5 Top Android 3D Games Like Game of Thrones Video Game

Are you tired of playing Game of Thrones video game? There are some other similar Android 3D games like Game of Thrones which are very engaging with good graphics, smooth animation and logical booster. They also support multi players and you can play them both online and offline. In case you don’t know Game of Thrones apk, it is that Adventures video game every person who likes logic and strategy in game plays. This role playing game was developed by Warner Bros and it has been a lot of people’s favourite just like the movie. If you enjoy playing strategy, brain, puzzle or even games, then you will sure enjoy these apk games.
similar android games to game of thrones video game
I have played the 6 episodes in Game of Thones in my PS4. But I felt like playing similar games in may Android Phone. So I took out time to dig through Google play store to discover these cool 3D games that are like Game of Thrones.

5 Best 3D Apk Games Similar to Game of Thrones



Sanitarium apk - an adventure game like game of thrones
This game is totally assumed to be the twin of “Game of Thrones”. Here is an adventure game in which your character jumps into a quest of knowing himself after brain memory loss due to a car accident he was involved in.
This game is equipped with absolutely insane graphics and animations are at it’s peak! Download and play this cool adventure game from play store.

This War of Mine

This War of Mine apk - an adventure-puzzle game like game of thrones
Here comes one of the strategic and imbibed-logic games you haven’t heard of. This War is Mine is a war based game, platform and adventure game in which you put some leadership and strategic skills into controlling civilians strategically!
This game is multiplayer and can be enjoyed by people from all over the world. Just connect! Download and play this cool action game from play store.

Gemini Rue

Gemini Rue apk - a riddle android game like game of thrones
If you have always loved adventure and puzzle games, then you will enjoying playing Germini Rue with your Android phone.
Gemini Rue is an adventure and sci-fi game whereby you have to take control of a game character who solves mystery and riddles by interacting with objects in the game world.
This game has gotten many reviews for being very addictive and engaging, just like a puzzle/adventure game is expected to be. Download and play this cool adventure-puzzle game from play store.

Syberia (Full)

Syberia apk - an adventure-strategic game like game of thrones
What is this single player game all about? Syberia presents to you the role of a Riddle decoder as it an android single player and adventure game which you get to be in control of an entrepreneur character who wants to sell his firm and tour Europe but not until the puzzle and mysteries are solved.
In this game, you as the player are subjected to tough brain challenge without many riddles and mysteries to decipher. Download and play this cool brain game from play store.

Beholder (Free)

Beholder free apk - an adventure-strategic game like game of thrones
Beholder is an adventure and highly-strategic game where you control a state employed landlord character. This landlord character of the state of totalitarian is employed by the government to spy on the tenants.
Real gamers love and  play addictive games and that is why beholder is here to help you with that experience. A super addictive with a simple design and structure! Download and play this cool strategic game for free from play store.


Now get yourself out there and download these apk games that are like the popular game of Throne. Do not procrastinate! Articles that add value need to be shared. Just give your social media friends a helping hand by clicking a share button below.
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