5 Best Dress Up Games to Download and Play in your Android Phone

When trying to Pick when to wear to a party or special event and you just can’t figure it out and you think you are just not good in dressing up. Don’t you know practice make for perfection? The best way to learn is to play with that course. Improve your fashion, creativity and dressing skills with these engaging 3D dress up games which are available in Google play store. Save your stress of looking for make up artist to dress you in some special occasions. You can do it better yourself even without spending a dine because these games are free to download and play from play store. They have amazing graphics and animation! These apk games can also help you make the right choice even while shopping online or offline.
top dress up style apk games to play
My girl friend told me that dress up simulation games helped her master how to combine the right colors. She said they also helped her choose the right outfit for various outings like wedding, birthday, pool party, night club, office work, first date, and even church service. I think it can also help you. Why not learn while still having fun playing with dolls in these apk games?

Top 5 Android Dress Up Girl Games for Fashion Stars

Now check out our dress up game list below.


Sophie Fashionista – Dress Up Game

Sophie Fashionista - Dress Up Android Game
Our character is Sophie. What do we have to do? We have to help Sophie become more attractive and to look superb.
With the help of available Makeup, superb dresses and accessories, you can help to change the look of Sophia completely. Make Sophia a different princess.
By playing this game, you become more open to fashion ideas and it sharpens your fashion sense and creativity! Download and play this dress up fashion game from Google play store.

Sery Runway

Sery Runway dolly dressup fashion apk game
Sery Runway is that dress up game which you have since years longed for. Help make Sery (a runaway beautiful dolly model) appear more stunning and fantastic with the help of many dresses and other fashion outfit.
With unlimited outfit combination, you are now in utmost control of how the beautiful doll looks like. It depends on your artistic and fashion sense to pick the best color matches and cloth combination.
This game comes with amazing graphics and runs smoothly on all devices without lag or any serious bug issue (just what we need). Download and play Sery Runway apk game from Google play store.

Fashion Show Dress Up

Fashion Show Dress Up Android Girl Game
This dress up game is a simulation game of those who dress up celebrities for the red carpet.
The game provides you with many fashion items and pack ranging from different hairstyles to gorgeous accessories in order to beautify and dress your virtual character to look amazing.
The graphics is as good as others on the list and it has high positive reviews and rankings from its fans and most especially. If you are looking for a dress up fashion game with low MB, then Fashion Show Dress Up game is one of them. Download and play this fashion game from Google play store.

Shopping Mall Girl

Shopping Mall Girl - fashion and dress style android game
As the name implies, Shopping Mall Girl is a shopping, style and dress up game mix in which your model is a shopaholic (one who’s addicted to constant shopping) and you need to help your character achieve an amazing look at the mall.
With over 40 modern and fashion hairstyles, purses, accessories and clothes available for you to choose for the dress up of your beautiful Shopaholic character.
This game is free to play, also requires small MB to download the apk and it is adventurous as you get to upgrade from levels to levels. Download and play Shopping Mall Girl Apk game from Google play store.

Prom Night Dress Up

Prom Night Dress Up and Make Up girl apk game
Use your fashion sense and skills to dress up for girls going to the prom in this game. Be creative in what you choose, as there are over 200 clothing items to choose from. What you choose will define the girl’s fate. The game is a high school rising star game
Who’s gonna be the prom queen among the 6 friends? That is left for you to decide as you invest your own fashion senses to make beauty and attractive characters out! Download and play Prom Night apk game from Google play store.


Have a nice and fun time getting the best from this dress up girl simulation games and also share to your social media friends. You can search the games up in Google play store. We have also gathered about 100 trending ankara styles for kids and teen girls.
I would like to hear the dress up games you enjoyed playing so far or the ones you would like to try out in the comment section below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog via email so that you will be the first to be notified once we drop similar fashion articles. Enjoy!

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