Top 10 Plus Size Ladies Dress Styles for Special Occasions

Which dress is best for plus size? Which dress  styles flatter plus size figures, especially for special occasions? Plus size women are sometimes worried about dress styles that what will look good or not. If you also confused about these questions, then don’t worry, I am here to help you. You will find plus size ladies dress styles for different age ranges; both for above 50 and below 50.

plus size ladies dress styles for special occasions

I know that searching for plus size dress for various occasions is very tough, but I have done some hard work for you. I have searched much then, now listed some plus size dress for you and I hope you will like it. And don’t worry, all dresses are in all size and they are available in most of the popular UK clothing stores.

Best Plus-Size Ladies Fashion Styles for Special Seasons

Nola Dress

It is so beautiful dress, you can buy this. This dress is so fitting with trapeze silhouette and in bottom yoke are assemble, finished with tie on top. In back it contains panels and in center shirred and it is in A-line shape. This dress is short, baggy sleeves and elastic at the hem. The neck of back or front is deep and dress is knee length above. It is very comfortable and flattering.

Gingham Dress

This dress is for spring and it is mini dress which is in blue checked for plus size. It suits all body types, because its simplicity and silhouetted nature. It contain removable belt, ruffled hem and it can be easily  put up or down with heels or simple white sneakers and you can get it in all size. This dress is made of gingham, which is a cotton fabric made with yarn woven. To make checked pattern, a plain weave is used.


Cocktail Dress

Every lady should have a cocktail dress which is a dress for party and other semi-formal events. Its length varies; above knee, just below knee for formal events and short for semi formal events. This dress includes black or blouse, skirt or pants set. You know lacy and delicate rose colored dress of torrid is perfect for night out and wedding guest dress if you wear this dress with heels. One more thing about this dress is that it contains pockets and you can get it in all size up to 6x.

Tiered Swing Dress

In this dress a series of overlapping layers which are of different length and create different range of hem line when come to the skirt. Swing dress styles are universally flattering in nature. It fits anyone and is made by enough material, which is comfy with fitted. You know, black and green tiered swing dress of ELOQUII feature is very good to wear, which contain a line silhouette above knee and available in all sizes 14 to 18. You can pair it with booties or jean jacket.

Midaxi Dress

If you are looking for a classic dress, then a cold shoulder dress is good for attending wedding, black tie event, date night, etc. It is available in all size and you can also buy this dress for all occasion because this dress is mixture of maxi and midi; which makes it look like dress or skirt. Its length is below the mid calf and above the ankle. It contain hemline which is seasonless and versatile. It can be paired with sandals in summer and knee high boots in winter.

Sweatshirt Hoodies

You know a sweatshirt hoodie means it has a hood attached to it and also contains full zipper or kangaroo pocket. You can buy this because it is casual, cool and comfortable. As you know this dress is casual, so it can serve as formal, semi-formal or smart casual outfit. Thee dress style will instantly change your look. It is good for plus size because it is not too body-tight, so doesn’t reveal body figure a lot. You can try cute sweatshirt dress of ASOS which is cozy, warm and available in also size.


Ribbed Dress

A lounge-wear and ribbed dress is perfect for plus size ladies also. A ribbed dress comes in form of bodycon knit sweater dress and it makes outfit more elegant and attractive. You can easily style ribbed dress and the benefits of this dress is that it is stretchy and comfortable. This dress is also allows you to stretch the shirt according to your body weight or as you move. Its neck is v-neckline, which can draw more attention, so you can put some accessories.

Midi Dress

Midi means a length of two inches which is below the knees and just above ankle. It looks good on everyone but you have to pair it with some chosen dress like mid skirt, top, shoes, etc. All these with paired look hard, little girly and frumpy. It is also good for formal meeting and informal also. Plisse balloon sleeve midi dress is just awesome, you can try it and I know you will love it. Its price is not much so it is affordable and like long sleeve frock contain plunging neckline and one thing which can hugs you are an hourglass silhouette.

Stretch Denim Bardot Bodycon Dress

Anyone of any age can wear any type of clothes. Bodycon means for body conscious which is popular style of dress just because of their stretch, seductive style and figure hugging fabric. This dress is designed for show off your curves a little as a lady. You can also pair this dress with jacket, which can balance its look. It is simple like long top and tummy control panel, which can help more to keep your dress in perfect place all night.

Skater Dress

Everyone wants a right dress for special occasion which can be very challenging to find. But don’t worry, this dress will help you to clear out red carpet and look different. It is a type of A-line dress which length is just above the knee. This type of dress fit automatically at the waist and then flow out from there. It is cute and girly look for daily outfit and you can pair this dress with heels for party and sports shoes for casual and also with jeans.



These are the plus size dress styles which will help complement your beauty and looks. According to my research all dress are very comfortable and beautiful for plus size women. You can check How to Distinguish Original Ankara Fabrics from Fake Ones.

Which of these plus-size ladies dress styles do like most? I will like to hear from you in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this article with your social media friends by clicking a share button. Also subscribe to our blog via email to get notified when we publish our upcoming fashion articles. Enjoy!

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