Top 5 Best Speech Recognition Software for Small Businesses

Speech recognition software are real time savers. Imaging having only to speak through the microphone of your device; be it Windows PC, Mac, Android phone or iPhone, instead of typing. Small businesses need speech recognition software because it helps to reduce the volume of paper works for the secretary. It also make it possible for anyone to type on the go. For example, instead of searching for a app installed in your PC, you can just tell your PC what you are looking for. This article will reveal the 5 best voice recognition software every small business needs.

best voice to text software for small businesses

Most devices have inbuilt speech recognition software which works like Voice Search in Android phone. In Windows 10, you will find Cortana. Dragon is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Another aspect you need to know about these software is that you can train your app so that it can easily understand your voice. Voice recognition software can be used in many fields, like law, office work, consultancy, etc.

5 Recommended Voice Recognition Software for Any Small Business

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Dragon: Naturally Speaking

Dragon for mac and windows

This is one of the best speech recognition app for windows, which can be use to dictate any word processor, open apps, perform web searches and still control your system at the same time.

Dragon is very kind of expensive to afford but it’s far more powerful than any other system when we talk about accuracy in dictating and controlling our system functions making it perfect for small business due to it’s time saving and value for money. It support up to 6 languages including English, Dutch, French, German Spanish and Italian and that’s one problem this software has but it’s not a must it features your own language as you can still use other languages it features to achieve what you want to accomplish.

You can use dragon to write documents by just dictating the words with your voice. It very fast while comparing to other recognition software but it lack the ability to dictate, edit, format spreadsheet and presentation within Microsoft word, excel and some power points apps. Another problem am having with dragon is that it’s very costly to afford as you have to spend up to $150 to access it.

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Google Assistant

google assistant speech to text software

This Speech recognition software always come with most android smart phones and some chrome book tablets and smart speakers. Google assistance has a very sensitive feature that will help you to achieve task like searching the web, dictate notes and control most apps on your android phone.

Google Assistant is very easy to use, the only thing you need to do is to say hey Google, take a note and assistance will ask you what the note is all about and you can start dictating this is for those you that want to make note with Google assistance. The only problem am having with this software is the editing part of it as it cannot edit like Dragon but the only good thing about this software is that it features more than 150 languages around the world and it’s very free so you don’t have an excuse of not using this software.

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Siri for iOS

This Speech recognition software comes free with Apple device. You can use it to take note, send messages, source for information from web and open every apps in your apple device. It’s just like Google assistance the only difference is that Siri is meant for apple users while Google assistance is meant for Android users.

To make use of siri software, just hold the home button on your apple device and say hey siri once you have the option configure on your apple phone. Siri features more than 20 languages unlike Google assistance that features more than 150 and it’s very bad in terms of translation but apart from that, it’s accuracy is one of a kind.


cortana windows 10 voice recognition app

Cortana can feature in windows, android and apple devices it’s just left for you get it for yourself and make use of it. Just like other speech recognition software’s, you can source for information an web, dictate notes and one amazing thing this software do is that you can use it to open and close app like excel.

Cortana features is one of a kind as you will be able to operate every app on your windows or smart phones another mad features is that you can use this software to playback music and videos on your windows.
This software support up to 13 languages but that won’t be a problem as it will be able to pick every word you said while dictating one after the other without making any mistakes and it’s free.

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Google Docs Voice Typing

google docs voice typing software

This is a free tool that we normally see within Google Docs. You only need to speak into your windows or computer’s microphone and everything will be translated on your screen.

Google Docs Voice typing allows you to create a document without you even touching your computer just for free. In fact it’s far more better than dragon, Google assistance and Siri. It features up to 62 languages around the world.

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You now know the best speech recognition for your business. Do you still need to know more about how speech recognition software works? TechAdvisor wrote about how voice recognition software can help you grow your business.

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