How to Setup and Play ExeedMe Play-to-Earn Game

Exeedme is a play-to-earn game that creates a bridge between web2 games and web3 games, powered by Polkadot blockchain network. The games has helped content creators, gamers, teams and organizers to be part of the trending gaming economy. You will learn how to download, setup and play ExeedMe blockchain game and make money.

how to play exeedme blockchain game and make money

More About ExeedMe Blockchain Game

As a gamer, you can monetize your skills, and challenge your friends and other players all over the world for stakes, and earn rewards in XED token at the end of each match. With more XED tokens, you can level up to unlock higher stakes leagues and tournaments. To ensure fair play, Exeedme uses video referee, telemetry and game state to ensure that player never applied any game hack techniques. Also, Exeedme serve as a single point of access to engage in many decentralized games, such as: Skyweaver and F1:Delta, and in many centralized games such as: LOL and CS:GO.

As a content creator, you can engage with your audience in a competitive and dynamic way by raising awareness, creating leagues and tournaments, etc. For eSports teams, Exeedme has provided a platform where the teams can raise their awareness among gaming communities, and also tap into their most loyal followers and fans. With the help of Exeedme gaming economy, game developers can now bridge their web2 games to web3 and tap from the web3 gaming community.

Some of the unique features of Exeedme game include: AAA play-to-earn games, crowd funded tournaments, on-chain NFT marketplace, eSports and gaming launchpads and gaming DAOs.

The native token of Exceedme is XED, powered by Polkadot blockchain. The token is available in exchanges like: KuCoin, Hoo, Quickswap, Pancakeswap, etc.

How to Download, Setup and Play ExeedMe Play2Earn Game

To play Exeedme blockchain games, go to

How to sign up and play ExeedMe play to earn game
How to sign up and play ExeedMe play to earn game

Sign up with your email address.

Follow the onscreen guide and enjoy the games.


YouTube Video Tutorial on How to Play ExeedMe Blockchain Game & Make Money

Exeedme (XED): Earn Money by Gaming – NFTs + Gaming + Blockchain

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