • TypeScript
  • Kotlin


These are the best 5 programming languages you should learn as a beginner. Though swift is one programming language that is a bit difficult. But judging from the amount an average swift programmer earns, then I feel it is worth the investment.

You can learn their basics for free on YouTube. But if you want be grounded on any of these programming languages, go for a paid Udemy online course.

If you want to be the most wanted programmer, learn blockchain programming with any of these programming languages.

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