20 Best Websites to Download Latest Music Videos & Audios for Free

Whenever popular artistes release new songs or music videos, their fans will always want a place to download a high quality version of the music. With the level of tech advancement, downloading almost anything from the internet is free if you have the right guide. That is why I wrote this article to reveal to you websites where you can download HD music videos and audios for free. Whatever category of music or format you want, you will find them in these websites for free. Some of these sites like Amazon Music allow you to stream videos online for free.

best websites to download hd music videos with any file format

10 Best Site to Download Latest HD Music Videos for Free



Whenever you think of where to get free videos online, this website should be the number one site that should come to your mind as it offers free music videos posted by your favorite artist without you paying any dine for the videos

YouTube is not a place you will be stressing yourself searching for video as it is number one video site that every artist will love to rank well in other to reach his or her audience faster. The only problem am having with YouTube is finding the exact match which happens to be a gruesome task. These days, downloading videos from youtube from YouTube prove a bit challenging. Check out these 3 ways to download any video from YouTube without any third software.


This another superb site where you can download and get your music videos for free. This site data base is very small for advance users and the exact match of any song is found easily.

Vimeo offers a free music videos thanks to the owner of the website because they are trying their best to keep the site up to date and another good thing about this site is that the loading time is very fast, so you can download any song videos of your choice as fast as possible.


This website should have been number 2 here but since it still possess the same characteristics as YouTube, I think that Vimeo have to come before it.

DailyMotion is another superb site where you can download any music video of your choice for free but finding the exact match is very difficult just like YouTube. The database of this website is very large almost the same thing with YouTube that’s why it’s the second most popular site in the whole world.


This is another good website where you can download any video of your choice for free. This website have a fast loading time, so downloading any song of your choice no matter the length will be very easy for you.

MetaCafe interface is user friendly but the only problem am having with this website is that the search of unique and old songs is very difficult.


Song Lover

This is another fascinating website where you can download any video of your choice easily but it’s mainly meant for Pakistan users.

Song lover is user friendly and the simple interface make it easier to use by anybody around the globe.

MTV Music

This is a well-known site around the globe and it contains a lot of music videos you can download freely. This site is not that complicating like YouTube or DailyMotion where it takes you much time to find the favorite song of your choice, the site have categories which makes everything easier for users to get their songs for free.

MTV Music is very good but the only problem am having with this site is the loading speed as it takes time to load but apart from that, the website offers everything you need any website to offer you in terms of downloading free music videos.

Artist Direct

One of the best arrange music video website where you can get any music video of your choice for free. The attractiveness of this website when it comes to sorting of songs is very cool and that’s why it is been rank here.

The only problem with this website is that you have to add the exact name of any music video for you to get to the video you are looking for.



Another good website to get any music video of your choice. This website is somehow complicating like YouTube and dailymotion as the large library makes it hard to find songs sometimes in the site.

Good thing about the website is that the interface is very attractive than other popular website and the videos are categorized which makes searching of videos easy sometimes.


This website offers free music videos but I don’t fancy it like that as the overall site interface is not attractive at all but the good thing about this website is that you can download any song video of your choice in any format.

10 Best Site to Download Latest Audio Songs for Free


Most of us that know how amazon offers free music downloads and videos, SoundCloud offers music and video free just like amazon but here you have to do that by yourself

SoundCloud offers a streaming service but so many artist allow free download of their songs too, but for you to get a free song, you need to do the searching yourself. If the artist enable his or her song to be free, you have no other option than to download it straight.

Have it in mind that most of all this popular artists don’t allow their song to be downloaded freely, this might be because of the contract they signed with their label but that does not mean that you can’t find a free song or video to download here just make the search and you will see a lot of them.

Amazon Music

When talking about top site to download music and video free, amazon should be the first site that have to come to mind as they offers free music and video to its users. In fact they have free music and video option you don’t need to stress yourself searching for free music unlike SoundCloud.

Sometimes amazon don’t allow it users to download songs freely like that. Why? Because they want you to stream like other site or subscribe to amazon prime to enjoy their service.

One good thing about amazon is that they allows you to take any songs you get from here to any smartphone of your choice once you are subscribed to their amazon prime package.



This website offers free songs and videos of so many big artist like Drake, Chris brown, Migos etc. but sometimes, some songs on this website are not free depending on the artist.

SoundClick makes searching of music and video look simple as there is an option for you to use and search for your favorite song and videos. You can use artist name, genre or chart to search for your favorite song videos and get it right away.

One problem with SoundClick is that most times it offers mix of paid and free songs videos and this make users to find it complicating to search and download their favorite song video, but all this things happens because of the contract the artist have with label.

Some popular songs videos are not that free in this website, so to get it for yourself, you need to head to spotify and splash some cash to get the song of your choice.

MP3 Hunter – Free MP3 Music Downloads

This is one of the best site if not the best site that offers free music for android users. This site is the oldest site in the business of online music but still it’s the best when looking for a free music website you can count on.

MP3 Hunter allows you to download songs freely but most of all this songs are classical music and some popular new songs.

Jamendo Music

If you are looking forward to listen to all kind of music around the globe, this website is highly recommended for you. This website would have been number one on our list but have to be here because it mainly meant for android users though iOS users can still make use of the site but it’s perfect for android users.

Jamendo offers you a lot of music around the globe for free and one thing about the site is that it has its own license to offer any type of song for free. So you that have been searching for a site to offer you free music this site is out and there for you.


This is a great hub for music lovers and the options provided in this site makes searching of songs easy for users. This website have options like trending, top songs and top album that enables easy discovery of any song you searching for.

Most trending music on this site is been ranked in real time which provides the hottest hip-hop, electronic and reggae music and this is the main reason why this site is the favorite site young people of today.

Last FM

One of the oldest site like MP3.com, this site was created in the year 2002, though it worked as an internet radio station but with the upgrade done on the website. It’s believe that this website have offer a lot of free music to its users. According to millions of people make use of this website, the site still maintain its standard from day one.

Last FM has a community where you can share what you think about the songs you listened to or you can still find people of the same taste of song like you and know each other.


Audio Archive

This is another free download music website where you can download music free as you want. This site has a features that made it unique from other music sites and those features are audiobooks, podcast, and radio programs to live music and this what made it unique.

The audio library in this site provides more than 2 million free digital audio files of which you can convert to MP3 and OGG for those of you that do have issues with big files on your smartphone.


This site has an amazing collection of albums by so many artist around the globe, the music on this website are also free to download. You can easily discover any favorite songs of yours on this website and download freely.

One thing with this site, is that you need to provide your email address, postal code to gain a full access to download from this website.


This is a wonderful website that have a very good collection of music for both streaming and download. This website was created in the year 1999 so a lot of the songs there will be mostly 90s and classical music.



Now you have known many websites to download latest music videos and audios for free. Just check out the sites and discover the one you like most. Download any file format you wish at any time from any device, be it iPad, Android or PC. Most of these websites have mobile apps, so you can install their apps in your device and save yourself the stress of going through the web browser. Do you have videos on YouTube? See how to optimize your YouTube videos to get more views from search engines.

Don’t enjoy these sites alone, help your social media friends know about these sites by clicking a share button below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for free in order to stay up to date with our articles. Enjoy!

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