7 Tips to Help You Create Engaging Social Media Posts

Engaging your social media audience is very easy if you know the key tips to help you write and share engaging contents. If social media help you reach to your customers quickly, then you should try your best to write and share professional write ups in the right way. Bloggers, Affiliates and other digital marketers really need to know these tips to help them create engaging posts for their social media audience.

how to write and share an engaging social media content

A good write up can turn a mere audience to a customer. Also a poor write up can equally convert a customer to only a reader. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are some of the powerful social media you should not joke with. Some bloggers and marketers ask, What is Engaging Content? Simply put, it is a write up that easily captures audience attention easily and also keeps the audience in suspense to know more about the subject. It does not end there, it ensures that the audience take the next line of action. The action could be email subscription, product purchase, filling a survey or poll, like, share, tweet, etc.

How to Create Engaging Contents for Your Social Media Audience


Write Original and Unique Content

Giving your audience original and unique content is what makes your audience stick to your website. Copying from other website won’t make yours look unique and interesting to your readers.

Always share your website articles to your audience to make them eager to know more about your business and product, also attract so many visitors to your website. Once you feed your audience with a better and unique content, they don’t have a choice than to stick with your website for better updates from you.


Don’t Joke with Feedbacks

In some websites, after writing a post they always give their audience room to express how they feel about the post. With those feedbacks from their audience, they always find a way to engage back to them.

Don’t neglect your audience comments on your website always reply them so that they will feel that their contribution is valuable to your website or company. You can achieve that by bringing up a question for them to answer, listen and reply to their question and with that you have engage them to your website which will still make them to invite more people with like minds.


Call to Action Occasionally

This another way to make your social media post looks more engaging. Calling to action is more like telling your audience to checkout your new blog post in order to tell you what they feel about the post. The blog post might be a post that might bring up discussion. Once it’s interesting, it’s likely they will not waste time next time you ask them to do so because they see a lot of value from the previous one they visited.

This is a very good strategy but you have to do it occasionally because too much of it might bore most of your audience and you might lose them in the process. So doing it occasionally with a quality content is very good.

Be an Inspiring Story Teller

This is one of the best ways to boost your social media post engagement and it’s very essential for anybody that really want to create an engaging social media post.

Feed your audience with struggle stories or any other story that your audience can relate to. Telling stories will not only boost your audience but it will help you show personality and still help create moments of real connection with your audience. lets take for example Jetty that always share motivational videos online have more than 500K followers on both his Facebook, instagram and twitter account because he is giving his audience what they want to hear.


Use Promoted Videos to Engage Your Audience

Use social platforms like YouTube, Daily Motion to source for free video in other to engage your audience too but make sure the video you are uploading relate to your business or your daily post.

Always Use Hash Tags When Sharing Contents

Hash tags helps your articles to reach audience who are searching for information relating to your write up. Since these users are searching for these info, they will really value your content. If you sell directly from social media, you can easily convert them to buyers.

Use, Quality Relevant and Illustrative Images

It has been proven that images convert audience to buyers than only texts because most people only stop read what caught their attention visually. Although texts help to stress the point, a combination of the two produces more positive result.

What ever it takes you to get relevant images that will help you drive your point and catch your social media audience, do it. Some of these images might cost a few cents. But it does not mean that all relevant and illustrative images cost money. Check out these sites where you can download HD images for free. Avoid copyrighted images and if you must use them, give due credits to the sources. That is part of the latest SEO tips.



You have now learnt some new ways to write and share engaging articles for social media audience. It also worths to know that reviewing, updating and re-sharing your old articles can help you engage more audience and also improve your writing skills. Here is a full guide to help you generate free traffic for your blog.

Do you have any question or contribution? I will be glad to read them in the comment section below. Help educate your social media friends by clicking a share button. Don’t forget to our blog via email to stay updated with our latest social media and business articles. Enjoy!

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