entrepreneurship and business investing books for beginners

150 Entrepreneurship Books for Investing & Business Insights

Show me a successful entrepreneur who does not read and I will prove to you that he is an employee, not an entrepreneur. Read books on investment, finance, self-improvement and new business ideas. Warren Buffett gained investment ideas that made him a billionaire by reading financial... Read more »
how to unlock pdf file online and offline

How to Decrypt/Remove Password from PDF Files Online & Offline

Some PDF files like bank statement are password protected to prevent unauthorized access to them. For some other reasons you might want to unlock these PDF files. The good news is that you can easily decrypt these files whether you know the password or not. You... Read more »
how to encrypt pdf file online and offline from unauthorized access

How to Encrypt/Password Protect a PDF File Online & Offline

One of the easiest ways to prevent unauthorized access to your office documents or important files is to password protect it. Once you password-protect a file, the content is encrypted. Only a user who has the password can access the file. Most office documents are saved... Read more »
how to save money for business startup

12 Best Ways to Raise Funds & Save Money for Young Businesses

How to raise enough money to start up a business has been the biggest challenge of most young entrepreneurs. Most young businesses also need funds to cover running cost. This is because most young businesses yield little or no profit at the early stage. Therefore if... Read more »
how to start up peanut burger business of any scale

How to Start Peanut Burger Business: Production & Marketing Guide

Coated peanut burger making is one of the trending lucrative groundnut businesses these days, just like chin chin. You can start up the business in a very small scale at first and then scale up with time. Peanut burger is simply a snack made mainly from... Read more »
how to write a business plan that will attract investors

Tips to Help you Write a Good Business Plan: Step by Step Guide

Every business must have a well-written business plan in order to grow and meet its goals. Business plans have many advantages which every entrepreneur should know. A business plan does not only help you evaluate the growth rate of your business, it also helps to ensure... Read more »
unique features of successful entrepreneurs

7 Features that Distinguish Real Entrepreneurs from Job Seekers

Entrepreneurship is simply the act of nurturing an idea, overcoming some challenges and then successfully build a wealth from it. Entrepreneurs are real business gurus in their different fields of specialization who have the sole aim of establishing their own firm and possibly create employment opportunities... Read more »
students profitable business ideas

25 Best Lucrative Online and Offline Business Ideas for Students

Entrepreneurship has always been a key strategy to tackling unemployment and poverty in many countries. Most students, most especially those in universities and other higher institutions always ask: “Is there any profitable business one can start with little or no capital in campus?”. The answer is... Read more »
how to resize images in windows paint program

How to Resize a Picture in PC without any Third Party Software

Most times, image file size is directly proportional to their dimension. As you resize images, so their file sizes change. Have you ever been in a situation where you need to resize your photo to meet the required dimension and file size? These cases mostly come... Read more »
best lucrative agribusiness ideas

12 Best Lucrative Agricultural Business Ideas: Beginners Guide

Research revealed that agriculture can help reduce the rate of unemployment by half. That is why most entrepreneurship programs stress more on agricultural businesses, especially for the youths. Most agricultural businesses, especially farming can be started with a very little capital, then with time it can... Read more »