Quantum Quotient: How to Calculate the Impact of Bitcoin

Quantum Quotient: Calculating the Impact of Bitcoin

In the realm of digital currencies, Bitcoin has emerged as a revolutionary force, challenging traditional notions of money and finance. As we navigate the intricate landscape of cryptocurrency, one must consider the quantum impact of Bitcoin on various aspects of our global economy. This article aims to explore the... Read more »
how to buy and sell online with cryptocurrencies

20 Best Platforms that Help you Shop Online with Crypto

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies have really made e-Commerce easier and more efficient. You can now buy and sell good/services online, pay and receive payments in various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Doge Coin (DOGE), etc. This crypto payment evolution has come to stay, as many top online... Read more »
how to earn money via play to earn games for free

How to Pay with Cryptocurrencies by Playing Blockchain Games

Blockchain games are becoming highly famous in the digital age. P2E games, or blockchain-based games, have gone mainstream, hence becoming a major element of the metaverse. Indeed, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the present and future of the world. Now players can win in digital currency and even pay while... Read more »
how to buy netflix gift card with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Step by Step Guide to Pay for Netflix with Cryptocurrencies

Suredbits, a development firm, has released a Bitcoin-based method for handling recurring payments. Potentially a game-changer for bringing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to the masses. This option allows users to pay for subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Microsoft, and others with crypto coins. Developers of the Bitcoin alternative... Read more »
how to download and setup metamask wallet, create new wallet

How to Download & Setup Metamask Wallet on Mobile & PC

If you need a good wallet to use on your PC or mobile (android or iOS), then Metamask is a good option for you. It is available as an mobile app and as a web browser extension. Metamask wallet is one of the most popular web3 private wallet that... Read more »
the future of blockchain and its use cases

15 Use Cases and Future of Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology has a very promising future for various industries and aspects of human lives. Cryptocurrencies are not the only use case of the blockchain technology. In fact cryptocurrencies are just one aspect of the blockchain. There are other powerful use cases of this technology, though most of... Read more »
how to earn money from watch to earn blockchain projects

Best Watch to Earn (W2E) Crypto Projects with Massive Potentials

Watch-to-Earn is one of the means of earning passive income online. You are compensated for watching videos online. In the blockchain, the reward is usually in form of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. In this article, you will learn about some trending watch2earn blockchain projects that have powerful potential, how to... Read more »
decentralized exchange trading guide for beginners

Complete Decentralized Exchange Trading Guide for Beginners

In this section, you will learn the basic things to help you trade successfully and securely on decentralized exchange (DEx) apps and how to setup decentralized wallet apps. We will illustrate with Uniswap, Trust wallet app, Imtoken wallet app and Metamask (PC and mobile versions). Once you understand how... Read more »
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Step by Step Guide on How to Trade Coins on Binance App

Binance exchange app is very easy to use. But there are some important features and tips you need to know in the app in order to trade successfully and securely with the app. Binance is the most popular, top tier centralized exchange with enough liquidity for any trade pair.... Read more »
kucoin app trading guide for beginners

Step by Step Guide on How to Trade Coins on KuCoin App

As a crypto trader or investor, you need to know how to use KuCoin exchange app to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It is easy, but there are some important features and tips you need to know in the app in order to trade successfully and securely with the app.... Read more »