Download 5 Best Android VR Games with Controller Support

Video games have been the best way of entertainment and also a lifestyle. As technology keeps growing and developing the need for better gaming comes up which would require high tech controls to give better gaming experience. VR gaming which is the latest gaming tech have been able to give gamers that better gaming experience and also the flexibility of playing some interesting virtual reality games on android devices.

top best vr games with google cardboard

To keep you guys updated with latest games and tech innovations I would be providing you with the best free VR games for android and also android VR games with controller support. In order to bring you the best of all virtual reality games, I have compiled the 5 best VR games android 2019 and beyond with download links to get them on your android devices.

The big question is: How can I play VR games on my android device? Well this is one question every android user with interest in VR gaming would ask and I am also happy to tell you that Google has made VR gaming easier for android users by inventing the Google Cardboard which is more affordable compare to VR headset like the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and many others. So you just need to get yourself a google cardboard and get one or all of the 5 Mind blowing and engaging VR games with controller support I would be providing below.

I personally love horror games. The first time my girl friend, Bella played VR game when we went for a cinema show, she was scared, screamed and almost fainted. I almost fell from my seat while laughing at her! But she now plays VR games with her smartphone and she loves them.

Top 5 VR Games with to Download and Play on Android

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BattleZ VR

BattleZ VR android games

The first on our list is the Battle-Z VR game, the is a one person zombie shooting game, where you have to team up with friends in other to save your homes from zombie attacks, you have series of weapons to choose from and also a wide open land to explore. You can also go against your friends in other to gain more points. If you fully want to enjoy this game, I would advice you make use of a virtual view which I mention above or you use a motion tracking controller such as the realviewer and the realcontrol.

So Guys put on your VR Headset and get the game from the link below and enjoy!

Sisters VR Game

Sisters VR Apk Game

Now the second game on our list is the sisters VR game, this is not more of a game all you have to do in this game is to move around with your headset like the google cardboard to experience the true horror made for vr mobile.

What you see might be scary and terrifying and according to the game, it says “Be careful where you look, because something doesn’t want you here”.

VR Fantasy

VR Fantasy android game

The third game on our list is the VR Fantasy. In this game, you need to be fearless and have some level of accuracy so as to be able to solve puzzles in the jungle of an ancient magical fortress. It is one of the best android VR games where you wonder between walls and also break walls to get point for better adventure in the game.

Get your Headset and get ready to venture into the deadliest jungle.

Hunted Room: Escape VR Game

Hunted Room Escape VR apk Game

Let me introduce you to the Hunted room: escape VR game which is the fourth game on our list, when we talk about android VR gaming this game can’t be left out of it. It is a scary game to start with and it blends the horror adventure with the escape room adventure all in one game.

This game is filled with thrilling adventures that would give you Goosebumps as you unfold the episodes in this game. This game is filled with sudden moments and unexpected twist which you won’t see coming. You just need to solve puzzles and finding hidden objects to get yourself round this game and it is also easily accessible with the VR headset.

VR Space: The Last Mission

VR Space - The Last Mission apk game

Finally it is the last game on our list but not the least! VR space: the last mission is one of the best VR space games which is filled with immersive war like experience. In this game you are to be a space war veteran where you have to control the last space ship of your team. It is a space combat shooter game where the game gets harder as you keep it going.

This wonderful game supports cardboard and it cost only 0.99$ on play store.

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There you go with the 5 best VR games for android devices. They cost nothing to get them on your android devices. Just follow the links which I provided to every game and get the game up and running on your android device. Do well to share this post with your friends using then share buttons below. Also forget to subscribe to our website for more interesting posts.


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