10 Best Ways to Improve Social Media Presence of Small Businesses

Social Media have become the corner of all the hustle and bustle in this digitally connected world. From the business perspective, they are the go-to area as you have lots of eyeballs to grab. With social media advertisement, businesses are creating a great presence and reputation for themselves. Here, it doesn’t matter whether you have a big, small, medium business, what matters is how well you are managing the social media game.

ways small businesses can improve their social media presence

In this way, social media have been a leveler as they allow an equal opportunity to businesses irrespective of their size to grow their presence. For small businesses who have certain constraints like budget, there are many free tools and aids like the top social media clone script, social media posts planner, analytics tool, etc.

So, if you thought that your business is small, and social media are too fancy for you then hang on. Here as we go on busting that myth, we would tell you how small businesses can enhance their media presence and translate that into business growth.

How Small Businesses Can Improve their Social Media Presence

Setting Up The Goal

In life, you need to set goals and then work towards achieving them. The same goes true with the social media strategy. You have to be clear of your business needs as in what you are looking for from social media or how they can help your business. Understand clearly that whether you want to increase subscribers/followers or you want conversions or you just want to create a presence etc. Setting this clear goal would help you plan your actions and thus, you would be making efforts so as to reach that. This is much better than just randomly creating social media pages and posting business promotions.

No Shouting Promotions

Though the main idea is to promote the business, you can’t just go on social media and start selling your products or services. This would ultimately be going to turn off the crowd from your pages. Rather you need to follow a smart strategy whereby you interact with the users, answer their queries and while doing so, promote your services or products as a part of the solution.

Choosing Platforms

There are lots of social media platforms from Facebook to Snapchat, but you have to choose the one that suits your needs best. Choosing the right platform as per your goals and needs is very important. Say for example, if you want to target only the professional base, then LinkedIn is your option. And if you want numbers, then Facebook can be your platform because of its high volume of active users.



If you are there to build a presence, then being consistent is very necessary. Yes, you can’t just create social media handles and post once in a while expecting people would notice. That is not the case for sure. You have to keep posting and ensure that there is an interaction with the users on your social media pages. Post about offers, or festivals, occasions, etc. and be visible regularly.


As you go on with your social media you have to build a robust strategy whereby you have to put the steps to reach the goal in action. Here, you need to plan what you are going to post, when you are going to post, what kind of content would go live, etc. All these strategizing has to be done and planned for a short and long-term basis.

Assess Response

As you go ahead with your plan and strategy, it’s also important to read what responses you are getting. Yes, it’s important for you to check and read how the audience is reacting to your posts. Assess the data and find out what age group is more active or which geographical locations are most users watching your posts, etc. These realizations that you extract out of an assessment of your social media responses, would provide you inputs to make the business grow and be more specific to entice the target audience.

Get a Dedicated Setup

Social media presence management is no additional or side task when it comes to business. If it was, then firms won’t be hiring services or spending millions on social media advertisements. What you really need to do is to take it seriously and have a dedicated setup for it. By that, we mean a small team or 1-2 people managing the tasks and giving their full attention to it.


Change When Needed

Don’t just keep on moving with a boring old strategy if it’s not showing out results. Further, if your newly chalked-out strategy is not giving results see the mistake and move on. You have to be vigilant to see what’s working and what’s not and regularly replace what’s not working with something that is actually working.

Keep an Eye on Competition

You can learn a lot from your competitors if you keep an eye on what they do. What we mean is that following the social media game of your market competitors can be a check as to where you are going wrong or what new you can do to take the lead. Thus, it’s important to be following the competition.


Automation has been extensively utilized in social media strategizing and is now an essential part of it. With automation, you can schedule and plan posts for your social media handles well in advance and ensure that there is a consistency of the presence and posting. Tools like Hootsuite are excellent examples for utilizing social media to up the presence.



By putting what we discussed above into practice you are sure to level up the social media presence of your business. Since social media is an inevitable part of our life these days and people spend hours there as a business you can’t miss the gathering of so many potential clients. With a planned approach and the right actions (that we discussed above), a robust online presence can be created which can reap benefits for your business.

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