10 Best Attractive Fashion Styles, Ideas And Tips For Men

Most ladies admire men who dress well. The saying that, “The way you dress is the way you are addressed” does not only apply to ladies. It also apply to men. Real men should mind about every single thing they wear for any occasion because you never know where you will meet your “better half”. Even if you are married, you have tons of reasons to dress fine – at least to protect your reputation in the public. There are some men’s dress codes that most women admire so much which makes them want to talk to you or reply you when you start the “talking to”. A young ladies once said that she differentiates a real mature man and boy-man by the way they dress. Even your casual wears count. Your hair cut style, your t-shirt, trouser, wrist watch, shoes (very important these days). I have compiled a list of mature and trending fashion to will make every woman want to talk to you. You should also learn how to dress for different occasions. I will also tell you some of the things a woman or lady would not like a man to wear.

how most ladies want their man to dress

Don’t wait until your pre wedding night before you learn how to pose in your pre wedding and wedding photographs. There are some trending couples pose styles that will make your union memorable.

10 Men’s Best Attractive Fashion Styles

1. For Office works and some corporate events, a fitting suit always makes you look gorgeous. Most unmarried ladies say that when a see a man rocking a fitting suit, it makes them day-dream about their wedding day. Don’t ever go for those over-size suits. They make you look horrible.
Blazer suits with jeans trousers are another awesome dress code for men. You can also interchange the jeans with a chinos jean.
Blazer suits with jeans trousers for men

You can also combine suits with cowboy hat. Most ladies admire the attire.

Blazer suits with cowboy hat for men
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2. Some dress colours are meant for ladies not for men especially when it comes to your trouser colours. Pink makes a man look feminine. Black is always the most recommended colour. Blue, ash or gray, dark green, and other dark coloured trousers rocked with a bright colour shirt attracts most ladies. Jane Harry said:

When I was still single and dating my man, I always feel like taking him out when I see him rock a navy-blue trouser with a pink shirt.

3. Jeans and chinos trousers with some plain body-fitting T-shirts makes a man looking great and promising. Most ladies admire such fashions even unknowingly.
Jeans trousers with plain body-fitting T-shirts for men
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casual t-shirt combined with jeans
4. Some body fitting T-shirts make most ladies fall in love especially for men with nice body build-up. Guys with nice legs can combine body fitted T-shirts with a short jeans or chinos. Although few ladies objected that hate any fashion that reveals a man’s leg so much. They prefer the attire as a casual fashion for men.
fitted T-shirts with short jeans or chinos for men
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5. Wearing some designers sweaters or jacket on top of a bright t-shirt is also another charming fashion style for cold days. But you should know how you combine colours. Dark colours go with lighter colours. Combining a bright-coloured T-shirt with a dark sweater or swapping the colour modes are another awesome styles that tickles most ladies fancy.
designers sweaters or jacket on top of a bright t-shirt for men
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6. Most ladies prefer decorate their wrist with wrist watches and other mature bangles. Don’t wear those flashy rubber bangles. Go for a leather or chain wrist watch or a leather, dark coloured bangles with or without beads. Gold chain wrist watches fit dark skins most while Silver chain watches fit dark skins. The idea is that dark skins need bright coloured wrist bangles than fair skins. You can also wish to match your wrist watch with your hair colour. It is another awesome fashion style that most ladies admire.
bracelets for men
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wrist watches for men
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7. These days, ladies use foot wears to rate men. A few good looking boots and shoes makes you look great. You have different categories of shoes to choose depending on your dress style. Jeans with T-shirts go with some cool sneakers, air max or boots especially desert boots, preferably black or brown colour.
sneakers for men
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air max for men
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For corporate fashion styles, you can go for black or brown corporate shoes.

brown and black corporate shoes for men
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There are some amazing casual shoes styles that adorn men’s feet. You can rock it with a bit hanging chinos or jeans trousers. Ladies admire them but most times, they don’t speak out.

casual shoes for men
8. Fitting sun glasses also make men look gorgeous and charming especially if you select the style that fits your face shape. There are two main types of face shapes: round and angular. Ray-ban sun glasses have various styles for the different face shapes.
sun glasses for men's different face shape
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9. Your body spray or perfume fragrance can also attract or pursue a woman. A perfume with a bit harsh fragrance is recommended, but it should not be too harsh for a woman’s fancy. Most ladies hate fragrance of perfumes with very high alcohol volume. A body roll-on will always help to keep your armpit dry and fresh. Some cologne brands that make women go wild are: Dolce & Gabanna, Aventus, Amarni Sports Code, Creed, Prada, Nautica, etc.

top men's perfume brand
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Don’t allow any lady to rate you as a “Smelling Dude”. It might take you eternity to correct such a negative impression.

10.  A moderately sized bow-tie or long tie makes you look nice and responsible as a man depending on your fashion style. You can also match your tie colour with your belt or trouser colour. Most ladies will always want to seize the least opportunity to come around you.
sample of recommended men's bow tie design and colour

Check out these awesome bow ties for men on ebay Here Rocking slim-sized, long ties with suits are more attractive and fitting than short, hanging ties. But it should not be so long. It should be just within your belt head. Always remember that long ties need a tie clip. Never allow your tie to fling around without control. The one that most ladies hate are those broad face ties.

recommended neck tie length and width for men
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11. Your hair cut style also says something about you. Even if you like keeping long hair, trim it and make it look nice. These are some healthy, sweet-smelling hair cream that sends a sweet sensation to a ladies nose. Always use them. A beard chin can also look attractive with a professional hair cut style.
Some hair cut styles fit some  face shapes most. Some styles look better or worse based on your face shape. That is why you need a hair cut catalog and a good barber to do the job right. Check out some the hair cut styles recommended for different men’s face shapes in the screenshot below.
recommended hair cut styles for different men's face shape

5 Dressing Styles That Most Ladies Hate

  • A sagging jean. Ladies say it makes most men look like a prisoner or slave
  • An Over-size T-shirt and trousers scare most ladies away because it makes them think that there is a great suffering ahead of you.
  • Most ladies hate all these graphics T-Shirts. They prefer plain mature, body-fitted types because you look like a promising young man.
  • Don’t wear those rickety shoes that scares even a dog away.
  • Ladies hate tattered hairs and beards. It makes them doubt the mental stability of such men.

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You have just learnt some cute dress styles for real men that will make every lady want to come around you. One thing is true – It does not cost you a lot to dress fine. You can dress simple and fine. It is just about knowing your colour combination and that there are clothes for different occasions. And above all, avoiding odour which gives eternal negative impression.
Do you have a contribution to make on this topic? Comment it below. If you really learnt something new from this article. Please use our share buttons below to help us reach your friends. Good Luck! Photo Credit: google.com, restartyourstyle.com

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