Top 5 Best 3D Android Car Racing Games: Learn Driving

Car racing games are one of those realistic games because they make you feel like you are live in the game while playing and driving in the game. Almost all racing games also gives you that feeling, but android car games are the best! Are you a car racing game fan? I have discovered the 5 most engaging and trending Apk games that you will soon get addicted to. These android games have superb graphics and their animations run smoothly in all android phones. Moreso, they support both single play mode and multiplayer mode. That means you can play them in group with your friends online or you play it alone offline. About their price? They are free to download and install.
best car racing apk games for nice driving experience
Even from childhood, I don’t play with driving games, especially cars. I once played Asphalt racing game on my Java phone from 9.00 PM till 4.00 AM the following day. The truth was that I never knew I have played it that long! Another racing game I enjoy is that of Motorcycle.

5 Trending 3D Car Racing Games

Now go through the game list.


Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

Asphalt Xtreme - best android racing game
Asphalt has been known to be one of the best racing game on java, android and tablet phones and it provides the ever -best sensation that no other racing game can give you.
In this game, you push all your rage to the road with your desired car of any real world brands and high customizations while engaging in a very competitive race.
Unleash the beast inside you to the road and meanwhile, this game supports multiplayer mode. That means you can also play this with your friends and that spices the fun up! Download and play this car racing game from google play store.

CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 apk - best 3d android car racing game
CSR Racing 2 is a cool drag racing game in which you can get and customize your vehicles.
This game supports and provides upgrade as you strive to be a street champion when you defeat other racers. Here is one of this game’s player review:
This game’s graphics has done wonders to my eyes and its smooth running has refreshed my mind.
Download and play this car racing game from google play store.

Dirt Trackin

Dirt trackin apk - best 3d android car driving game
Who’s ready to go battle the tracks? If you are, Dirt Trackin presents to you a car racing game unlike others! It 3D graphics is highly insane and the addiction is in a pro level.
Take on real world drivers characters to race 10 various tracks in this dirt tracking game a dirty tracking fan will unarguably love .
This game has a multiplayer mode in which you can play with your friends and loved ones. That makes it more competitive! It is a perfect racing game for you to download and play from google play store.

GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp.

GT Racing 2 apk - trending 3d android car racing game
GT Racing 2 is that car games that gives you the Real world car experience ( Like a car racing simulator) with high 3D graphics and killer animations. A game brought to you by Fingersoft Racing!
In this game, you will be faced with many challenges and tests you must pass in order to become more expects and even to win new prizes like a brand new car.
Indeed you owe me a big “Thank You” for revealing this 3D racing game! Yeah check it on Google play store and see the positive reviews first. Download and play this car racing game from google play store.

Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 - best android racing game
I know this is one of those ultimate car games you were searching for that directed you here!
Hill climb racing is a very famous car game which has more than 100 million downloads from Google play store and also has huge top ratings, with quality feedback from gamers who tried the game out.
This game opens that opportunity for you unlock and buy cars, to upgrade them to make them much efficient and to compete with your cars in various event on the game platform.
The graphics is just the apex. If you really need some crazy racing games, then you should be downloading this game from Google play store now. Download and play this racing game for free.
NOTE: You can play these car racing Apk games on your PC with the help of an android emulator for PCs like Bluestacks.


As I said earlier, all the Android racing games reviewed here are very addictive. So play wisely! Which of these apk games did you enjoy playing most? Comment below. If you need more notifications on latest car racing games, then subscribe to our blog for free and we will notify you via email. Enjoy!

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