Top 5 Trending Android Puzzle Games to Download and Play

If your android phone does not have puzzle game installed, then your device is incomplete and that means you are not maximizing the full potential of your device. Puzzle games are not just games to kill boredom, train your brain, enhance your reasoning skills, also fun to play and addictive also! One of the things that made me love puzzle video games is that they have varieties like word guessing, logic, Maths, cryptic, trivia, riddles, pattern guessing, mechanical, etc. You hardly get tired of them and most of them are free to download and play, with small file size. Even if you feel bored playing one, you install another puzzle game of different category. Are you looking for an engaging and interesting puzzle game to play or do you wish to know some of the trending puzzle games to download apart from Candy Crush Saga? Then this game article is for you. Keep reading!

trending android puzzle game to download for free

5 Best Android Puzzle Games that Kill Boredom

Here are the 5 best boredom killer Android Puzzle games to play.

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1. Bonza Word Puzzle

Bonza Word Puzzle - best android puzzle game

This is a very addictive crossword puzzle game which comprises of word search, trivia and jigsaw. The game also has superb good graphic, and moreover, it has a low file size (just few MB).

New free puzzles are available to you everyday for you to enjoy. It is definitely that android game you’ll want to download. Download it from google play store for free with this link (

2. Mekorama

Bonza Word Puzzle - best android puzzle game

This is very challenging but addictive android puzzle game and it plays a big role in training your brain.

I personally tried this game out and really love it; It has smooth animations and insane graphics, and also has different challenges for any new level.

You help a robot find it way home in a mechanical field in order to complete a chapter.

This game is easy to download and has a very low file size. It also does not require much RAM size to play. Android OS requirements are versions 4.0 and above.

If you really need a real and challenging puzzle game, then you must download and play this game. Download it from google play store for free with this link (

3. 2048

2048 - best puzzle game for android

This is a fun and greatly addictive game where you has to join numbers to get to the ‘2048’ tile. If you love playing single-player sliding block video puzzle games, then you will love 2048.
Here are some of its key features:

  • Undo is available
  • Superb graphic
  • Leaderboards and high scores record for all screen board.

Download it from google play store for free with this link (

4. Aquavias

Aquavias - best android puzzle game

This is another small file size android puzzle game in which you have to prevent drought in the city by creating a water flow with aqueducts pipe.

You’ve to build a city of sufficient water flow and help manage your great city while preventing it from drought.

If you feel bored while playing other puzzle games, then try Aquavias. Very engaging! Download it from google play store for free with this link (

5. Ending

Ending - best android puzzle game

This is another great puzzle game for chess and other board-games fanboys as it is also a single player turn based game where you have to determine your player movements and death .

Ending the list with this android puzzle game and because the name of the game is named “Ending” doesn’t mean it is the list on the game. In fact, it is the engaging android puzzle game you must try. Download it from google play store for free with this link (

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By now, you must have seen more puzzle games that will keep you busy with your Android phone apart from Candy Crush Saga. Try those puzzle games and tell me the ones you enjoyed most in the comment section. Please help us reach your friends in the social media by clicking a share button below. Enjoy!


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