5 Best Ways to Protect your Computer from Virus & Hackers

Have your PC been attacked by virus or hackers before? If yes, then you need to fasten your security belt. If no, you need to put more effort so that you don’t experience it. Imagine losing your important files and data within a twinkling of an eye. Not only that, black hat hackers can even cause permanent damage to some hardware of your computer. It costs you little or nothing to protect your PC from virus, malware or even the malicious activities of hackers. I have taken time to write the best, easy and effective ways to protect your PC and network from any form of cyber attack, both online and offline.

how to protect your pc from virus and cyber threats

There are other reasons why you should protect your PC form hackers, especially if you work online. Your online business is at a very big risk once your PC is under attack. Access to some of your important files is becomes very easy, especially if you store important documents there. It could be your payment details, login details, etc. Have you heard of Formjacking? A new cyber threat which gives hackers access to your online credit card details.

5 Guides on How to Protect Your Computer from Hackers & Virus

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Use a Firewall

Firewall is mainly use to create a barrier between your information and the outside world. Firewall helps a lot in protecting you from unauthorized access to your business network. This will always alert you whenever an attempt is been made to your computer.

Firewall is necessary for every device to avoid unnecessary access to your computer and one good thing about this firewall is that it comes with every computer. But if yours to have it, you can still purchase a hardware firewall from companies like Cisco, Sophos or Fortinet depending on your router. For those that have a larger business, you need to purchase an additional business networking firewall.

Install the Latest Antivirus Software and Update it Regularly

There are so many computer viruses, key loggers and Trojans are everywhere in this world. So many hackers do use virus to login to your computer and achieve their aim but with some antivirus apps like Avast, Cloud Antivirus and Malware bytes your computer is highly secured from hackers.

The role of Antivirus in our computer is not only protecting our system by detecting real-time threats to ensure our data is very safe. It also provide automatic updates of the app and still protect our computer from new detected virus. Once you install antivirus on your computer to forget to make use of it always run or schedule regular virus scans to keep your computer from virus free.

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Make Use of Complex Password

Using a password is another way of preventing illegal intrusion to your system by hackers. If you are selecting password, make sure you select a complex password that will be very hard for hackers to have way to your computer.

To create a more complex password, you don’t need to use letters only or words that are so easy to guess. Don’t think of using your birthday month to create a password for yourself because it can easily be guess by hackers and that’s a very big problem for you. For you to select a complex password you need combination of letters and numbers to do that and with this, it will be very hard for hackers to have a way to your computer.

Ignore Spam Messages

Be careful with the way you open spam messages from unknown companies or parties on your email, as hackers still use this method to go through your computer device without you knowing.

Spam catchers always update their strategy on regular basis. Most of them will send you links to click. Once you fall prey by clicking those links, your computer will be hacked and monitored remotely. Once this start happening, you are at the risk of great loss especially if you are handling a business with that your email. The case is worse if your bank details are connected to the email. You know consequences!

Secure Your Internet Network

Some of us will get a new router and will not even bother to know whether it comes with set security, not knowing that their device can be hacked from their internet network.

To prevent this from happening to you, always log in to the router and set up your password using a secure encrypted format. Once you do this, nothing like anybody hacking your network and messing up your settings.

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You now know these tips on how to easily protect your PC from hackers, virus and malware. Just apply the tips I revealed above and best assured that your computer will always be safe from any form of cyber attack.

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