5 Basic Office Software Tools for Managers, Data Analysts & Accountants

Managerial skills, accounting data analysis depend not only on how one can perform well or manage his work or colleagues well. It also on how fast and how well one can perform. Managers need to perform their works of time and deliver timely submission for their job loads. With this, they can utilize the extra time to help and support others in their work. Now how is this possible? Managers and data Analysts should have good knowledge about computer skills and should possess communication skills as well. By referring to computer skills, I would recommend all Microsoft Office packages, especially, Excel, Word, Access and PowerPoint. I added MS PowerPoint for guest speakers and managers who address he public from time to time. MS Excel and Access are very helpful for Analysts and account officers because. It helps to reduce work load, stress and also helps them to meet up tight work schedules. This business article will reveal the best office software for managers and some online resources where you can learn them for free.

best accounting and data analysis software tools

Many graduates lost their dream jobs because of lack of computer skills and some basic software packages. John, a good friend of mine was also a victim. He lost a job from a multi National company just because he doesn’t know how to create a table in MS Word. That is why I have written this article to help you acquire some basic skills to help you get your dream job.

Top 5 Basic Office Software Tools for Accounting & Data Analysis

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Ms Word

Microsoft Word 2016

This is one of the most fundamental software that every manager should learn. Be it drafting letters and sending them as e-mails to clients or other colleagues, finding information about other companies and creating a list of notes and other details, any just another thing. Ms Word comes with every utility that one needs to work in a workplace or business. However one must know how to retrieve files if they forget to save it, or how to view last saved document or save it in the latest version. One can even format through different font styles, page borders, and do anything that one needs.

If you an author, then you must master typing and editing with Microsoft Word, especially some of the later versions. This will help you standardize the content of your books.

Ms Excel

Microsoft Excel 2016

Nowadays, it is impossible to replace ms excel in terms of utility because of the vast areas that it covers. It can help you to save data in organized rows and columns or calculate any data on weekly, monthly or any other basis randomly by using formulas for them. The software also helps you plot different types of graphs. You do not even need a calculator and you can easily calculate anything. You can even represent graph charts and pie charts, in presentations as manage your team well. Advanced excel is a fundamental component for managers and Data Analysts who work in banking sectors. These can even be segregated under separate fields, or in complete new tabs and millions and billions of data.

This office software tool finds its application in banking sectors, health and social care sectors, manufacturing or hospitality sectors. MS Excel also finds its application in Academic fields. It can be used to prepare student’s results, workers’ payroll, etc. You can also integrate excel spreadsheet with google online form.

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Ms Access

Microsoft Access 2016

This software recent versions like 2010, 2013, 2016 and some other recent versions. They are helpful in creating tables, and work on your work records on a daily basis. Managers and Data Analysts should have in-depth knowledge on how this software works. It works in full version also for many users and Microsoft access can also be referred to as the database management system or the DBMS. This is helpful for all managers as they often need to store a lot or work records that their colleges and other junior employees give result about. Hence they can maintain them by knowing that and hence should learn how to use it.

MS Access is not as easy to learn as MS Excel. You need to understand the concept of each tool in the software in order to master the package.

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MS PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

This package is important for people who are into working for presentations and present them in meetings or colleges or schools. One can express everything by making slides and paying pictures and symbols. This makes everything very precise and clear to others. This is best software where you can make the best use of images, videos in the form of slides, tables, charts; special effects customized with sound or timer and can play with your matter that gives it the best result. Managers often use this to represent about the services or products being offered by the company they work for and this is the best way to conduct representation and demonstration in meetings.

Tally Software Package

Tally Software erp 9

Tally.ERP 9 software is an accounting tool used by draughtsman and other specialists normally, who are keen to know about the average cost estimation of a product. Managers, Accountants and Data Analysts should also learn this so as to be able to execute the financial processes of supply and delivery of services and products of their company well. So, managers or leader who want to serve as the best all-rounder for your company, should definitely learn this. This comes in multiple editions and one can get acquainted in 2D or 3D designing software packages. However I would still say that the previous software packages that to have so far mentioned are more needful for a manager in everyday work as compared to this, for which there are other socialists as well. However if you are aiming at leading your team, then this software is what you should once know about.

Where to Learn Office Software for Free

There are very few online websites where you can learn Microsoft Office packages for free. Most websites require you subscribe to their services or pay a monthly or one time fee to learn with their resources. But a deep research on the internet helped me discover some sites where you can learn some accounting office software tools, especially MS Excel, Access, Word and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Tutorials blog is the first in my list because of the great knowledge I gained from the website. The blog also teaches about book publishing, blogging and even game download tips. You have a lot to learn for free.

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Other Websites include:





For MS Excel:

Microsoft Excel Help Center

Excel Exposure


Excel Easy

Improve Your Excel


I have revealed the best basic office software tools for accountants, managers and data analysts and where to learn them online for free. These software can also be learnt offline in Computer institutes in your area. You can check around. Choose the one that is most convenient for you and start acquiring new skills that will help you get your dream job in any company.

Do you have any question or question? Comment it in the comment section below. Subscribe to our blog so that you will be notified once we publish new business articles or update this article. Also click a share button to help your social media friends know about these office software tools.

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