cheapest universities in the us that offer scholarships and grants to international students

32 Best Affordable US Universities for International Students

USA is one of the best places when it comes to academic excellence. But one of the major challenges most international students face is the high cost of studying in the US. If you are an international student whose dream is to study in the US, do not be... Read more »
cheapest uk universities that offer scholarships and bursaries to international students

25 Best Affordable UK Universities & their Scholarships

Generally, studying abroad, especially in British universities does not come cheap. As an international student, your tuition fee cost is usually higher than that of the domestic students. Also, there are other unavoidable costs of studying abroad, such as accommodation, food, utilities, and transport. The first major concern is... Read more »
latest african white wedding and traditional marriage fashion styles asabmc 2023

AsaBMC 2023 Court/Traditional/White Wedding Fashion Styles/Photos

AsaBMC 2023 was a huge success and unique. Michael and Queen Esther lit up Owerri and her environs with the memorable events of their court wedding, traditional wedding, white wedding and the reception, all in grand styles. Here are the highlights of their wedding events: the couple’s love life,... Read more »
things to check when choosing course of study in the university

10 Things to Consider when Choosing a Course/Program of Study

Your course of study in college or in the university has a lot of role to play in shaping and securing your future. It also tells how relevant you will be to the society, and the world economy at large. That is why you need to be careful when... Read more »
how to immigrate to the uk without employment offer or sponsorship

How to Relocate to UK without a Job Offer/Sponsorship

Many people ask if it is possible to move to UK without a job offer or a sponsor. Yes, it very much possible. Some UK visa types allow you to move to the UK without any employment offer. But then, there are certain criteria you need to meet before... Read more »
uk innovator founder visa application guide

All about the UK Innovator Founder Visa & How to Apply

The UK government replaced the Innovator visa and Start-Up visa schemes with a new visa scheme – the Innovator Founder visa route. The new visa scheme commenced from 13 April 2023. The Innovator Founder visa program offers non-UK residents an avenue to immigrate to the UK and live permanently... Read more »
how to buy and sell online with cryptocurrencies

20 Best Platforms that Help you Shop Online with Crypto

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies have really made e-Commerce easier and more efficient. You can now buy and sell good/services online, pay and receive payments in various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Doge Coin (DOGE), etc. This crypto payment evolution has come to stay, as many top online... Read more »
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How to Pay with Cryptocurrencies by Playing Blockchain Games

Blockchain games are becoming highly famous in the digital age. P2E games, or blockchain-based games, have gone mainstream, hence becoming a major element of the metaverse. Indeed, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the present and future of the world. Now players can win in digital currency and even pay while... Read more »
uk ancestry visa application guide

All about the UK Ancestry Visa & How to Apply

The UK Ancestry visa route (also known as British Ancestor visa) is one of the easiest ways to move to the UK, to live and work there permanently. This UK visa route grants Commonwealth and British Overseas citizens and nationals whose grandparent(s) was born in the UK the right... Read more »
uk study visas for students application guide

All about the UK Study Visas for Students & How to Apply

The UK study visas for students creates an avenue for students to move to the UK to further their education. You don’t need to secure an employment in order to be eligible for these visa types, but you might need a sponsor. In this article, you will learn all... Read more »