15 Best Video Editing Software Tools for Mobile & PC (Free & Paid)

Video editing is one of the hottest online freelance services that can fetch you huge money. There are many video editing tools out there, with different features. But you need to know the best video editing app or software tool that has all the features you need, and also give you the best result. This article will reveal the various best video editing and recording tools for both mobile and desktop devices (online and offline, free and paid), and how to use them.

best video editing software tools apps free paid

Best Mobile Apps for Video Editing (Free & Premium)

GoPro Quik

gopro quick: best free video editing app for android phones

Quik by GoPro is a free video editor app that allows you to automatically add transition and effects to your video. You can also apply beat-synced themes, making your videos superb.

Some other features you enjoy in this app include:

  • Support for motion photos.
  • Add up to 75 photos and video clips from cloud storage, your device gallery, or from GoPro Plus.
  • More than 100 free background songs for your videos. You can also add yours.
  • Export videos in HD 1080p quality.
  • Record, rotate and trim videos.
  • Change video speed and add text overlays, etc.

Quik also has a premium version which automatically backs up your GoPro footage.

You can watch this GoPro Quik video editor YouTube tutorial video: GoPro Quik App Editing Tutorial.


invideo: best video editing tool for any type of video

Invideo is one of the best free online video editing tools that helps you create any category of video. Some of the categories of videos you can create with Invideo include: slideshow videos, promo and ad videos, intro and logo videos, outro videos, meme videos, presentation videos, etc.

You have access to various tools needed to create a professional videos. Also, with this tool, you can easily edit 4k videos at 60 fps and also sync music with new generation timeline.

The software tools has a free plan with limitations like: Invideo watermark, maximum video duration of 40 minutes, etc. Other paid plans like the Business and the Unlimited give you access to more features of the video editing tool. Invideo app is available for download for Android and iOS devices.

You can watch this Invideo video editor YouTube tutorial video: How to Make a Video Using InVideo.



filmorago: free video editing mobile app for creating videos of various dimensions

If you are looking for a free video editing app that does not place a time limit or stamp watermark on your clip, then FilmoraGo by Wondershare is for you. With this Android app, you can easily create videos with access to many presets and effects. You can also add multiple titles, change motion and timeline of title. It also supports various video dimensions, especially cinema and square, etc. After creating the video with FilmoraGo, you can easily share the video directly to media platforms like: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, etc.

You can watch this Filmora video editor YouTube tutorial video: How to Edit Videos on your Yhone using FilmoraGo.


magisto: smart video editor app for beginners

This is an AI-based video editor for Android and iOS that smartly applies editing techniques on your video to give you amazing results. It is also a movie-editor that combines photos, music, video clips, texts and effects to help visualize your thoughts. You also have access to royalty-free background music of various genres. Also, you can use a one tap feature to share your video content on social media platforms.

Video editing beginners will surely like this tool because Magisto’s AI acts as your personal guide all through the video creation or editing. The monthly subscription costs $5.85, while the Annual subscription costs $1.53 per month (charged annually).

You can watch this Magisto video editor YouTube tutorial video: How to Use Magisto.


kinemaster: powerful video editor app for android

KineMaster is a powerful video editor for Android users. The app features in-built stickers, fonts, graphics, video clips to help you get started with video creation and editing easily. You can easily add motion to layers using the key-frame animation tool. Also, the app features voice overs and voice changers, back ground music and sound effects.

Finally, you can easily share your videos directly from the app to YouTube, Dropbox and Facebook. The app offers a-seven day free trial, after which you will be charged an annual fee of $18.10.

Kinemaster YouTube Video Tutorial – How to Edit Video on Android and iPhone.


Other Top Video Editors for Android & iOS (Online & Offline)

  • VivaVideo – vivavideo.tv
  • VideoShow – videoshowapp.com
  • VideoShop – videoshop.net
  • InShot – inshot.com
  • Vimeo Create – vimeo.com

Best Video Recording/Editing Software Tools for Desktop Devices (Offline)

OBS Studio

obs studio: best free offline video recording and live streaming tool for desktop

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Studio is a free, offline open-source video recording, live streaming and editing tool for desktop devices. You can use the software program to record tutorial videos for YouTube, Twitch, Tik Tok, etc. The tool helps you capture real-time, high quality audio/video and mixing. You can also setup scenes for multiple sources such as: text, images, Windows capture, browser windows, capture cards, webcams, etc., and easily switch between these multiple scenes.

To ensure your video recordings meet your taste, this tool features audio mixer with per-source filters like: noise suppression, noise gate, gain, etc. For ease of use, the modular “dock” user interface (UI) rearrange the layout to your taste. You can also set hotkeys for any action you will like to take while recording your videos/audios. In Studio mode, you can preview your scenes, and make adjustments before they go live.

If you are looking for a  free, offline, audio/video recording and editing tool to help you create professional productions, then check out OBS Studio. The tool also allows you to install plugins for further functionality and customization. Alternatively, you can use OBS Studio solely for recording, and then export the file to another video editing tool like Adobe Premiere for more advanced editing features. OBS Studio is available for free download and use on Windows, Mac and Linux OS.

You can watch this OBS Studio video/audio recording tool YouTube tutorial video: How to Use OBS Studio – Complete Tutorial for Beginners.


active presenter: best screen recorder and video editing software tool for windows and mac os

ActivePresenter is an all-in-one, offline software tool for screen-recording (screen-casting), video editing and eLearning authoring for Windows and Mac OS. If you are an online video content creator, you might like ActivePresenter because it helps you create text animations, video courses, tutorial videos for YouTube, TikTok, etc.
You can also embed web contents and HTML packages within your projects. Also, you can easily preview and export your videos files.

ActivePresenter has both the free and paid editions. The free edition (trial version) gives you unlimited access to all the features of ActivePresenter. But your video files will be watermarked when you export them to other file formats. The paid versions: ActivePresenter Standard and ActivePresenter Pro cost a one-time fee of $199 and $399 per license respectively. Note that the license is for one device at a time.

You can watch this ActivePresenter screen recording and video editing tool YouTube tutorial video: ActivePresenter Tutorial Designed for Beginners.

PowerDirector 365

powerdirector: best video editor for windows and mac os

If you are looking for a video editor that will allow you to easily switch between your PC and phone, then go for PowerDirector 365 by Cyberlink Corp. The tool helps you create and edit 4K quality videos, and easily share them on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You can also enhance your videos by adding background music, motion titles, transitions, filter, etc.

Also, the app gives you access to royalty-free stock library and also download videos and images directly from Google drive. There are also some pre-made video templates to make video creation and editing swift, even for beginners. The app is made for YouTube video creators, pod-casters, streamers and film makers.

PowerDirector is available for Windows, and Mac OS (and even for Android), with free and paid versions. The paid version starts at $3.75 per month.

You can watch this PowerDirector 365 video editor YouTube tutorial video: Part 1 – Super Easy PowerDirector 365 Tutorial.


actiondirector: best movie editor for windows os

If you are an action camera enthusiast looking for a quick and easy desktop movie editor to help you create 4K quality movies with high frame rate, then you might like ActionDirector by Cyberlink. It also has tools for motion tracking, colour correction, fish-eye correction, video stabilization, stop motion video, freeze frame video, etc. With the “drag ‘n’ drop” feature, you can easily reorder and rearrange clips easily. You can also view the entire sequence of the movie scenes at once, and also see any added video transition and effect.

ActionDirector also allows you to share your movies directly to video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Youku, DailyMotion, Niconico, etc. after producing them. The movie editor has a free 30 day trial version which you can download for free, while the paid version costs $49.99 for Windows OS.

You can watch this ActionDirector video editor YouTube tutorial video: Adding Background Music | ActionDirector Video Editor App.


Adobe Premiere Rush

adobe premiere rush: pro video editor for desktop and mobile

Adobe Premiere Rush is a free desktop and mobile video editing tool for audio and motion graphics. It has built-in templates that help you add and edit catchy titles. You can also easily import and adjust audio with audio ducking and quick voice-overs. You can quickly add transitions with simple “click and drag”, and also enhance your videos with manual and preset colour correction.

You can download and use Adobe Premiere Rush for free on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS. But there is also a premium version with more features, and also allows you to sync your videos across mobile and desktop, with 100 GB upgradable cloud storage, etc.

You can watch this Adobe Premiere Rush video editor YouTube tutorial video: Adobe Premiere Rush Tutorial for PC.

Generally, when it comes to offline video editing tools, Adobe has more than a dozen of them, and they are pretty cool. You can also check out a similar video editor for Windows – Adobe Premiere Pro.

Pinnacle Studio

pinnacle studio: pro level video editor for desktop

Pinnacle Studio is a pro level video editor for Windows OS. If you are looking for a desktop video editor that gives you access to tons of royalty-free stock elements like audio, video and animations, then check out Pinnacle Studio. The tool helps you create and edit HD and 4K quality videos, and also gives you the ability to burn your video files to disk with DVD menus.

It also supports multi-camera editing, colour grading, screen recording, split screen video, video converting, slide show making, key-frame controls, motion tracking, video masking, 360o video transitions, motion graphics, etc. This video editing software tool has no free version. The paid versions (Standard) starts at $59.99.

You can watch this Adobe Premiere Rush video editor YouTube tutorial video: Basic Video Editing with Pinnacle Studio Pro.



You have seen the best movie and video editing software tools and apps for different platforms; free, paid, online, offline, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, etc. You can chose the one that meets your spec, and start creating professional videos.

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