Weight Watchers Freestyle Success Tips with Some Recommended Foods

Weight watchers Smart point is the most recommended feeding lifestyle for weight loss. With the discovery of this feeding plan, weight watchers now lose weight while still eating what they love. The secret is to know how to combine ingredients in the right proportion and also avoid some harmful meals. The feeding lifestyle also suggests some low or zero smart point foods to help in effective weight loss. If you are new to weight watching, this health article will walk you through the tips and also reveal some recommended foods to help you achieve your weight loss target. You will also learn some foods you will avoid and everything about Weight watchers like points and smartpoints.

freestyle weight watcher beginner tips and foods

About Weight Watchers

Weight watchers is the most popular international and largest commercial weight loss program in the United States founded by Jean Nidetch, a Brooklyn homemaker in 1963. This program has helped many people lose weight using scientific approach. The company has branches in over 30 countries in the world. The program includes regular meetings, self-help type learning sessions, group support, and a points system. The ideal Body Mass index (BMI) every dieter aims at is between 20 and 25.

Weight watchers recognizes that losing weight is not only controlled by what you eat, they also suggest some other healthy tips like exercise and other workout.

Weight watchers is tracked using a point based checker. With this, you no longer need to keep tracks of calories like other diet plans require. You just need to keep tracks of the points according the weight watchers food points system. This helps you eat what you like but with a limit. The program teaches you about healthy foods that your body need in the right proportion.

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How Weight Watchers Work

The first step is to sign up at www.weightwatchers.com. There are 3 plans available for you to choose with a one-time starter fee. The plans are “Online only plan“, “Online with meetings plan“, “Online with coaching plan

Other expenses may arise as you move along the program or use their packages. In order to gain the best from Weight Watchers program, you can join their online communities where you will interact with other Weight Watcher. You can also check their magazine to read some weight loss success stories and tips to motivate you.

The Smart point plans weight watchers use suggest healthier foods that are lower in sugar and saturated fats and heavier in protein. You will be given certain amount of points every day. Each food has its own smart point value. The program also allows you to make your own weight loss recipes and calculate the point score.

Point Vs SmartPoint

Point is one of the unique features of weight watchers diet plan. The point system works with the specific micro and macro nutrients of the food rather than the calorie. This gives you a better outlook on how your body is getting the nutrients from different foods. It tells you the quantity of every food your body needs for adequate weight loss and also to maintain the required calorie.

After the criticism Weight Watchers received in 2016 that their plan concentrates more on food points and not on the nutritional values of food, they made some changes in their point system. This gave rise to the smartpoint system. This system does not only allow you count your points right, it goes ahead to suggest some healthier and more nutritious foods you can incorporate in your diet. This helps you feel better, lose weight and gain energy at the same time.

Some of the food items that may have had lower points in the previous system, such as foods with sugars and saturated fats, now has higher points values while protein sources and fresh produce will have lower points values. Therefore, this new point system encourages you to eat less saturated fats and sugars while eating more proteins in your food.

In weight watchers, Activity Points are not the same as Fit Points. Your score in each depend on the activities you engage in each day which range from exercise routine to daily house chores.
The Smart Point system gives extra Calories (just like the point system which is 49). But in this new system, they are adjusted based on factors like Age, Gender, your activity levels, and your goal of the program. This is the main difference between the point system and smartpoint system.

The Rules of the Smart Point System

  • Don’t combine the program with any other program: concentrate and follow the rules and tips in this system. Use the Smart point calculator to keep track of this and not go off base.
  • Calculate the point score of any food you eat: Don’t ever assume smartpoints. Also make sure you use the new smartpoint calculator.
  • Never carry over unmet point of a day to the next day: if you could not meet a point set for a particular day, don’t carry it over the points the next day and therefore eat much on that day. If you do this, you are trying to cheat the system and also cheating yourself. Each day should have a different point target.
  • Don’t Overeat any category of food: Too much of everything is bad. Always take the suggested portion of every meal, even if it is your favorite.

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Smart Points of Some Common Meals

weight watchers healthy fruits

Common Zero Point Fruits/Vegetables

  • Mango
  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Orange
  • Pear
  • Peach
  • Water melon
  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber


  • Beef – 4
  • Egg – 2
  • Chicken – 2
  • Fish/Cat fish – 9
  • Pork – 3
  • Shrimp – 1

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  • Coca cola classic – 6
  • Orange juice – 6
  • Beer, regular – 5
  • Diet Coke – 0
  • Apple Cider – 5
  • Sprite – 6
  • Milk, low fat (1 %) – 4
  • Milk, low fat (2 %) – 5
  • Yogurt – 12
  • Whole milk – 7


  • Butter – 5
  • Bread – 2
  • Hamburger – 8
  • Cheese burger – 10
  • Chocolate – 10
  • Rice – 6

Recommended Points Based on Body Weight

  • Less than 150 lb. – 18 to 23
  • 150 to 174 lb. – 20 to 23
  • 179 to 199 lb. – 22 to 27
  • 200 to 224 lb. – 24 to 29
  • 225 to 249 lb. – 26 to 31
  • 250 to 274 lb. – 28 to 33
  • 275 to 299 lb. – 29 to 34
  • 300 to 325 lb. – 30 to 35
  • 325 to 329 lb. – 31 to 36
  • Above 350 lb. – 32 to 37

You can always use a weight watcher point calculator to check your weight and recommended smart point range.

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Now that you have been properly equipped with all the information and tips you need about weight watchers and how they work, feel free to register if you are not yet a member and meet your weight loss target quickly.

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