5 Best Android Apps to Track and Recover Your Lost Phone

Have you ever lost or misplaced your Smartphone before? Your contacts, data subscription, files, accounts all Stolen. How did you feel – Depressed, Sorrowful or Joyful? What ever be the case, this phone article will reveal some amazing android apps to help you track and recover any lost smartphone easily and faster. Even if you have not experienced any phone theft, you will also learn how to make it more secured just in case it was stolen. they work for any brand of android phones. Most of them are free of charge and most of them are online apps.
android phone tacking apps and how to use them
I have once had this one theft experience. and that was what prompted me to dig through google play store to discover this phone tracking and security apk apps for android phones and how they are used.

5 Recommended Android Apps for Phone Security, Tracking and Recovery

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Google Find My Device

google find my device app

Who owns Android and Play Store? Google of course. Google Find My Device app does is give you maximum and epic control over your android device, which means you can control and operate it whether Stolen or with you .
This app gives you ability to lock and erase your stolen android smartphone till recovery. Through the Google Map you will be able to locate your device wherever it might be.
The Google Find My Device app is my number 1 Recommended Phone Finding and Recovery App and the best option on this list. it works efficiently.

Find my Phone – By Family Safe Production

Find my Phone App By Family Safe Production
There comes the app which is fully equipped with all tracking tools you need to help you find your stolen android smartphone.
With the power of GPS Tracker, this app is able to find whichever android device is lost and detect locations where your android smartphone. This Phone Tracking App is really a lot of help.

Find Lost Phone App

Find Lost Phone App - phone tracking and security
This phone tracker and anti-theft app is one of the best android apps out there on play store. Unlike many fake Developers who trick users to download prank apps, the developers of “Find The Lost Phone” really did their assignment.
They also implements GPS for effective tracking. The GPS Will help locate point where your stolen android smartphone resides with zero stress. It is the ultimate Anti-theft and Anti-lost App.

IMEI Tracker: Find my Device App

IMEI Tracker - Find my Device apk App
Every Smartphone has a unique IMEI pin embedded to it, for uniqueness and security purpose. So when your Android smartphone get stolen, you can Locate this with your unique IMEI Number and track your stolen or misplaced phone.
How does it work? With this App, you can put your IMEI number and the location of your Stolen Smartphone will be tracked and revealed.

Wheres My Droid

Wheres My Droid phone app
Just like the App name,Wheres My Droid – Android smartphone. The app is the last but not the least in my list. This app gives you ability to remotely perform certain commands when your Android smartphone is stolen. Some of these are – Locking device, Wiping SD card, Wiping Phone data and lot more.
Even though the phone is stolen, it has a system that assists you in keeping track of every activity the thief performs on your Android smartphone. This App is just extra Superb!


Nothing pains more than losing a phone. now you have what it takes to control it and the apk apps to use when that kind of issue comes around. Share this to friends and family on social media by clicking the share button below. Their Smartphone means something to them also. Don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any question or contribution.

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