5 Best Nokia Android Smartphones with Key Specs & Price

Nokia is a phone company that dominated the java phone industry in the past years. Their products are known to produce quality phones with quite amazing features. In the past few years, Nokia has stormed into the Android phone industry, producing quality smartphones with amazing specs at affordable price. This product review article will reveal the best Nokia Android phones recommended for your. We considered various budget criteria like price, camera quality, luxury, high Rom and Ram size, screen size.

nokia android phones to buy with best price

I still vividly remember those good days when java phones were in vogue. Nokia java phones were the most popular because of their phone quality and even price. Although when it comes to low price, Nokia is not the best, Tecno tops them.

5 Best Nokia Android Phones with Amazing Specs and Price

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Nokia 9 Pureview

Nokia 9 Pureview best android phone from nokia so far

This is one of the most recent and best Nokia smartphone since the history of Nokia phones. This is the only Nokia phone with a very good camera like other top smartphones. For those of us here that love Nokia product but dislike it because of its camera, this particular Nokia is here for you at a very cheap price.

Nokia 9 Pureview comes features five 12MP back cameras that work together to provide superb photo shots. It also features 128GB storage, 3320mAh for the battery, Snapdragon 845 for the CPU and so much more.

This smartphone may have problems like other smartphones but it’s still the best Nokia has to offer it users for now. Also it’s very cheap compared to other smartphones. You can get the unlocked version for $540 at eBay. Check it here. The brand new version is sold for $700 at amazon.

Nokia 8.1

Nokia 8.1 at affordable price with amazing specs

This has been the best Nokia product since December 2018 before Nokia 9 Pureview took over the market. The smartphone is another mind blowing Nokia smartphone with a very good features like Snapdragon 710 chipset, very good camera and a long lasting battery (3500mAh). It has a superb front camera of 20MP and a dual rear camera of 12 and 13MP. The internal storage is 128GB with 6GB ram.

Nokia 8.1 has a very good features but you cannot compare the features with other ranked smartphones in today’s market. The price of this device is very good as you can afford it at a low price. The price range at eBay is between $479 to $529. You can check it out here.

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Nokia 8

Nokia 8 android phone specs

Nokia 8 should be the real example of why people say that Nokia phones have quality, mind-blowing features. This Nokia android phone looks very astonishing but the type of features this device possesses, you will just say it’s OK.

Nokia 8 features Snapdragon 835, 6GB ram, 128GB storage. The rear camera has 12MP and 13MP while the front camera has 5MP. This smartphone have a very good design with gorgeous QHD display that will still blow your mind. This phone has been in market since 2017 and it’s still selling.

If you are getting this phone for yourself, have it in mind that you are getting a solid smartphone for yourself at a very cheap price. You can get it for $335 at eBay. Check it here. It sells between $329 and $360 at amazon.

Nokia 6.1

Nokia 6.1 nice specs with the best price

This phone might be seen not to meet up to Nokia’s high standard when compared to other Nokia products. Though the device came out in the year 2018, some Nokia device that came out the previous years are still better than the device. But if you budget criteria is durability, this phone will serve you to the level of your satisfaction.

Nokia 6.1 features Snapdragon 630, RAM 3/4GB 32/64GB for both internal and external, battery running at 3,000mAh, rear camera 16MP and front camera 8MP. It has so many features that are still very okay when emphasizing on the amount you will get it compare to other device. The eBay price range is between $145 to $260. Check the latest eBay price range here.

Nokia 7.1

Nokia 7.1 android smartphone

This phone is highly meant for people that can’t let a day pass without watching more than two videos. The tall, bright and sharp screen of this device really make the phone of a kind while making use of it to watch videos like movies,

Nokia 7.1 features Snapdragon 636, Ram size of 4GB, Battery life of 3060mAh. It features a rear camera of 12MP, Front camera 8MP and so many features that will still blow your mind.

The price of this phone is one of a kind as you will get the best of the device at a very cheap price. The eBay best price for this device is $267. Feel free to check the latest price here.

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You now have the details of these mind-blowing Nokia Smartphones at your finger tips. Whatever is your budget criteria, you will find one device that met it above. Nokia 9 Pureview is our best recommended device. But if the price goes beyond your budget, feel free to select another one. If you shop online, you can check them at eBay with the links I provided. They are also available at Nokia online store, amazon and some other online mobile store. You can also buy them offline from some local phone store in your vicinity.

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