best centralized and decentralized exchanges

15 Best Secured Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms for Trading

There are many centralized and decentralized exchanges where you can trade bitcoin, altcoins or even stake your coins for rewards. But for safety purposes, there are many things you need to consider before signing up with any cryptocurrency exchange. Many scams have happened in the cryptosphere... Read more »
how artificial intelligence can improve productivity in different business industries and fields

Top 9 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) can Boost Business Productivity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is hailed as the next big thing after mechanization. Mechanization improved productivity in factories and farms and gave more leisure time to people. Artificial Intelligence is expected to take care of routine, repetitive tasks so that humans can use their brains for creative... Read more »
how to get google adsense approval for your blog and youtube

How to Optimize your Blog and Videos for Fast Google AdSense Approval

Many bloggers complain that it is very difficult to get Google AdSense approval. But I still find it a bit difficult to totally agree with them. AdSense approved my blog within 6 months I started blogging, with just 30 blog posts. Although Google AdSense has strict... Read more »
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15 Ways to Increase your Blog Traffic and Post Engagement for Free

Are you looking for ways to drive more traffic to your blog posts for free? Well, traffic is the reward of a good work on a blog. If you need more traffic, be ready to do more work. You don’t work only to impress search engines,... Read more »
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YouTube SEO: How to Optimize your YouTube Videos for Better Ranking

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. In fact, the total number number of hours online users spend on videos far exceeds that spent on blog articles. That is why you need to create a YouTube channel and videos to promote your blog and... Read more »
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Blog SEO: How to Optimize your Posts to Rank #1 on Search Engines

Have you noticed how difficult it is for new blogs to rank well on search engines like Google these days? It was not difficult few years ago. It all started being difficult after Google introduced Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird algorithms and their updates. These days, it... Read more »
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65 Latest Ankara Kaftan Styles for Ladies and Men

Kaftan styles have been trending for decades. But they took a new dimension when Ankara fabrics came into fashion. Men and ladies who love loose cloths have embraced Ankara kaftan styles. They suit different occasions like church service, traditional wedding and even white wedding. Some tribes... Read more »
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45 Latest Brazilian Wool Hairstyles for African Ladies

You can not talk about hairstyles that have withstood the taste of fashion and time without mention wool hairstyles. A special type that is more popular is the Brazilian wool hairstyles. Brazilian wools are available in different colours and can be used for making different ladies... Read more »
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55 Trending Afro and Natural Hairstyles for Ladies and Kids

It must not be artificial braids and extensions all the time. There are some cute natural hairstyles that do not only save you money but also give you comfort and make you look more beautiful as a lady. Afro natural hairstyles come main in different forms;... Read more »
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80 Latest Ghana Kente Fashion Styles for Guys, Ladies and Couples

You cannot talk about trending African fabrics without mentioning Ankara and Ghana Kente fabrics. Kente styles were first rocked by Ghanaian royalties to show off affluence. But these days, the fabric has gone beyond Africa to other parts of the world. The secret to this trend... Read more »