5 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Brands with Buying Guide

Bluetooth speakers are one of the trending music gadgets now. There are tons of features that these gadgets have that makes them outstanding. You no longer need ear piece to improve the quality of music when using bluetooth speakers. You just insert SD card or connect it to your mobile phone. The sound quality is very amazing. They can give you a  sound quality that even your home theater music set cannot give you. Then the most amazing thing about this electronic gadget is the price which is far below when comparing it with its features. The portability is superb! Through a survey we gathered from shoppers from Amazon, eBay and Walmart, we have selected the best bluetooth speaker brands that gives you the best. Not only in portability, but in sound quality, best price, and other features. You will also see a link where you can purchase them from Amazon and eBay.

best portable bluetooth speakers to buy with buying guide

Bluetooth Speaker Buying and Usage Guide

There are many similar bluetooth speakers available in every store. These few tips will help you pick the best brand that will suit your taste. Check out some of the features that might help you make the right decision.

Battery Life: Nobody will like to buy a rechargeable electronic gadget that its battery does not last. Not even you! Although some bluetooth speaker batteries last longer than others, but also know that the play volume also determines how long the battery will last. This is because when you increase the volume, the bass of the music increases, which in turn increases the rate at which the battery drains. An advice I will give is not to allow the battery drain completely before recharging them, especially if it is a Li-ion battery.


Size, Shape and Weight: All these put together, determine how portable the gadget is. When it come to size and weight, some bluetooth speakers might have small size and still be heavier some that are bigger than them. So you must compare their weights and size. Check if the size is proportional to weight. Talking about the shape, bluetooth speakers come in different shapes like cornical, cuboid, cylindrical, etc.

Waterproof: Water and electronic components are arch enemies. That is why some of the recent brands of bluetooth are now designed to be water-resistant. This means that water cannot penetrate through the cover. But it quite necessary to note that waterproof bluetooth speaker are a bit costlier than those that are not.

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Audio Power: Some bluetooth speaker have more audio power than others. Audio power is rated in Watts. Always check the audio quality and ensure it gives you enough bass that will suit your taste. Also note that if your room is large, you need to go for higher audio power bluetooth speaker.

Price: This is a very important point you must consider before buying any gadget. The most costly bluetooth speaker most times is not the best. Also note that the more features the gadget has, the higher the price in most cases. The best price range for bluetooth speakers is between $50 to $200. Some popular brands may still cost more this price range.

Other Capability: Also check if you can answer calls through the device when your android phone is the music source. Some recent bluetooth speakers also allow you to connect to multiple speakers for better sound amplification. This might be quite useful if your bluetooth speaker is used to play song in a party.


Review of 5 Best Bluetooth Speaker Brands to Buy


Anker bluetooth speakers are know for high quality and better features. The most popular versions are Anker Soundcore Motion+, Anker Soundcore Flare and Anker SoundCore 2 which is water resistant, very portable, nice bluetooth range with an affordable price. The price falls slightly below or above $50.


Sony electronic gadgets are always known for high quality. Their bluetooth speakers are not left behind. They come in various portable shapes and are give a very impressive sound quality. some of their popular versions are Sony XB32, Sony XB10 and Sony SRS-XB12.


JBL bluetooth speakers are also have amazing features. The 2 most popular versions are JBL Flip 4, JBL Charge 3, JBL Charge 4; an ugraded version of charge 3, with 7500 mAh. But Charge 4 does not have a built-in microphone for answering calls. The sound quality of JBL bluetooth speakers are amazing. Other popular version are JBL FLIP 5, JBL Pulse 4, JBL Boombox, etc. Their best price range is around $90 to $200.


Bose bluetooth speakers also deliver amazing 360 degrees sound, which was made possible by their cylindrical shape. Some of their popular brands are Bose Soundlink Micro, Bose SoundLink Mini and Bose SoundLink Mini II. They can give you an average of 12 hours battery life if the volume is not too high.


Am personally in love with Tronsmart bluetooth because of they are rugged, very portable, with affortable price range. They usually come in cylindrical shapes and have moderate weight. The version I have is Tronsmart t6, it has amazing stereo bass. Although it is not water-resistant, but its upgraded version, Tronsmart T6 Plus is; with 40 W. The best price range is around $59 to $80.


Do you shop on ebay? Check out these recommended portable bluetooth speakers.

Some Other Popular Bluetooth Speaker Brands

  • UE Boom 3, UE Megablast and UE Wonderboom 2
  • Sonos Move
  • Denon Envaya
  • Marshall Stockwell II
  • LG Xboom Go PK5
  • Tribit MaxSound Plus and Tribit XSound Go
  • The Google Whisperer


You now know the best bluetooth speakers that suit different lifestyles and purposes. Take your time to check more of their features o amazon and eBay or any other online shop where you do your shopping. Don’t forget your budget in terms of price.

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