5 Best Android Free Calorie Counter Apps to Help You Stay Fit

Calorie counting and tracking are one of the best ways to help you meet your weight loss target faster. Not only for weigh watchers, any diet plan has a range of allowed calories you can consume to stay on track. There are tons of calorie counters available in Google play store. But we have dug deep to reveal these 5 best android calorie counting apps that will help you know the amount of calorie you consume daily. These apps don’t just track calories, they also give you advice on how to improve your feeding lifestyle and also ensure you do not exceed your calorie limit.

best fitness weight loss and calorie counter free android apps

Fitness can be achieve by the help of these apps on your android phone. They are free to download and use, and can also be used both online and offline. If you don’t want to see in-app ads, then you have to use these apps offline.

Top 5 Free Online and Offline Calorie Counter Nutrition App


MyFitnessPal – Calorie Counter

MyFitnessPal best calorie counter android app

Whenever you think about calorie and diet app, myfitnesspal should be the first app that need to come to your mind. This app is been use by over 80 million people around the globe. This app has database of over 5 million foods with their various calories value. Myfitnesspal app offer you every calorie in each meal you take from the app and you can still save the meal you took that is in the app.

This app features a barcode scanner that will help you to monitor your weight everyday and minute. One thing about this app is that it will only gauge what you eat in a day if you continue with your eating habit daily (another way of eating healthier

Myfitnesspal comes with amazing features like sync with Myfitnesspal’s website to count calories cross-platform, ability to add so many items immediately, calculator that allows you to view the nutrition of a homemade meal. This app also have more than 350 exercise and god fitness tracker.

Fooducate – Healthy Weight Loss & Calorie Counter

Fooducate best weight loss and calorie counting app

This is the only calorie app that will help you to read nutrition label and the meaning of the information. This app does so many stuffs like tracking of weight loss, tracking of exercise and also count calories like Myfitpal. One the most amazing things about this app is the ability of allowing you to examine the value of all the calories you consume on a daily basis. The information on this app will help you to make a healthier choice on the foods you consume daily which means you will lose weight drastically and feeding healthy.

Fooducate features more than 250,000 items with their nutritional values. All you need to do is to use your smartphone camera and scan the food barcode, then on a scale of A to D the app will grade the food you are about to consume. The food grade is determine by its fats, carbs, protein and calories. Letter A represent the healthiest food while the one of D denote the unhealthiest food.


LifeSum – Diet Plan, Macro Calculator & Food Diary

Lifesum best macro calculator and diet plan app

If you want an app that will guide you through on losing weight drastically, this should be the app you don’t need to think twice before downloading it to your smartphone. This app guide you through on what you consume and when to consume it everyday. This app also monitor the exercise you do on a daily, also this app work like fooducate as it access and grade the type of the food you consume and grade it from A to D.

Lifesum app helps you to calculate the amount of calorie you ingested and that’s one of the reasons why we add it up to our top 5 calories app and with the way the app is been calculated, you are good to go if the app shine green.

This app help in suggesting your daily meal, seriously using this app is not that easy but it will surely guide you through on how to lose weight and still remain healthy. The exercising logging featured by this app is another amazing thing and it can also merge with some exercise apps like Runkeeper, Moves in other to keep track of your fitness.

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Lose It! Calorie Counter

Lose It best android calorie counter apk

The app speak for itself, you just need to get involve with the app and testify for yourself. An app that has exercise log for your daily exercise and friendly food diary. If you want to lose weight quickly this app will take you a long way as it gives you a customize suggestion for your calorie intake which can only be determine by your height, goals, weight and age. Using the home page, the calories you consumed will always display there and you are free to always check it to know how you are progressing in losing weight.

Lose it app features a lot of food database and so many grocery stores, brand name foods and restaurants around the world, but if your own happens not to be among in this app you have to bear with us and move on losing weight with the app.

The app also comes with premium features that provides detail about your hydration, sleep cycles, body fat and so much more. You still get your target weight loss with this app and it will provides an estimated goal depending on how you want to lose the weight, all you need to do is to enter the foods you consume and watch your status while losing the weight.

Jawbone Up

Jawbone Up best health and fitness android app

An app that can track your sleep and movement. I wonder how good it will be in terms of tracking your calories. This app is very brutal when tracking the calories in your body, there is nothing like guess work while doing its job. The number of sensor in this app helps to utilize info on your weight, height, activity duration and intensity.

The app features food log that are divided into food groups and meal times, like other calorie counter apps, it features a barcode scanner that will rate your meal from A to D to know if it’s healthier for you to consume.

There are two amazing features in this particular app that other apps did not feature and they are the Smart coach that recommend the food you consume on a daily in other to achieve your goal and the Food score that will rate your food choices to get a better information and get better by making the right selection.



Now that you have known these free android calorie counter apps to help check and track your calorie consumption, feel free to download and install them on your android device. They are available in Google play store and other online app stores.

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