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Stop Loss Orders Guide: How to Set them on Binance App

Stop loss is one of the features (risk management tools) introduced in the buy/sell page of some centralized exchanges to help limit traders’ loss in crypto trading. Some traders don’t like setting stop loss for some reasons which we will discuss later in this article. Inasmuch as stop loss... Read more »
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Bitcoin Price Action and History from 2009

Bitcoin is the first blockchain project, and its coin is BTC. Other blockchains directly or indirectly depend on the Bitcoin blockchain or its price action. As a crypto trader, you need to at least know the price action or price history of BTC. The knowledge of the price action... Read more »
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Free Currency Converter App | Crypto | Forex | by Buzzing Point

Here is a free currency converter app by buzzingpoint.com for converting from one fiat currency (foreign currency) to another, or from one cryptocurrency to another, or between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The app is very easy to use and is designed for both forex traders and crypto traders. You... Read more »
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Free DeFi Staking Rewards Calculator App by Buzzing Point

Here is a free calculator for calculator for calculating your staking rewards in any staking platform or in DeFi (Decentralized Finance). You only need to specify your principal staking amount, the estimated APY the staking platform is offering, and the staking period or duration. Then the calculator estimates your... Read more »
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Free Crypto Trading Profit/Loss Calculator App by Buzzing Point

Here is a free trading calculator app by BuzzingPoint.com for calculating your crypto trading profit and loss in BTC and USDT trading pairs. With this calculator, you can estimate your take profit level or even the maximum loss tolerance for any trade even before you invest your capital. This... Read more »