7 Best Websites to Download HD Korean Drama Series with English Subtitles

Korean movies are one of those categories of movies that is full of fun and engagement. If you a strong fan of Korean movies or drama and have been following some of the latest drama series, then I have a good news for you. There are tons of new Korean drama series with English subtitles that you can actually download and watch for free. I do follow many Korean, Japanese and Asian movie series and TV shows because they really engage me. Not only that, I do learn a lot from them. I will reveal some of the recommended websites where you can download HD Korean drama and movie series for free. I use most of them myself and they are really good!

best websites to download and watch latest korean movies for free

The list below was compiled from my personal experience on these sites together with the experiences of other Korean movie fans I got through a survey I ran.

7 Best Sites to Download & Watch HD Korean Drama/Movie Series

Here are some amazing websites that feeds you with the latest Korean, Japanese and Asian movies with English subtitles. Also note that some of these websites update you on other countries drama, movies and TV series. Most of them allow you to stream videos and also watch online for free.

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What I enjoy most is how user-friendly and easy this website is and how current it is when it comes to updating latest Korean, Japanese and other Asian movies. You can search movies by series name and also download the movie series in HD. The website also suggests some of popular drama series that many fans are watching. This is very useful for those looking for new engaging episodes to start.

The only problem some non-Asian countries complain is that it restricts certain counties IP address. I once had this challenge, but I was able to fix it by the use of VPN.


viki movie site

Here is another trending website that updates you with various categories of movies and drama series, including Korean. Most users said they like this website because it supports many languages and also provides subtitles in many languages including English. Few users complained that some of the ads on the website affect their experience.


ondramanice movie site

The website has a catchy design and updates you on both old and new Korean drama series, Chinese and some Southeast Asian countries with a mix of subtitled videos and the original version. You can also watch or even share videos online with the help of this website.


kissasian video download site

Here comes another website with amazing user experience. The dramas and movies are arranges in genres such as  Drama, Comedy, Action, Romance, Sports, etc. An amazing feature is that you can request for a movie even if it is not available in their server at that time. And within a short time, they will include it and then notify you. Another cool feature of the website is the forum section which allows you chat and make new friends on Anime.


mydramalist asian movie site

This website does not only update you with Korean movies and drama, it also features latest engaging TV shows from various countries. You can also search movies and shows by genre. It has a blog where movie fans can share their experiences in some of the popular movies they have watched. It also has a forum which is only accessible by registered members.

The only feature that few users complain about the website is the ads. But if you don’t want to see ads anytime you visit the website, then you will have to pay a token of $3 per month.


dramacoolfire - korean drama site

The website updates you with the latest Korean and some other Asian drama and movie series with English subtitles. Its load time is very small. It has a unique site design and has trending Asian drama show and movies every movie fan would like to watch.


sojuoppa movie site for various countries

This is the last but not the list in my list because it has tons of latest and upcoming Korean and other Asian countries drama movies. In fact this is my favorite movie website! The homepage feature movies with the latest requested episodes on top. The user experience is also amazing! You can search and download movies by category or by first alphabet of the movie title. It also has tons of TV shows.

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The above websites are the ones I, my friends and some popular Korean movie fans have used and recommended. Feel free to check them out. The best way to discover the best site for yourself is to check out many of the above listed websites and then see their unique features.

Have you used any of these websites? How was your experience? I will like to hear your opinion in the comment section below. Also feel free to drop your questions and contributions. Enjoy!

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