5 Simple Ways to Protect your Android Phone from Hackers

Most information you saved in your android device are mostly private. But since you connect to the internet always with your android phone, there is a greater probability that it might fall prey to these malicious hackers who always try to inject scripts to your device in order to gain access to its content without your authorization. Most small scale business owners who save their business data in their device are the most affected. I have written this article to help you know how you can secure your smartphone from being hacked. These tips are part of the cyber security tips you should know.

how to prevent hackers from hacking your phone

How to Secure Your Smartphone from Hackers

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Regular Update of OS and Apps

Most people use because they want to save their data and run from updating the apps on their mobile device not knowing that hackers can easily hack their Smartphone once they notice it’s venerable.

Updating your Smartphone apps and Os will help you to notice some bridges in your phone for you to be able to tackle it on time. Upgrading your apps is not all about wasting your data or getting new features from the app. Sometimes, companies notice some vulnerabilities in their created apps and they always try their best to fix it for your apps to be safer. Most of us always ignore that upgrading of apps on our device that’s why we do experience hacking of our Smartphone for no reason.

The more we all nag to upgrade the apps on our Smartphone, the more our device get exposed to hackers and it’s very easy for them to access through our device from there.

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Password Your Smartphone

Sometimes we find it boring locking our phone all the time because getting access to our Smartphone features like the camera, games, social apps etc. is not always easy as we want it. But assuming you misplace your Smartphone in a bus and someone else found your phone and easily tap to your contacts or your bank details, you know what’s next.

To prevent this from happening to you, you don’t need to hesitate in setting up a password that is kind of complex for anybody to access your device. Making use of scanning and facial identification is very good as you are the only one that’s still permitted to access your device.

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Mind the Way You Connect to Free Wifi and Bluetooth

Most people her that love free things, always jump into any free wifi they come across with and it’s very bad because you don’t really know whose wifi you are connecting to, it might be of a hacker and every details in your device is gone before you know it.

Some people normally use hotels or conference centers wifi to browse. I don’t have a problem with that but you have to make sure that those wifi are highly protected before using though it’s hard to see top hotels and conference centers with unprotected Wifi. Be very careful how you connect your phone to free public wifi in areas like shopping centers, airport, parks etc. The more you reduce the way you connect to public wifi, the lesser risk of hackers connecting to your device.

Make Use of Anti Virus App

There are some bad hackers that can hack your Smartphone and still information and password by using malware. So for you to be safe from this, you need to get an antivirus app. There are a lot of antivirus app like Avast, McAfee and Panda that will protect you from any hacking threat.

Beware of Spam Emails

Most hackers normally use email spamming to get control of your device. Sometimes they will send you a message that contain link and once you click on all those links been sent to you, every information about you will be reveal to them. So you need to ignore those messages for your own good.

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Take heed and stay safe from the malicious acts of hackers. These days phone numbers are linked to bank details. That is the more reason why you should be very careful with your android phone and make sure it is hack-proof.

In addition to the above mentioned mobile phone security tips, always back up the content of your phone to the cloud storage. This is a form of safety in case you lose your device or hackers maliciously wipe the contents, you can easily retrieve them. I recommend Google cloud storage.

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