15 Best, Gorgeous & Attractive Fashion Styles, Ideas & Tips For Women

Every woman wants to be noticed. But it takes an attractive fashion styles for women to be noticed among the crowd. Get me right, I don’t mean dressing irresponsibly. There are some responsible dress codes that are attractive. Always remember that the way you dress is the way you are addressed. A good dress code takes into consideration your dress, hairstyle, make-up, necklaces and bracelets, shoes and even the fragrance of your perfume or roll-on. it takes a good dress code to be noticed in the crowd. A survey taken disclosed that real most men like their women to dress cute and attractive and never irresponsible.

best attractive fashion styles for ladies

Another aspect about women’s fashion is colour. Some colours are more attractive than others. Even your paintings matter a lot. Your ability to choose the right paint colour and dress style for the right occasion is what makes you noticeable. Even at your work place, your boss will like you to dress appropriately when coming to work. In this article, I will reveal what most men want their woman to wear, what they don’t a woman to wear and 5 recommended dress styles or fashions that make women attractive.

What Most Men Will Like Their Woman To Wear

Here are some gorgeous fashion ideas and tips that will help you look charming and attractive to a man:

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1. For your office works, a body-fitted corporate suits are more preferable. But it should never be over-size or too under-size! Suits fit every lady whether fat or slim. Just find a nice one.

corporate suits and wears

Check out these corporate suits and wears on ebay Here Also blazer suits and a button-down shirt makes a lady look elegant and a bit seductive.

best blazer suits for ladies
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2. Most men prefer red or pink hot gowns for party wears which really reveal to them your assets in abundance.

recommended red gown styles

Generally, almost all men are in love with ladies in long, over flowing charming gowns both for parties and for august occasions. It turns most men on especially sexy ones for parties.

nice and elegant over flowing gowns
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3. Most men prefer their women to wear belted dresses and jumpsuits. For your work place, churidaar pajamas and tunics nipped at the waist are very appealing for most men.

cool belted dresses for ladies
nice jumpsuits for ladies
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4. Fitted pencil skirts and body hugging dresses most with high waist are men’s favourite. Men most times like to see your body curves, even if it is not perfect, don’t be discouraged!

Fitted pencil skirts for ladies
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5. Body-fitted skinny jeans or tight jeans coupled with heels or knee-high boots are men’s favourite as casual wears.

Body-fitted skinny jeans with knee-high boots for ladies
Check out these body-fitted skinny jeans with knee-high boots for ladies on ebay Here

6. Most ladies look amazing in a shirt dress, whether short (but not too short) or long.

recommended shirt dresses for ladies
Check out these shirt dresses for ladies on ebay Here

7. Men prefer ladies with nice weavon or plated hair styles. Even if you love weavon, interchange with plated hairstyles once in a while. A simple and stylish hair is awesome. But hairstyles that are too bulky makes ladies look like a monster.

cute hairstyles for ladies
cute hairstyles for women

Check out these latest hair wig and attachment on ebay Here

8. Most women also look gorgeous and attractive in maxi gowns. It makes them look dignified.

recommended maxi gowns

Check out these maxi gowns for ladies on ebay Here

9. Short black gowns are also cute for some outings. Most men also love ladies in short, black, body-fitted gowns with wide U-neck or V-neck. They it makes some women look like goddesses.

recommended short black gowns

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10. Silver or white lace dresses, both short and long catches most men’s fancy especially for first date or as casual party wears.

short or long lace dresses for ladies
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11. For foot wears, men prefer a high heel court shoes which help you to “cat walk” very well – preferably, white, red, black or any other matching colour. Also, these days, men check your toes shapes. They flatter toes that are too wide.

cute ladies high heel court shoe

High hedge shoes also look appealing especially when rocked with an over-flowing gown.

High hedge shoes for ladies

Check out these high heel court shoes with hedges for ladies on ebay Here

12. Most men prefer artistic silver ankle bracelets or anklets, hoop earrings and necklaces that sit very close to the top of the chest or bottom of the neck. They say these types of jewelries adorn your neck and chest and also makes you attractive.

ankle bracelet earrings and necklaces
Check out these anklets, bracelets, earring and necklaces for ladies on ebay Here

13. A survey also proves that most men prefer cute short skirts that makes you look sexy, but not for office works. Preferably for parties or even as a casual outfits.

cute short skirts for ladies
Check out these cute short mini skirts for ladies on ebay Here

14. Most men say that a red or pink lipsticks are more preferable for fair ladies while dark blue or purple lipsticks suit dark ladies most. A red lip is a symbol of strength, prowess and self-assurance. But should be mild, don’t over-rub it; it scares most men away. The same goes with other eye and face cosmetics.

red, pink or purple lipsticks for ladies
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15. Men like ladies who put on perfumes with soft and cool fragrance. They say it makes ladies look more attractive and comely. It also leaves a magical sensation in their nose and mind.

perfumes with soft and cool fragrance for ladies
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16. Fitting sun glasses on a ladies face also tickle most men especially when worn by gorgeously dressed ladies. There are different glasses meant for different shapes of face. It takes some time for you to choose the one that perfectly choose your shape. Your ability to choose it, makes you attractive to men.
sun glasses for ladies
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What Most Men Will Not Like A Lady To Wear

  • Most men say that a baggy or over sized trouser makes a woman look too masculine for their liking.
  • Most men dislike a lady who wears excess make-up. They say it very dangerous to hug such a lady.
  • Foot wears and sandals that are too flat especially those ones that look like those biblical gladiators sandals makes a lady look like a soldier. Most real men hate such fashion.
  • A dress that total exposes a woman’s breast. Although most men like dresses that exposed a bit of ladies breast but not all of it.
  • The worst thing a man hates from a lady is body odour. It offs most men. Always put on sweet-smelling, cool perfume that will make any man that perceives it to come around the second time.

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A retired Army Major said,

I like a woman to look hot if she is my girl friend; cute if she is my sister; graceful if she is my mother and sultry if she is my wife.

Men know best how a woman needs to dress because men fantasise about women all the time”. So your fashion should be guided by the occasion. Dress appropriately and you will always attract real men always. See: 5 Best Places Recommended To Meet For First Date & 5 First Date Advice

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