how to unlock pdf file online and offline

How to Decrypt/Remove Password from PDF Files Online & Offline

Some PDF files like bank statement are password protected to prevent unauthorized access to them. For some other reasons you might want to unlock these PDF files. The good news is that you can easily decrypt these files whether you know the password or not. You... Read more »
how to encrypt pdf file online and offline from unauthorized access

How to Encrypt/Password Protect a PDF File Online & Offline

One of the easiest ways to prevent unauthorized access to your office documents or important files is to password protect it. Once you password-protect a file, the content is encrypted. Only a user who has the password can access the file. Most office documents are saved... Read more »
how artificial intelligence can improve productivity in different business industries and fields

Top 9 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) can Boost Business Productivity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is hailed as the next big thing after mechanization. Mechanization improved productivity in factories and farms and gave more leisure time to people. Artificial Intelligence is expected to take care of routine, repetitive tasks so that humans can use their brains for creative... Read more »
play dvd collection on apple without loss of quality

2 Ways to Play DVD Collections on Apple TV without Quality Loss

Having so many DVD collections in hand, some people may ask “Can Apple TV play DVD in digital format?” Yes, indeed! Playing DVD on Apple TV with big and high definition screen is a good choice for playback of all previous DVD library. As well known... Read more »
new hd video converter factory pro

How to Compress MOV Files in a Fast and Smooth Way

Are you still struggling how to find one MOV compressor to compress all your large MOV files into a smaller size? Don’t know how to reduce the MOV file size? Want to make MOV files smaller before uploading to web pages? If you have any problem... Read more »
future expectations of 5g wireless network technology

Overview of 5G: Protocols and Standards, Benefits and Challenges

5G Technology is the 5th Generation wireless technology that has not only upgraded the mobile network performance, but has also taken Internet of Things (IoT) to the next level. 5G is a cellular broadband technology and a network of networks. This technology does not just mean... Read more »
how to use facial recognition to improve business ad performance

Facial Recognition Technology & How to Use it for Business Adverts

Facial recognition technology is one of the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI). It has already been applied in many fields like social media, mobile technology, business marketing and adverts. It has also been implemented in hotels, air travels, education, automobile, biometric systems, health care and... Read more »
how to secure whatsapp from hackers and spies

6 Simple Ways to Secure your WhatsApp Against Hackers & Intruders

Security should always be your utmost concern. Although Whatsapp is one of the most internet secured chatting apps, there are still some security loopholes. Hackers and intruders can interfere with your private chats even without your knowledge. All you need to do is just to tighten... Read more »
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5 Best Ways to Protect your Computer from Virus & Hackers

Have your PC been attacked by virus or hackers before? If yes, then you need to fasten your security belt. If no, you need to put more effort so that you don’t experience it. Imagine losing your important files and data within a twinkling of an... Read more »
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5 Simple Ways to Protect your Android Phone from Hackers

Most information you saved in your android device are mostly private. But since you connect to the internet always with your android phone, there is a greater probability that it might fall prey to these malicious hackers who always try to inject scripts to your device... Read more »