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Buzzing Point is a blog that gives updates on latest men and women fashion, ebay product reviews, tech, lifestyle, sports and games, etc. Our website have high domain authority and high search engine ranking we avoid plagiarism in our site contents.

We only accept high quality articles for publication on our website. You can also promote and advertise your products both digital and non-digital with us.

We make sure that your articles and products reach to not less than 5000 audience per day.

Product Advertisement, Promotion & Criteria

For product advertisement and promotion on our website, design a PNG ad banner with a dimension of 204 pixels by 278 pixels (for our side bar) or 728 pixels by 90 pixels (for banners placement between our navigation bar and post title). You can check the sample of some of the banner ads on our side bar. We can also help you design an ad banner to your taste and our specification. Your Ad banner will placed at the top right side bar of our website which will be visible to all our visitors. We will also share or powerful facebook page and group and on our twitter handle. You renew your ads monthly.

If you wish to advertise with us, contact us at “” for more inquiries.

Brand Ambassador

If you would like us to act as brand ambassador for your product or service please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Guest Article Submission & Criteria

We do also accept your quality, concise, professional and unique articles in our blog based on the following criteria:


We do not accept plagiarized articles. We have a plagiarism checker with which we check articles for plagiarism.


Prepare your articles with MS Word. The file extension should be “.docx”. Also the file name must be the title of the article.


If you are using MS Word, it should not be more than 10 pages. It should be brief, professional and concise.


Make sure your articles are written with legible fonts like Arial, Calibri, verdena, trebuchet, etc.

If you have an article that met these criteria and wish to upload it in our blog, simply forward it as an attachment to our support team at “”

The mail must contain:

  1. Your Name (required)
  2. Name of Company (optional)
  3. Email Address (required)

We will send you a feedback once your article has been verified and confirmed to have met the above criteria.

If your article did not meet our criteria, we will also notify you and tell you why.


  • After your article has been verified, we will send you a link to the payment gateway.
  • We make sure that your articles reach to not less than 5000 audience per week.
  • All links in the article will be live and connected to your site, but WILL NOT pass pagerank. It is not compulsory you have a website before I can promote your business. I can set up a website for your business though…
  • We will also make your info stick to the homepage of the blog  for an entire 30 days, no matter how many posts published after your sponsored post.
  • Your post will stay on my blog for live as long as the blog exists.
  • Our marketing team will share the post on BBM, BBM Channels, Facebook, Twitter etc. We will also use hootsuite to keep sharing the post with our other posts continuously on our social networks when I schedule my posts with the app.
  • We are more active on Facebook and you can be rest assured that I will over-hype you on my Facebook timeline, Pages and Groups.

Back-linking Policy

We do give two types of backlinks. You chose one style only: One comes at the end of the post and the other within the post. All our backlinks are do follow links.

Refund Policy

Please  note  that  once  you  have  paid  for  either  giveaway  or  advertising, and your website has been listed or giveaway started, then the service is deemed to have been provided. After that point  there will be no refunds as the service has been delivered at your own request and at a price you agreed to before making payment.