Trending Smartphones 2019 with Key Specs and Best Price

Do you wish to know which Android phones are currently rocking the smartphone market in 2019 with the best price? Today, I have a superb list to present to you. Samsung has released some hot Note and S-series mobile phones with amazing configurations. Some of these phones were released late in 2018 and have been trending till now, with best price when compared to its specs. Another 3 companies that are following Samsung behind are Apple, Huawei and Google Pixel. Some of these phones have 4G and 5G feature, superb front and back camera quality and powerful CPU.
trending android smartphones 2019 and beyond with best price deals
There has been a bit change in trend in smartphone market this 2019 and I forecast the trend will still go beyond 2019. One of these trends is the foldable and flexible smartphones which companies like Samsung, LG, Oppo and Huawei started the trend. Another trend is the release of punch-hole camera Android phones. Samsung and Huawei have been warming up to unveil.

5 Trending Smartphones 2019 with Amazing Specs and Price

Now check out the list below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - trending samsung phone 2019 best price
This Samsung smartphone has been rocking the smartphone market since it was released in August 2018. The smartphone has 2 huge storage variations; the 512 GB and that of 128 GB, both with 6 GB ram which can take care of petty Much everything you want to do on a smartphone.
The battery can last you longer as it has 4000 mAh capacity. So it is a phone you can use all day long without having to worry about the battery. The price range is from $999.99 to $1249.99.

iPhone XS/iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max - trending iphone 2019 key specs
Looking for the most rouged apple phone? iPhone XS is the latest smartphone in the iPhone world working on the io2 12 and an A12 Bionic CPU. It packs a long lasting capacity of 3174 mAh for an attractive price of $999.99.
About the Storage? Don’t worry, it has got you covered.  It hosts 4 GB of ram and storage of 512 GB for all your high-end activities.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei Mate 20 Pro - trending Huawei smartphone 2019 with best price
Searching for that budget hell-lasting battery smartphone? No doubt, you are looking for the Huawei Mate 20 pro which has been trending since November 2018 when it was released.
The battery has 4200 mAh capacity and it does petty Much everything smoothly and lightly as it is heavily equipped with a 6 GB Ram and 128 GB for the storage. The price is around $916.26.

Samsung Galaxy s9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy s9 Plus - trending S-series smartphone 2019 and beyond
Samsung Galaxy s9 has been trending in the smartphone world since it is released on March 2018, it will be petty hard to believe if you said you haven’t heard of this smartphone before. Now you have right?
Samsung Galaxy s9 plus would be released by March 2018 running the Android 8 OS version. This smartphone can take care of all you need with your smartphone and it is trusted to be a very good gamers choice, as it is packed with 6 GB ram and 128 GB storage for that smooth experience you need.
The battery capacity is pretty cool. 3500 mAh battery can serve you a whole day. The price is around $840.

Google Pixel 3 XL

Google Pixel 3 XL - trending Google Android Phone 2019 with specs
This phone is latest and it has really got recognition in the smartphone market as soon as it was released. The smartphone was released on November 2018 and it has been trending since then till date!
It runs on Android 9 OS version, with a 4 GB ram which is okay for your daily activities and a 128 GB storage. It is definitely a phone to check out! The price is around $799 in Google store.


All smartphone listed above are all popular and trending smartphones. You might have heard about some of them without knowing their key specs. Now you have know them. So feel free to check them in some recommended online stores like Google, eBay and Amazon.
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