13 Legit Websites that Pay you to Watch Videos & Take Surveys Online

These days, there are many easy ways to make money online, either part time or full time. Do you know that you can now watch videos, take surveys online and get paid? Yes, you heard me right. There are some legit websites that pay you for taking paid surveys and watching videos via their platforms. Some of these websites pay you in dollar and other fiat currencies, redeemable points, and gift cards. While some other sites pay you in cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDT, etc. In this tutorial article, you will learn about these websites and how to make money by watching videos and taking surveys online.

how to make money by watching videos and paid taking surveys

How Do these Online Survey and Video Websites Work and Make Money?

Before you go ahead to sign up with these websites, it’s good you understand how these websites work, and how they make money.

Brands pay these online survey and video sites to collect data from online users. When you sign up with these sites and do any of these online activities like: taking surveys, trying new apps, cash back shopping, playing games online, exploring new products and services, etc., they pay you part of the money they charged these brands. Then they send these collected data to the brands who use them for further analysis of online user behaviour, reaction to their products, shopping patterns, etc. Companies use these gathered data, these improve their products and services.

Top Websites where you Earn Money for Watching Online Videos and Taking Surveys

Here are some of the legit sites that pay you in fiat currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) for watching videos online. Some of these websites also pay you for take online surveys.


swagbucks.com - earn points and gift card by watching videos online

Swagbucks is one of the online platforms where you earn gift cards and cash for doing what you love online. You earn points when you shop online, search the web, answer surveys, watch entertaining videos, discover deals, etc. via the platform. You can then redeem your points for gift cards to any of the popular online marketplaces like, Amazon, Walmart, etc. Alternatively, you can get a cash back from PayPal.

You can learn more about Swagbucks in this YouTube tutorial video: How to Use Swagbucks | Earn Thousands in Cash Back.


inboxdollars.com - earn money for taking surveys shopping and playing games online

InboxDollars is a very unique platform in that they pay real cash, not points. The platform pays you for taking paid surveys, playing games, reading emails, and also gives you cashback for shopping online (including groceries). So if you are looking for an online platform that pay you for carrying out any of these mentioned online activities, InboxDollars is a very reliable platform.

Some of the InboxDollars online games you can play for rewards include:

  • Monkey Bubble Shooter
  • Mahjong Solitaire
  • Outspell
  • Candy Jam, etc.

They also partner with GSN casino, so you can access tons of GSN games. You earn 18% cashback for every dollar you spend on GSN games via InboxDollars.

You can learn more about InboxDollars in this YouTube tutorial video: How to Earn Extra Money Online Inbox Dollars Without doing Surveys.



kashkick.com - earn money for taking surveys watching videos, surfing the web and find great deals

With Kashkisk, you earn money for watching videos, answering surveys and surfing the web. You also earn cashback from great deals on some of the popular online stores. There is no limit to the number of tasks you take to earn money from this platform. Kashkick also offers a very low payout threshold – $10. And you are paid securely, conveniently and quickly once you earn up to $10 from the platform.

You can learn more about Kashkick in this YouTube tutorial video: Kashkick Review – Make Money Online doing Small Tasks.


pinecone research - test and review new products and services and earn rewards

Pinecone Research is a very unique platform where you can take online surveys and get paid. For every survey you complete, you earn points. Once the points you earned have reached a redemption level, you can redeem them if you wish, or allow them grow for more rewards.

You can earn money from Pinecone Research as an influencer by being among the first set of people to test new products and services, or by reviewing emerging online concepts. Here, you learn about these products before they are launched in online stores. Then you send your feedback via online surveys to help companies take the right decisions and improve their products and services before launching them. After each completed product or service study, you earn points via their reward program – Pinecone Rewards. These points can be redeemed for cash or other prizes.

You can learn more about Pinecone Research in this YouTube tutorial video: Pinecone Research Review – Do this and you will earn $3.


mypoints.com - earn points for shopping and taking surveys online

As a MyPoints member, you can get up to 40% cashback for every purchase you make at more than 2,000 partner online stores. Some of these partner online stores include: Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Best Buy, etc. You also earn rewards for taking surveys online, or for sharing your buying habits and interests with some top brands.

MyPoints.com helps you to find the latest coupons, promo codes and deals at online stores. As you spend money on these stores, you earn points which are added to your account once you complete your order on these online stores. You can cash out your points any time for your favourite gift card (visa or Amazon gift card), or redeem it as a cash transfer to your PayPal account. You get a $10 welcome bonus via gift card (Amazon or Visa).

You can learn more about MyPoints in this YouTube tutorial video: MyPoints mobile Cashback Rewards | Win Make Earn Money – Cash Gift Cards Free App Review Video.


cashkarma.io - earn rewards for completing surveys and watching videos online

Caskkarma rewards with points which can be redeemed for PayPal cash or for Amazon gift card for every survey you complete, whether you qualified or not. You can also earn more rewards and bonuses for watching online video via the platform. You earn extra bonuses when you get the achievement badges.

You get these achievement badges by completing 5 offers, watching 25 videos, or earning up to 8000 points. Your reward level increases each time you an “Earning badge” (from levels 1 to 4). For each offer you complete, you can earn up to 12.5% bonus. You earn 300 points when you sign up and install the app. The app is available for desktop, Android and iOS.

You can learn more about Cashkarma in this YouTube tutorial video: CashKarma Rewards Review | Earn Tons of Free Gift Cards – App Payment Proof.


Top Blockchain-Based Watch-to-Earn Platforms/Apps

  • Odysee (LBC) – odysee.com: A top video resource platform that rewards both watchers and creators with cryptocurrency.
  • Permission.io (ASK): Web3 advertising platform that connects brands and consumers through crypto rewards.
  • XCAD Network (XCAD) – xcadnetwork.com: The first watch to earn blockchain project for YouTube users where you are rewarded for watching YouTube tokenized videos via XCAD browser extension.
  • PlayNano (XNO) – playnano.online: Here, you earn cryptocurrencies by watching videos, playing games and betting online.
  • Cointiply – cointiply.com: You earn bitcoin and other coins by playing games, watching videos, filling surveys online,etc.
  • BitTube (TUBE) – bittube.app: A blockchain-powered, decentralized YouTube alternative that rewards you for surfing the web and as a content creator.
  • MContent (MCONTENT) – mcontent.net: The first blockchain-based digital content marketplace for upcoming content creators and media artists who need sponsorship and funds. You are also rewarded for performing some specific tasks in the app.

You can learn more about these blockchain projects from this article: 7 Legit Watch-to-Earn Platforms that Pay you in Cryptocurrencies. Also, you can make money by playing blockchain play-to-earn (P2E) games.

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  1. Good morning
    Thanks for this enlightening article.
    I’m a Nigerian living in Nigeria, how do I fit into these and make it a source of income, I tried registering on some and I couldn’t because it says I don’t live in the US.
    Secondly how will they pay me my money into my Nigerian bank account.
    I’m interested in surveys and reading emails for money.
    I’ll will appreciate your response as I’m confused.

  2. Thanks Bessy for your kind words.
    Actually, some of these watch-to-earn sites and survey sites don’t allow sign-up from every country worldwide. But most of them accept USA and UK sign-ups. So one of the ways to work your way through if your country is not eligible for sign-up is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). There are many nice VPNs you can download and use for free. Some of them include: Nord VPN, Opera browser VPN, vpnify, etc. With the help of these VPNs, you can change the IP address of your device to either US, UK or to IP address of any other eligible country.

    Addressing the issue of receiving payment, most of these watch-to-earn sites and survey sites pay via PayPal. A few of them pay via wire transfer to your local bank. You can sign up for PayPal account from Nigeria. If you want a PayPal account that can pay and receive money without any restriction, sign up for Lesotho PayPal at https://www.paypal.com/ls/. You can sign up from Nigeria. I hope this helps you.

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