5 Most Anticipated Netflix Romance Movies 2019 with Release Date

There are just those romantic Netflix and Cinema movies whose release has been very much anticipated online. Just in case you have not known them, I have compiled a concise review of the best trending romance movies for 2019 and beyond. Are you trying to build your love life or is yours broken? Romantic movies are the best categories are the best categories of movies that will help you. With those love and comedy scenes, you can easily build your love life and forge ahead with your new lover. I have gone through the stress to help you. Better still, you don’t need to go to stores to buy the disc, all you need is a Netflix account, if you don’t already have one. Another option is to watch them at Cinemas. Their trailers are already out to thrill you. Some of these classic movies were recently released while others are yet to be released.

netflix love and romance movies 2019

Romance movies always make me remember my first girl friend, Tricia, the day I first made love to her and her irresistible romance tactics. I always watch love movies with full concentration, so that I don’t miss out the story line.

5 Best Trending 2019 and Beyond Netflix Romance Movies with their Release Date

Now go through the love movie list.

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1. The Aftermath

The Aftermath - best Netflix romance movie

The Aftermath is a romantic film set to be released on April 26th, 2019. This film has been anticipated by many romance movie fans for so long and finally, it will soon be out.

This movie was written by James Kent. Writers are Rhidian Brook, Joe shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse.

The plot follows the story of a situation which happens to a British Colonel and his wife who are assigned to live in a place called Hamburg during the pre-way arrangement.

This romance movie is no doubt very anticipated by lot of movie fan peeps!

2. The Last Summer

The Last Summer - best Netflix love movie

The last summer is a story about a group of high school graduates who rocked the city of Chicago before they resume to college.

This movie is to be released in 2019 with no precise date. I wonder why the exact date was not specified! It was directed by Bill Brindley and written by Scott Brindley and Bill Brindley.

If you’re always seeing yourself falling in love with many romance movies, you will definitely do the same thing for this movie too!

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3. Five Feet Apart

Five Feet Apart - best Netflix and cinema romance movie

A very romantic film to be released on 22nd March, 2019. This movie was written by Justin Baldoni and written by Nikki Daugherty and Tohies Laconis.

It is a story of two people who had an instant flirtation but were discouraged by distance of separation. Despite this, Stella was able to inspire Will to enjoy life regardless of his health problems.

You can’t afford to miss watching this love movie!

4. The Hustle

The Hustle - most anticipated Netflix and cinema romance movie

This movie tells a tale about an unhealthy competition between Two rivals as they attempt to drive each other out of town.

This movie will be released on may 10, 2019. It was directed by Chris Addison and written by Jac Schaeffer.

You should definitely add this to your ‘2019 and Beyond Must Watch’ movies list!

5. Isn’t It Romantic?

Isn't It Romantic? - latest Netflix and cinema romance movie

This ultra-romantic movie which is directed by Rodd Strauss-Schulson tells a story of how an actor (Rebel Wilson) finds himself in a parallel universe after getting knocked down during a mugging. Find out how she was able to get back to the real world.

This movie would be released by February 14, 2019. So it’s definitely the most early movies you’ll be watching in 2019.

The title of this movie made me anticipate patiently for its release!

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These 5 love movies I reviewed are the trending Netflix and Cinema love movies. Tell your friends on social media about this great romance movie list as you anticipated for their release of these films by clicking a share button.

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