5 Best Automation Tools for Content Creation and Distribution

The ocean of Content Marketing is boundless. Numerous content ideas synchronize with the goals your business wants to achieve. Marrying Content with the audience comes on the top. Carrying out manual, repetitive tasks to create and distribute content is a nightmare. Automation of content creation is very crucial if you have tons of contents to create, market or distribute for free, be it in your website or social media. We will reveal the best tools to help you automate content creation and distribution efficiently.

best automated content creation and marketing tools

Digital Marketing Automation Tools are real time and stress savers you can’t afford to miss. These tools are designed using the concept of Artificial Intelligence. Follow the guides in this article to gain the benefits of these great tools.

Top Picks for Content Automation & Marketing Tools & How to Use them



Unmetric for content discovery and inspiration

Unmetric is a tool you use to discover content ideas and content inspiration. The idea is to find inspiration and ideas that are already working wonders. With that you can now create a content that is tried & tested which would likely result in success.

All you have got to do is go to Umetric → Discover and type your “Keyword” and then hit enter. Now filter results based on Industry and geography to get the tailored results.

For your searched keyword, you will find content that has outperformed — the content of benchmark quality.

The idea isn’t to merely replicate, that’s #1 mistake people often make. Leverage this tool to gain inspiration and maybe come up with something better. There’s always room for improvement.

Unmetric automates the content curation process. The content curation process requires you to identify content from your niche that is killing it and then begin the actual content creation process.

Having to search for content in every social network manually can be time-consuming & tedious. This tool automates the content curation process.


Buffer best social media scheduling tool

Buffer is a robust social media scheduling tool that is perpetually evolving. This tool is no longer restricted to being just a Social Media Content Scheduling tool, it now empowers users. With Buffer Analyze, you can analyze their social media content, and now set up Buffer Reply to converse with users from just one dashboard.

Using Buffer Analyze, users can produce gorgeous, social media reports. Buffer is a social media tool that takes care of content distribution. Users can add various social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Using this one dashboard, users can schedule content to various social media platforms and track insights in real-time. It really does takes the load off the chest, having to publish content on the right day and at the right time. This Social Media Content Scheduling Tool shoulders its part of responsibilities.



Zapier best content marketing tool

What if I tell you that there is a way to shift your Content Marketing efforts on flight mode?

That’s what this tool will let you do; Zapier is an incredible tool to automate the process. It’s called automating Zapier Apps, by integrating the two apps you want to automate. The way automation takes place is through a trigger. The trigger sets things in motion.

Zapier Zaps are integrating WordPress with various social media platforms & buffer so that your WordPress posts get auto-shared to these social media platforms as soon as you publish a post.

Interestingly enough there is an automation zap allowing users to integrate WordPress with Medium. With this, your new WordPress posts automatically creates stories on Medium; not having you to copy and paste the entire content.

Are you Looking Forward to establishing thought-leadership in a niche by sharing relevant content on social with your tribe?

If your answer is ‘YES’, then there’s good news.

Zapier Automation allows you to integrate Feedly with the Buffer queue. You create Feedly feed for your personalized experience based on what kind of content you would like to consume.

Using this Zapier Automation, you can add new content on Buffer Queue as soon as the latest content in Feedly Feed populates.

Heck, you can even integrate Feedly directly with Facebook Page or Twitter handle to share right away.



MailChimp best email automation tool

The lifespan of the pillar content is cataclysmic. By engaging the right channels at the right time, you can strike a perfect balance.

The idea is to dismantle the pillar content into pieces of Micro-Content. One of the media to deliver the Micro-Content is via series emails.

MailChimp is an email automation tool that will let you seamlessly deliver micro-content to your audience in real-time; helping your foster relations with the audience.

Let’s say you built a pillar content that is around 10,000 words. It’s actually a comprehensive guide. One of the ways for you to dismantle the pillar content and deliver it as pieces of Micro-Content is via Emails through onboarding series.

Onboarding series is a feature available in MailChimp wherein you would send series of Mails to the new subscribers. You can disperse the pieces of Micro-Content in sequence to the new subscribers. Every second email in the series will act as a trigger by the receivers initial response; i.e. whether or not he did open the mail.

It’s a perfect mechanism of streamlining content with the purpose of your business and building your tribe.

The best part, you don’t even have to type in the emails for every new user manually, you have to create the template for once to be delivered in a series to every new subscriber.


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Google Docs

Google docs best content curation and marketing tool

Who can ignore the good old Google Docs for a seamless content curation workflow?

Google Docs is the key to making the overall content marketing process hassle-free, collaborative and timeline bound.

There are several ways that Google Docs can help with content marketing efforts. The three we will discuss here are irreplaceable, literally.

When it comes to creating a panic-free social media marketing process; it’s hard to ignore the significance of a Social Media Content Calendar. A simple Google Docs/ Google Sheets file can specify what content to post on what day and at what time. Share the Doc/Sheet with the teams responsible for curation, approval and distribution; and the resource will act nothing less than a Project Management Tool.

Google Docs can come in real handy when you’re creating the text-based content, i.e. blogs.

The content writer can share the live article & receive feedback in real-time. The digital marketing strategist who suggested the requirement of the supposed article can keep tabs over the live article to see if it’s heading in the right direction, the tonality of the content, the storytelling narrative all these factors can be managed with a simple Google Doc file.

Hence, the content writer can share the ongoing resource with teams who are collaborating at Content Calendar who are entrusted with the task to update the finished articles in the calendar to distribute via different channels.



Content Marketing is a continuous process of curating and distributing content. The process can take a severe toll over you. Before suffering from burnout, it’s probably better to automation tasks involving manual and repetitive tasks. So that your content marketing efforts consist more of creativity, ideation and strategy and far less of squandering precious hours doing a robots job.

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