Web3 Job Categories, Resume Guide & Tips for Beginners

As Web3 gains more ground, the demand for Web3 skill keeps increasing. But before you can secure any web3 job, you must first know the job description, requirements and how to apply for the job. Just like the Web2 jobs and your regular offline jobs, you need to submit your resume to your Web3 employers or interviewers. But the preparation steps for Web3 jobs resumes differ a little from those of your regular job CV. In this guide, you will learn the various categories of Web3 jobs and blockchain jobs, their job descriptions and how to apply for them. You will also learn how to write resumes for Web3 jobs, and how they differ from regular offline job CVs, and how to position yourself to get your dream Web3 job.

guide on how to get blockchain web3 jobs

What is Web3?

Web3 is simply the third generation of the web that plans to decentralize the internet. It is also called “the future of the internet” because it allows internet users to have almost full ownership of their data and make use of them without sacrificing privacy or ownership as experienced in Web2. Also in Web3, data are stored in blockchains, instead of the typical database systems used in Web2.

In Web3, users can also monetize their data through various income-earning strategies such as:

Categories of Web3 Jobs (Tech and Non-Tech)

All Web3 job opportunities can be categorized into the following two major categories: Technical Web3 Jobs and Non-Technical Web3 Jobs.

Technical Web3 Jobs

Web3 technical jobs are for coders, developers and programmers. Some of the web3 jobs under this category require a ground knowledge of some professional skills and coding or programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, C#, Node.js, Rust, JavaScript, Solidity, Ruby, Go, Simplicity, GoLang, Vyper, etc. Technical web3 workers usually earn higher monthly income than most non-technical web3 workers. This is because of the technical nature of their jobs, plus the high-demand of these web3 technical skills.

Some top technical web3 jobs that have very high demand in the Web3 market include: Smart contract auditors, Solidity/Rust/Substrate developers, Engineering managers, Full stack software engineers, Code Testers and Quality Analysts (QAs), Bug bounties, Blockchain analysts, etc.

  • Smart Contract Auditors: The demand for this job role is very high in Web3, likewise its monthly pay. In fact, Smart contract auditing are the most sought-after Web3 job skill. The duty of smart contract auditors is to check smart contracts for security loopholes and errors, after they are written. Heuristics and practical methods are applied in smart contract auditing to check for any weakness and defects.
  • Solidity/Rust/Substrate Developers: The services of Solidity, Rust and Substrate developers are also greatly needed in Web3. If you are good in any of these programming languages, then you are a gem in Web3. Also, there are also great job opportunities for architects and node developers (both Junior and Senior Web3 developers).
  • Engineering Managers and Full Stack Software Engineers: Backend and frontend development and management positions are also highly sought-after in Web3. Most times, it is required that the engineering manager has in-depth knowledge of React and Solidity. Here you need special skills to help you in critical problem-solving and analytical thinking, rapid coding, etc. Also, DeFi projects usually require extra-carefulness and patience when installing and testing smart contracts, and therefore needs the skills of experienced Full Stack Software Engineers.
  • Code Testers and Quality Analysts (QAs): The core make-up of Web3 projects is solid coding. Keen attention is paid to any part of the code because the smallest coding error can have a costly and disastrous effect on the entire project ecosystem. Therefore, the services of proficient Quality analysts and project testers who have in-depth knowledge of many Web3 programming knowledge are very much needed. There are various job roles available here, ranging from entry-level to lead QA engineers and testers. Each of these job roles requires strong coding and programming skills.
  • Blockchain Analysts: In order to check the efficiency of a blockchain project and also figure out areas that need improvement, blockchain analysts analyse the data in all the distributed ledgers used in the project, and how they are used. Market demand for blockchain analysts is very high, although the job is only lucrative to top-level analysts. Entry level blockchain analysts earn low monthly pay compared to their job role.
  • Bug Bounties: Some project errors that have have significant impact on the platform and its consumers can never be discovered by just internal checks and testing of the program. With this in mind, Web3 projects and blockchain projects as a whole provide open white-hat public bounties where hackers are rewarded handsomely for any security loophole they discover and report. This initiative is very lucrative for white-hat hackers and experienced blockchain programmers. Also, there is no exchange of any formal contracts.

Non-Technical Web3 Jobs

Web3 jobs that don’t require any technical skill or much experience are categorized as non-technical (non tech) web3 jobs. Most of these jobs can be done by web2 workers, and do not have demand like the technical job opportunities. In fact with adequate and professional knowledge of any IT or computer skills, you can secure a non-technical web3 job.

Some of the top non-technical web3 jobs include: Community moderators/managers, Project supervisors, Project ambassadors, Writers (Copy writers, technical writers and creative content writers), Artists/Graphics/UI/UX Designers, Marketer/Shillers/Promoters, Research analysts, etc.

  • Community Moderators/Managers: Every successful project has an active community on social media. If this community is not continuously monitored, controlled and regulated, there will be chaos, especially via the use of bots and spam messages. So Web3 projects employ community managers to help maintain the safety of the community. The main duties of these managers are to respond to community members’ questions, and also to put to check disruptive behaviours via warning, muting and banning of defaulting members from the group. This role requires strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Project Ambassadors: Ambassadors of blockchain/web3 projects act as spokespersons and public face of the project, especially on social media and in any social gathering. They generate lots of goodwill for the project by spreading the knowledge of the project’s initiatives, both online and offline. For this job role, you don’t need any technical knowledge. All that is required is a natural speaking style and also an understanding of what the project unique and successful.
  • Writers: These include – copy writers, technical writers and creative content writers. It is not enough for a project to have powerful use cases. It should also be able to communicate with its users. This is where creative writers come in. Writers employed in Web3 are skill wordsmiths who craft informative and engaging contents to convince the public why they should believe in the project or use its services, and also, how to use them.
  • Artists/Graphics/UI/UX Designers: Artists and graphics/UI/UX designers have vast job opportunities because of the increasing needs of NFTs and creation of websites that have amazing and interactive user interface. Some needed skills needed here include: web design, UI/UX design, motion graphics design, picture/video editing, illustration, etc. These skills can give you full-time or part-time opportunities with attractive monthly salaries in Web3.
  • Marketer/Shillers/Promoters: In Web3, projects need great sales and marketing efforts to scale up and grow, just like in any other companies. Therefore, they are constantly looking for experts who can bring up cutting-edge marketing and sales strategies to give the project an edge above its competitors. Here, no core crypto or programming knowledge is required.
  • Research Analysts: The duties of research analysts are to gather, examine, evaluate and present data on markets, operations, customers, accounting and finances, and other information applicable to the industry. Research analysts also help in the analysis of market data, determine patterns, and then use them to make forecasts, and also offer project data improvement ideas. To perfectly fit into this job role, you need to be be very quantitative, analytical and logical.


Blockchain/Web3 Jobs CV/Resume Preparation Guide

You need a professional and concise Curriculum Vitae (CV), known as resume to get that your dream Web3 job. Note that Web3 job resume preparation steps and requirements differ a bit from that of Web2 or regular office jobs. This is because most Web3 jobs are remote jobs and require special skills.

Therefore, follow these ten tips so that your resume will stand out from the crowd.

  1. Be Concrete: Eliminate long introductory paragraphs full of unverifiable skills.
  2. Pay Attention to Spelling/Errors: Your resume reflects who you are. There should be no spelling mistakes or typos.
  3. Be Careful with the Language of your Resume Content: Use only one language in your Resume. If needed, have 2 CVs/resumes in different languages.
  4. Include a list of your Complementary Studies: It is crucial that in your resume, you only have the studies that generate value for the role you are applying for.
  5. Do you have more than one year of experience? Eliminate your hobbies, tutoring, and GPA.
  6. Do you have more than three years of experience? Don’t give the same importance to your internships as to your last jobs. As we gain experience, what is behind us becomes less relevant. Prioritize the last thing you have done.
  7. Your Languages: Highlight the languages you have mastered, so you don’t embarrass yourself in the interview.
  8. Don’t Include References: This is one of the things that differentiate resumes for web3 jobs and those of regular office jobs. You don’t need add references in your web3 job CV/resume. If the Web3 job employers or interviewers need references, they will ask you for them.
  9. Eliminate the List of Publications or Very Extensive Articles you have Worked on. You can just bind up your work, build an a powerful portfolio for yourself and then attach a link to your portfolio in the resume.
  10. Your Web3 Job Resume Should not be More than Two Pages: You don’t need five pages to sell yourself. Be concise and clear. Web3 resume should be concise and practical.

Resume Samples for Technical and Non-Technical Web3 Jobs

Below are some resume samples for Web3 tech and non-tech jobs.

technical web3 jobs resume sample for web developers, coders and programmers
Web3 jobs resume sample for web developers – Source: beamjobs.com
non tech web3 jobs resume sample for community managers
Non-tech web3 jobs resume sample for community managers – Source: voicedao.fun

How to Position yourself to Get any Web3 Job of your Choice

Knowledge is power. What differentiate you from other job seekers is what you know that they don’t know, and how to prepare and “package” yourself. Here are some tips that will help you land on that your dream Web3 job.

Define the Web3 Job you will Go for

As was mentioned earlier in this guide, there are two main categories of Web3 jobs: Tech jobs and Non-tech jobs. Then for each category, we have different jobs. You need to make out time to research on these Web3 jobs, know their requirements, and then conclude on the job you will go for, based on your ability and determination.

Improve your IT and Programming Skills

As a beginner, you need to master the Web2 concepts so that you can now smoothly transit to Web3, especially in the area of Information Technology (IT) and web development.

The most important Web2 IT skill you should master is how to use the different Operating Systems (OS) and some basic applications. Some of the basic Web2 programming languages you need to master include: HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), JavaScript (JS), etc.

Having a ground knowledge of these Web2 components will help you to easily get along with Web3 skills and components.

Identify and Master the Required Web3 Skills

First, you need to master some of the basic Web3 terms and components, especially the ones that pertain to the Web3 job you are seeking. Also, you need to equip yourself with the necessary skills every Web3 job seeker needs and then you have an in-depth knowledge of them.

Some of the key terms in Web3 include: blockchain, DApps (Decentralized Apps), Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, DeFi (Decentralized Finance), DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), etc.

Some of the skills required in Web3 include: content creation, art and design, communication management, frontend and backend web development, smart contract development, etc.

The skills you master depends on the type of Web3 job you are seeking.

Learn and Master Core Web3 Programming Languages and Frameworks

As a beginner who wish to build a career in Web3 development, you need to learn and master some of the core Web3 frameworks and programming languages. For example, if you wish to build a career as a software engineers and blockchain developer in Web3, some of the frameworks and programming languages you will need include: React, Angular or Vue; Web3.js or Ethers.js; Solidity, Python, Rust, Vyper, Java, etc.

Work on Projects, Build and Showcase your Portfolio

After learning and mastering some of the needed Web3 skills and programming languages, next is to put the knowledge you have acquired to work by building projects that have real world use case. It must not be something very complex, just start with simple projects, and with time, you will progress to complex projects. You can get project ideas and inspirations by searching the internet, especially YouTube.

Once you have built your portfolio, next is to showcase your projects. GitHub is an open source community where developers shape the future of software and apps together. You can showcase your projects there, so that other developers can review and validate them. You can also collaborate with other developers on GitHub to build complex projects with real-world use case.

Be Active on Social Media and Build a Strong Social Network

One of the best ways to improve your digital visibility is by being active on social media, especially Twitter, Discord, Telegram, LinkedIn, etc. Setup your profiles professionally in these social networks and include the skills you have acquired, especially on LinkedIn. Employers sometime do check the social media profiles of their prospective employees before they employ them. You can also check out some of the top Web3 social networks (SocialFi) and create account with them.

Make friends and interact with people of like minds, especially those who are doing well in Web3 fields. The more of such friends you have, the better your chances of being remembered when there are available Web3 job roles.

Another way is to participate in events, conferences, discussions and meet-ups on a global level. With such exposure, big Web3 companies will easily recognize and employ you.

Have a Professional and Concise Resume

Your resume should summarize who you are to your employers at a glance. Use the tips on how to prepare a professional and concise resume to build yours. Remember, it should not be more than two pages.

Watch Out for Web3 Job Opportunities and Apply

You don’t just build yourself, always search for companies currently employing Web3 job applicants. Keep applying for the job roles you want, and be patient. It might take you months to land on your dream Web3 job, after all nothing good comes easily. Don’t allow rejections discourage you, rather just try to figure out why you were rejected and keep improving yourself.

Also make sure you check the working terms of the job. What are the required skills for the Job? Do you have sound knowledge of these needed skills? Do they pay in fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies? Is it a full time job, part-time job or remote job? These are things you should check out before you accept any Web3 employment opportunity.

For more details about the different types of blockchain and Web3 career jobs, top companies offering Web3 jobs, salaries of top Web3 jobs, full list of high paying Web3 jobs, and websites for acquiring Web3 job skills, check out this guide: Complete Blockchain Career Guide & Job Opportunities.

How to Get High Paying Jobs in Web3 (YouTube Video)



You have learnt the various categories and types of Web3 jobs and blockchain career job opportunities, how to prepare a professional, short and concise CV/resume for Web3 jobs, how to position yourself to get your dream Web3 jobs. Follow the tips in this guide and be one of the core contributors in Web3 – the future of internet.

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