UC Browser Outranks Google Chrome In India And Indonesia

Can you believe that a mobile browser called UC Browser owned by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. which is not too popular in other parts of the world outranked Google Chrome in the 2 most popular Asian countries and market? Most people from India and Indonesia said they prefer UC Browser to Google Chrome because it takes up lesser memory, Shows top news in its home page which does not need any special app, and also accommodates low-end Smartphones than Google Chrome.

uc browser outranks google chrome in india and indonesia

Below is the graph of the statics of mobile web browser users between October and December 2017 – for the 3 most popular mobile web browsers: UC Browser, Google Chrome and Safari in India, Indonesia, China, Japan, Brazil, other parts of Asia, USA, and other parts of the world. Google outranked UC browser in the other part world, in Brazil, in US and Japan followed by Safari. But in India and Indonesia, UC Browser outranked Google Chrome and Safari.

statistics of uc browser and other browsers

It has also been shown that India and Indonesia have a very high future growth for the use of internet, thus making the competition between the Chinese firm and the US firm – Google more challenging. Research also showed that if nothing is done about this, the revenue Google generates though mobile ads will be affected negatively. Google is now aware of this competition and is now including icons on Google Chrome home page that link to popular websites and also reducing the data consumption rate of the mobile version of the browser and memory usage. What do you think about this competition or challenge? Do you think UC Browser can completely take over Google Chrome’s fame in the mobile internet?

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