5 Best Android Horror Games to Download & Play – Very Scary!

Some horror games are very scary and can even make you scream while playing them on android devices or pc, just like some horror movies. If you are a fan of horror, then we have some popular, engaging android and pc horror games you would enjoy. Most of them are free to download and play, but may have some in-app ads. But if you don’t want to see those ads, you can then purchase the paid version which normally costs less than $5. The horror games for pc and android reviewed in this game post are are the most rated and played scary games every gamer will enjoy! Most of them are 3D dating, puzzle, action, shooting and adventure games you will enjoy playing on android and pc.

trending android horror 3d games

5 Scary and Engaging Android Horror Games You Should Play

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1. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 android horror game

You can’t afford to miss playing Dead Effect 2. The android game is a shooter horror game. It is free to download and play, with some in-app ads. Your target in the game is to discover new weapons, fight and win some scary guys. The game features tons of dark corridors and several hours campaign mode – up to 20 hours, high graphics quality. You are advised to use Nvidia shield device for best performance and experience. You can check it on google play.

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2. Murder Room

Murder Room android horror game

The game is a Japanese adventure horror game with many scary moments. In the game you are left to escape from a room with traps of chainsaw killer. But in order to escape, you must solve some very confusing puzzles and also interact with other related elements. You will keep trying to you merit an escape route. The game has excellent 3d graphics, and inspiring background music and sound effects. Download and play the game from google play store.

3. Another World

Another World android horror game

The game is an old dating scary android game. In the game you act as a scientist and will find yourself in another world where you you will be chased by a monster in form of a wolf. In order to find an escape route, you must solve some puzzles. But you will finally meet an aide who will help you fight and conquer the monster. The game has a very terrifying background graphics. You might need to be a puzzle expert to enjoy this game. It has both paid and free versions. Check it out on google play.


4. Distraint: Deluxe Edition

Distraint - Deluxe Edition android horror game

The game is one of the easy to learn and play horror android horror games. But learning how to handle the controls might be a bit confusing! Distraint focuses on some horrific psychological stories. The graphics are simple and reflect the genre of the game. The game has both free and premium versions. Download and play it on google play.

5. Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 android horror game

The game is one of the latest android runner scary games. Your target in the game is to survive using any possible means. The story mode in the game has many terrific ends and also features some weapons and ammo perks to help you survive. The game has many game play mechanics and is pretty cool to play. It is a free game to download and play, but you will see some in-app ads. Check it on Google play.

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We just revealed some most played and top rated horror games to play in your android device. Some of the games have scary background graphics that can even make you develop goose pimples while playing them. The games are available in google play store, both the free and paid ones. Feel free to download and play them. I will like to hear the horror game you like most in the comment section below. Please help us reach your friends on social media by clicking a share button below. Enjoy!


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