inspiring movies for entrepreneurs and business investors

70 Entrepreneurship & Business Movies that will Transform your Life

Adapting an entrepreneur’s lifestyle does not mean you should totally change your lifestyle. You only need to redirect your life to things that will help you achieve the goals you set. You shouldn’t stop watching movies simply because you are living an entrepreneur’s lifestyle. Movies are... Read more »
entrepreneurship and business investing books for beginners

150 Entrepreneurship Books for Investing & Business Insights

Show me a successful entrepreneur who does not read and I will prove to you that he is an employee, not an entrepreneur. Read books on investment, finance, self-improvement and new business ideas. Warren Buffett gained investment ideas that made him a billionaire by reading financial... Read more »
best centralized and decentralized exchanges

15 Best Secured Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms for Trading

There are many centralized and decentralized exchanges where you can trade bitcoin, altcoins or even stake your coins for rewards. But for safety purposes, there are many things you need to consider before signing up with any cryptocurrency exchange. Many scams have happened in the cryptosphere... Read more »
how to write a business plan that will attract investors

Tips to Help you Write a Good Business Plan: Step by Step Guide

Every business must have a well-written business plan in order to grow and meet its goals. Business plans have many advantages which every entrepreneur should know. A business plan does not only help you evaluate the growth rate of your business, it also helps to ensure... Read more »
unique features of successful entrepreneurs

7 Features that Distinguish Real Entrepreneurs from Job Seekers

Entrepreneurship is simply the act of nurturing an idea, overcoming some challenges and then successfully build a wealth from it. Entrepreneurs are real business gurus in their different fields of specialization who have the sole aim of establishing their own firm and possibly create employment opportunities... Read more »
best accounting and data analysis software tools

5 Basic Office Software Tools for Managers, Data Analysts & Accountants

Managerial skills, accounting data analysis depend not only on how one can perform well or manage his work or colleagues well. It also on how fast and how well one can perform. Managers need to perform their works of time and deliver timely submission for their... Read more »
sites where you can work from home and make money online

5 Best Genuine Websites to Work & Make Money Online from Home

Nowadays, everyone is busy to earn as much as money as possible from genuine sources, that can help them work according to their time, space and convenience. In this respect, online websites are best for one to work. However many people fear that online websites might... Read more »
best online magazines and newspapers that pay article writers

10 Best Online Publication Magazines that Pay Freelance Writers

Apart from writing passion, freelancing is an online lucrative business that can fetch you enough money. There are many online publishing magazine and newspaper companies that are looking for freelancers that can write different categories of articles, ranging from fiction, non-fiction, short stories, marriage, romance, health,... Read more »
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5 Best High in Demand Programming Languages to Learn

Programming languages are easy to learn when using the correct guide and Operating Systems. But the big problem is picking the right language to learn. This has been the biggest issue for every programmer new to the game of programming though you could learn one or... Read more »
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5 Best Websites to Learn Web Development and Programming

In the profession of web development, it is not just beginners that takes web design courses. It is also entitled to pro developers because as we all know that new technologies and techniques emerges everyday. So it is very important to keep up to the trend.... Read more »