Best First Date Fashion Styles & Advice for Men and Ladies

Preparing for a first date always keeps us in suspense as many questions, both rhetorical and others run into our minds. You think about how to dress, how to walk, how to comport yourself before your date, whether the first date will lead courtship, what to order or offer your date, etc. All these questions cause the suspense. There are many things to consider, but only few are more important and can make or mar your first date. This date article will provide some helpful dressing tips to a successful date and also showcase some cool fashion styles for both men and ladies. I will share the experience of my first date with my ex, Cindy. I hope it will surely learn from it.first date fashion style tips for guys and ladies

Here is how I met Cindy: I saw her when I went for a Cinema show in Canada. I was quite attracted by her dress code and composure. I fell in love even at first sight, because I quickly addressed her by the way she dressed. I know she also replied me when I chatted her up because I dressed well. That is why it is quite important to dress properly, not only for first date, but anywhere you go. I never expected to meet her in the first place. There are little things that matter in dress codes. One of them is color combination. You should learn colors that go together especially as a lady. Now let’s go to another aspect of this article.

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Here are the Article Contents

General First Date Fashion Styles Advice For Guys and Ladies

Always know that there are different dress codes for different types of dates. Your date meeting place determines how you will dress. Some of the suggested date places include coffee shop, cinema center, beach, bookstore, Game center, etc. But the general advice is to dress responsibly. Don’t be too loose.

For ladies, you should dress well and forget about the trending fashions of the time. Dress in a way that will write something good about you even at first sight. A pair of comfortable heel wedge or flat shoe, earrings, necklace can spice up your dress style. Also know the right way to combine colors. Also consider your body size. There are some colors that never go together. Avoid them as much as you can. Don’t overlook your makeup styles. Everything should be moderate. Some makeups can scare your guy or give a bad first impression about you, which really matters! Your hairstyle is another aspect. Find out the hairstyle that fits you most. You can ask your friends.

For Guys, depending on the type of date whether casual or official, a pair of blue or black denim jeans with some bright colored shirts and a pair of sneakers can go for a casual date. For official date, you can go for suits or dress corporately with a matching pairs of shoes, preferably brown or black. It must not be new pairs. Just check across your wardrobe. But if it entails shopping for new ones, you can ask your sister to assist you choose some perfect combinations.

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Some Recommended First Date Fashion Styles For Ladies

1. Black short gown with a matching long hairstyle

black short gown with a matching long hairstyle

2. Blue ladies Denim jeans with brown jacket, glasses and flat heel shoeblue ladies denim jeans with brown jacket and glasses

3. Sexy but mature ladies date outfit

sexy but mature ladies date outfit

4. Simple classic dress first date code for ladies

simple classic dress first date code for ladies

5. Sleeveless blouse with fitting jeans and wedge heel shoes

sleeveless blouse with fitting jeans and wedge heel shoes

Some Recommended First Date Fashion Styles For Guys

1. Casual date fashion idea for guys

casual date fashion idea for guys

2. Cool shirt jeans and suit combinations for guys

cool shirt jeans and suit combinations for guys

3. Cool shirt jeans and suit combinations for guys

cool shirt jeans and suit combinations for guys


I just suggested some fashion styles advice for first date – for guys and ladies. I got some of these tips from some fashion experts while others are my personal experience with my girl friends. I know you have something to say. I can’t wait to hear them in the comment section below. Please help us reach your friends on social media by clicking a share button. Good Luck!


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