5 Best Android Photo Editing Apps You Need

Android photo editing apps have become one of the most regularly used apps today. Since the breakthrough of android phones, we have seen phones with fantastic cameras, even phones with dual cameras. But in all the need to improve selfie qualities has always been a priority. We have dug through Google play store to reveal to you these superb photo editor apk apps to help you give your selfies and other photos that professional touch. You save the money you would have spent going to a photo studio. Most of these apps have amazing features to help you do the job easily. These photo editing apps will help you create and edit site images, banner and logos.
best online and offline android editor apps

The Need for Android Photo Editing Apps

Android phones today take brilliant pictures, but a little tweak can make them exceptional. Applying changes like cropping to enhance composition, correcting color casts, straightening horizons, erasing blemishes and boosting contrast can drastically improve a good shot. This is where the need for android photo editing app comes in to make the job easier.
There are so many android photo editing apps, but obviously you can’t use all simultaneously. In this post we have helped you carry out the search and found out the best apps you can use to do a neat photo editing work.

Top 5 Android Photo Editor Apps

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express - best selfie editing apk app

After much comparison with other photo editors, it was clear that adobe Photoshop express is the best. With simple and minimal interface adobe PS is a very easy and quick app to use. It has the capability to perform functions like cropping, straightening, rotating and flipping photos. Other embedded functions like brightness adjustment, coupled with excellent selection of smart filters to correct minor issues, plus color temperature, fogging and exposure problems.

Google Snapspeed

Snapspeed - Google best android photo editor

Snapspeed is another good photo editing app developed by google. This app is totally free on google play and a very powerful photo editing tool if not the best. Snapspeed possesses about 30 different tools to customize the look of photos and different types of filters. some features of google snapspeed includes: Native dark theme mode in the app , you can saving customized preset for applying them to images after, a tool for editing a portion of an image called selective filter brush, editing and exporting RAW DNG files as JPG. You also need to sing in with a google account, facebook account or an Adobe ID to use google snapspeed.


PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor

PicsArt Photo Studio - best android collage maker and pic editor

PicsArt is one of the most downloaded app in 2019, with over 100 million downloads. The app has a social media feature that enables you share your photos after editing, it also has an in-built camera feature. Some of its key features includes: A Rapidly evolving AI-powered effects, brush mode for editing a specific part, In-built camera app with live effects, Double exposures using layers and adjustable transparency. Although its limitation is on enormous ads display.


Canva - best free online app for graphic design works

Canva is the best free online photo editing app for social media purpose. It gives you a good user interface, and enable you share your images on social media after editing. This app has a special filter and effect that will bring out the beauty in your photo, and make your images amazing. The app crops images automatically to social media dimensions, i.e Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram etc, and varieties of templates to choose from. Canva has a paid version and a free version that displays ads occasionally but can be dismissed if not needed, or rather upgrade to premium version. The app serves best for graphic design works like logo, flyer, poster, invitation cards, etc.

CyberLink PhotoDirector

Cyberlink photodirector apk - best offline photo editor app

Cyberlink photo editing app is still a new app but has risen to the top 5 because of its easy to use interface for beginners and other good features. Some of its features includes a smart object removal feature that can be used to remove unwanted object from the image, an embedded HDR and other effects that can change the outlook of your photo, a skin smoother tool that can be used to smooth the image skin and reduce editing, and a social media share button.



The apps recommended on this article may not necessary be the best for some people but definitely meets all you need to make a perfect photo for your website, social media or any other purpose.

Now help your social media friends know about these amazing Android Photo Editing Apps by clicking a share button below. Feel free to comment below if you have any contribution or further inquiry in the comment section below. Also subscribe to our blog to get notified when w update this post or drop similar android app reviews. Enjoy!

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