5 Best Places Recommended To Meet For First Date & 5 First Date Advice

Did you just find a new date? Most times, thinking about the best first date places to meet your new partner or things to do on your first date fills you with anxiety and confusion because many ideas come into your mind. That is because you will not like to mess up yourself or give a wrong impression because, “First impression matters a lot”. A successful first date is the beginning of a relationship and then leads to marriage while an unsuccessful one leads to nowhere. That is why you should be very careful about the things you do on your first date. Here are some of the recommended ideas and places you can go with your partner for a first date and some of the first date advice to help spice up your date experience and make it awesome.

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5 Best First Date Places For You

Your mind should not always go to the most expensive places in the world when it comes to choosing a place for first date meeting. You must try to predict the type of places your partner will appreciate which will strongly depend on the type of person he or she is. She might want a cool and quiet place or a very lively place.

#1: Coffee Or Tea Shop

coffee shop for first date
Two third of ladies said they prefer a coffee shop for their first date because it is a cool place and the sip of coffee tea make them feel relaxed. Another advantage is that you don’t spend much. Just order 2 cups of tea. Also you don’t need to spend a whole day. It should not exceed 30 minutes. It could be for lunch or dinner.

#2: A Cinema Center

cinema center for first date
Your partner would appreciate this if she is a movie freak. Watching movie together while sitting close to each other give you the opportunity to look see your partner’s face especially during a very funny scene in the  movie.

#3: A Game Center

game center for first date
Since your first date day should be fun, then a game center might be cool. Playing games together eases tension and gives you more opportunity to study your partner. It could be a snooker game or any other similar game that is not too stressful.

#4: A Beach

a beach for a first date
A lot of ladies like going to a beach. This adds more fun to your first date and makes it memorable with the view of water and a cool environment. But you should go for a less crowded beach.

#5: A Book Store

book store for first date

Renowned book stores are another awesome place to meet for your first date. You can ask your partner to pick a book he or she has heard about and would love to read so that both of you could read it together. Within few minutes, you will know your partner better.

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5 Recommended First Date Ideas For You

There are some things your partner would and would not expect from you on the first date. Having revealed the 5 best recommended first date places to meet, let me now give you some other date advice to help you make your first date successful.

1. Keep To Time:

Try as much as you can to be at the agreed date place on time. Don’t keep your partner waiting. Late coming has spoiled many first dates.

2. Choose The Right Words:

 Don’t be too loose when talking on your first date. Your partner might not like to hear some words from you. Also, don’t talk more about yourself. Give your partner a chance to say something. Also, don’t ever talk about your ex, it might discourage your partner.

3. Never Get Drunk

If you know you can’t control yourself, then go for soft drinks. Getting drunk on first date is a very bad impression which can make the date unsuccessful.

4. Dress Properly

Your dressing matters because “the way you dress is the way you are addressed”. Don’t dress too hot or too casual, But you should be a bit charming but mind the cosmetics you apply on your first date. Your dressing style depends on where you are meeting for first date. Always bear in mind that our dressing on your first date gives an impression about you which matters a lot.

5. Don’t Over-Demand:

If your partner gives you the privilege to make an order, never over-demand. He might use your attitude at this point to draw a conclusion about you. Remember that only a successful first date leads to a relationship.


There are countless advice and ideas for first date. But these points I mentioned here go a long way determine to  determine the outcome of your first date. As I always say, “First Impression matters”. But that does not mean you should lead a fake life to impress your partner on your first date. It does more harm than good.
Do you have any contribution to make or did I forget an important point? Comment it below. Please this article might help your friends a lot. Use the share buttons below to reach them. Good luck!

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