15 Ways to Boost your Business with Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn

Are you still doubting the power of social media? You don’t need to have a doubt. Social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and others can bring a positive turnaround in your business if you can utilize them very well. What ever form of business you do; be it offline or online, you need social media to reach to the right audience and expand your market. I have taken time to reveal these tips to help boost your business on these 3 powerful social media.

how to use various social media sites to promote your business

As at January 2019, Facebook has about 2.23 billion mobile active users, Instagram has 1 billion active users (still counting) while LinkedIn has 294 million mobile active users. Just imagine making your business to these huge number of users worldwide. Do you think your business will remain the same? Up to 70 percent of eCommerce transaction is done through mobile devices. So this implies that your advert is likely to convert to sales through social media.

How to Promote Your Business with Facebook


Create a Facebook Page

To boost your businesses in any social network, you need to find a way to connect with your audience, be it linkindIn, instagram, twitter and facebook you need to know the strategy you will use to connect to your audience in such a way they will be comfortable to ask any question concerning your brand or product.

Using facebook one of the best social best social network to boost your business is a very good thing indeed. You can use your personal profile to get costumers but the best way is to create a facebook page where you will be able to detail the information concerning your business to a very big audience that share the same point of view with you.

Create your Own Group

It’s very hard not to see groups on facebook that don’t share the same idea with you should in case you didn’t see any, it’s advisable to create your own group and manage it yourself or get professionals to help you in managing your group.

To boost your business using this method, you have to create your own group first. Then add members to it and always publish articles to engage your group members. Once you are the owner of the group and your members still like the insights or information you share in the group. You are always free to post about your business of which they will still buy because of the believe the now have in you.


Run Facebook Ads

Running facebook ads will still help you a lot in boosting your business on facebook as you will be able to engage with so many audience around the world.

Facebook ads can be achieved if you run ads about you business or run ads with your facebook pages to engage more audience around the world. You can easily link your page with your group to get your targeted audience join your group through your facebook page you advertised on. Once facebook users set eyes on your page they can easily join your group and engage themselves in the group activities where. You can still share your business ideas and they will listen because they have it in mind before joining the group.

Post About Your Product at the Right Time

You have to know when to post on your page or group it depends on the people you are targeting at a particular time. The perfect time to post anything on a social networking platform is morning and night because afternoon, people normally engage themselves with their daily routines and will not have time to check out your post.

Apart from posting in the morning and night, another normal time to post is weekends because so many people have a lot of time to waste on social media during weekends. Posting at the right time will help people to know more about your business and still ask questions if they are confused about the business. This is a very good way of engaging with your audience and still boost your business.

Engage Your Audience Using Facebook Live Video

Using facebook video is another way of sending message to your audience live, but this time around you have to be bold while expressing yourself so that they will see that zeal and truthfulness in you in order to believe you.


How to Boost Your Business with Instagram

Post Compelling Images

We all know that instagram is a visual platform, So for you to have a successful advert on instagram, you need high quality images that can attract customers to check out your product.

To boost your business with instagram, you need an eye catching and creative image to do so and you have to place it in such a way that if your customers land on your profile, they will recognize your product immediately.

Boosting your business with instagram with compelling images is not only by having catchy images. Ensuring that every images you post matches your overall branding and business strategy is another thing you need to consider while compelling images to boost your business on instagram.

Boosting your business with images, you need an image that is very simple but so direct. This is so that your customers will not find it hard to recognize or understand the message you are trying to pass through.

Know Your Followers

You can only achieve this if you have enough followers. When you starting up, you will find it easy knowing your followers by answering to their questions be it advice or criticism. The same thing still apply as you are having more followers. Try to reply their comments the one you can reply as this will make your product or business look real and approachable. Replying to your customers, does not mean that you will tolerate some bad ones that don’t have any work apart from tarnishing someone’s image online. In case this happen, don’t waste time to block the person from commenting.

To boost your product with this step, you have to be online steady in other to get notification from people that comment. This notification of a thing might be a customer that re-post your image on his/her wall of which you know it’s a big opportunity to gather more audience that might still be willing to patronize.

Invest More on Instagram Ads

Running advert on instagram will not only you boost your business but it will still help you to reach your target audience. People that just establish their business really needs to adopt this as it help them a lot in reaching their target audience.

To get achieve more with instagram ads, you need to target your audience. Take for example as a fusionist that want to get to your audience with your website. You only need to run instagram ads with a good design of your company logo or your design that clearly state your business status. You will make times two of what you normally get from your previous sales. The only problem am having with this ads is that it won’t direct your audience straight to your website but your profile instead. But you can achieve linking your audience to your website by attaching the link of your website to your instagram ads.

Get Close to Influencers

Influencers on instagrams are rare to mingle with but once you have any of them as a friend, you will achieve more than what you expected from your business. Influencer are some personalities on instagram who have enough audience already who always look up to him for recommendation and adviser.

You having an online influencer as a friend and both of you end up becoming friends, it’s more likely that your business will boost more than you expected.

Request for a Good Review

Good review is what drive costumers towards any new product. To achieve this on instagram, you need Influencers. Getting review from people is very good most especially getting it from any online influencer that have enough audience waiting for them to recommend product for them.

Let take for example Infinix product in Africa before was not that booming. Davido as an one of the Ambassadors of Infinix brought much sales to the company.


5 Guides on How to Promote Your Business with LinkedIn

Create a Company Page

This is not like normal profile as LinkedIn company are all set up to represent your brand or any organization. So you that is running a business, whether it’s small scale business, once you are using your company page that’s connected to your profile it’s a very big way of boosting your business. To get more inspiration on how creating a company work best in LinkedIn, visit Wix company to get more information you want. Buffer compiled the latest social media sites you should consider that will help you boost your business.

Update Frequently

Steady posting of your product on your company page in LinkedIn really helps a lot in boosting your business steady. To achieve this, you only need to use your company page to update your communities.
Steady update of your product features, new products, new sponsors and creative tips of your products all this will show your costumers that your business is always active and they will buying steady without been bothered.


Create a Group

Starting up a group in LinkedIn is very essential and it always help a lot in boosting business most especially when you have an engaging group that revolve around a specific interest and luckily for you, your product is similar to the topic the group you created, you are good to go in terms of boosting your products.
Creating a group is not a problem, but knowing the strategies to boost the number of your audience is what people find difficult to achieve. For you to achieve this, always bring up topic that relate to the reason you created the group also make sure you the interest of creating the group is similar to your business.

Employ People or Look for Partners

Employing people is just like getting people to work for you and for you to achieve that, you need to spend some money and get professionals to work for you. If you work as a team, you will be able to engage more audience in your page with little stress i.e. achieving more at ease.

Getting professionals to work for you or partnering with them helps to make costumers have a strong believe about your product because they have seen your company page been followed by professionals with skills and experience. It’s all up to you to know what’s the best for you whether you will employ them and pay them or partner with them to boost your sales in LinkedIn

Be Serious with LinkedIn

This a social network where you can see people with like mind to interact with and still share your business thought with, So putting more interest on it to know how it will work for you will help you a lot to know the tips and still meet the right people to help you out in whatever you really want to achieve in this social platform.

Once of the metrics that show how serious you are, or engaging your articles are is the number of LinkedIn likes they get.



You now have a deep knowledge of how social media can help you grow your business. Take time to discover the social media that suit your business and bring more sales. You can also try other popular social media like: YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Flicker, QQ, WeChat, Qzone, Tik Tok, Viber, Snapchat, etc. Here are some SEO tips for optimizing Youtube videos for better search engine ranking.

Do you have any suggestion or suggestion? Drop your thoughts on the comment section. Help your social media boost their business by clicking a share button below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog via email to stay updated with our latest business articles. Enjoy!

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