Top 10 Cyber Security Terms Every Online Business Owner Should Know

A lot have been employed in cyber security to ensure protect online data, network, devices and devices from unauthorized access. As an entrepreneur how has online business, there are some security terms you really need to know. The knowledge of these cyber security threats and terms will help you to avoid them and also to know what to do in case you fall a prey by mistake. I have explicitly explained these very important cyber security terms and how you can avoid them.

top cybersecurity terms you should know

10 Cyber Security Terms & Threats Every Online Entrepreneur Must Know


Formjacking (Updated)

This is the online version of ATM card skimming. Hackers use this method to collect details entered in an online form without the approval of the owner. The data collected might be credit card payment details, login details. We have written how owners and users of eCommerce sites and login sites can protect themselves from this cyber threat.

Black Hat Hackers

As an online business owner this is what you should be wary of in other to protect your business. Black hackers are tech pirates in one part of the world trying to hack into your personal document to get every information about you in order to get full control of it.

Most of you here watching Hollywood movies must have seen how this hackers do operate. They are just there to breakthrough your cyber security to cause havoc on it.


If you don’t take anything here serious, I beg you to take this one very serious as this is more directly to you out of all cyber security terms.

This is a way you use to show that the person accessing your information is actually allowed to access it. You can achieve this by creating a password for yourself or make use of thumbprint and eye retina.



This term is just like the protection of anything you send to someone be it message, file or content. No matter what you are trying to share with anybody, your computer always code the information so that the person receiving it will be the only person to have access to it.

Those codes that your computer normally uses to encrypt your messages or files are what this hackers are looking for in other to get access to your information. The information they are looking for might be your personal bank details or business contacts and you know the kind of havoc they might cause once they get access to yours.


This is software that infects your computer or device, it’s just like a virus that’s normally used by hackers to infect your computer for them to have control of your computer and every activity happens in it.

Your Computer can get this virus through spam messages that is been send through email so be careful with some spam messages that seems too good to be true.

White Hat Hackers

While pinpointing black hat hackers, we don’t need to forget this set of criminals as they also there to cause damages on their own too.

This set of people specializes on hacking big companies to identify the problems or how vulnerable the company is. There are lots of White hat hackers that are being hired by companies to always check on their online vulnerability.

You can still get one to help you out in checking if your company’s cyber security is vulnerable. In summary, white hat hackers use their hacking skills to expose and prevent the activities of black hat (malicious) hackers.


This is another world in internet where every evil thing and internet crimes take place. In darknet, drugs, gun business are so many other evil businesses happen there and that’s a place where you can still see black hackers that always there to cause havoc.

So as an online business owner, avoid any transaction involving this website and those using them.



Spoofing as a word look funny but it has its own definitions it a process whereby a hackers change their IP address to get you convince that they are real in other to get the detail that you won’t even think of giving to avoid this keep your information’s to yourself unless it’s known company.

Brute Force Attack

This attack is normally cause by black hat hackers whereby they will be guessing your business or company password randomly in other to have access to your computer.

To avoid this, create a complex password and avoid using date of birth of simple words to create your password. Also try adding special characters to ensure your password cannot be easily guessed.


That moment when a hacker disguises himself as a service provider and tries to get sensitive information like username and password of your company, that what we call phishing. Most companies have crumbled because of this issue.

The 2 most common types of phishing are Spear Phishing and Clone Phishing. The former targets a particular category of individuals. Most times, celebrities are their main targets. In the latter, the Phisher constructs a mail which so much resembles a legitimate mail sent from the company and then modifies the link in the original legitimate mail with a malicious link. Once the owner of the email opens the email and clicks the link, he has become a prey.

I will advise you as an online business owner to beware of this kind of experience.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack

This type of attack is normally caused by black hat hackers where they shut down company web presence for a while by incorporating a multiple users and host to bombard a website of an individual or company with request that will freeze it to shut down for some time.

This form of attack has turn out to be a very big problem to cyber world today and most cyber securities specialists are worried.



To be fore warned they say is to be fore armed. I have taken time to explain these cyber security terms and how you can avoid them. Take precaution by utilizing some of the latest CyberSecurity tools so that your business does not fall prey to these internet fraudsters.

Do you think there is an important security term I missed? Comment and explain it below. Help your entrepreneurs who are your social media friends by clicking a share button below. Remember to subscribe to our blog for free so that we will keep you updated with our latest business articles. Enjoy! 

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